Mick ‘n’ Phil: Runner Pushing Son On WheelChair

Running alone is hard enough, Imagine running a 42K marathon while pushing someone on a wheelchair.

This is the incredible story of Mick and Phil, Mick is the parent of Phil who is extremely disabled and in a wheelchair. Phil suffers from Cerebral Palsy. His father Mick is a very accomplished runner and he and Phil have run many half marathons/marathons over the years. Mick pushing Phil’s wheelchair.


Their personal best is 4 hours 12 minutes.

On Mick ‘n’ Phil website, Mic narrates how they started running. “My wife gave me an ultimatum in early 2002, “either take Phillip in his wheelchair running with you, or pack it all in as, as I cannot cope any longer”. Well, I can tell you now, I thought it was the end of things, so I had a long hard think. Would the wheelchair stand up to it? Would Phillip like it? and most importantly, could I do this whilst pushing him? Running is hard enough at times no matter what standard you are. This was make or break, all or nothing. We started with a 2 mile fun run, taking 17m 45s, moved up to a 10k clocking 46m then tackled a 10 miler in a time of 1hr 48m. The final test was the full marathon where we achieved a time of 4hr 12m. This was fantastic, we were both loving it and quite simply, having the time of our lives. The rest they say, is history.”

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  1. Michael Curry

    Hi Mick here of ( Mick n Phil )

    It’s been 6.5 glorious years together

    we are nearing 300 races now – just a handful away

    we are on 30 Full marathons with a pb of 4.03, we are off to Abingdon on October 19 to try and crack 4 hours

    171 HM’s pb of 1.43

    and of course may 20 – 15 – 10 milers and 10k’s

    it has given us our life back, there’s no doubt about that – from doing 3 track marathons – 107 laps, – one in 30% heat in 5.12
    One on a Saturday in 5.03 followed by a HM on Sunday in 2.12
    Another on a Saturday in 4.48 followed on the Sunday by a HM in 2.00

    Coniston 14 twice in 2 years on a Saturday – followed on the way home by Stafford HM in 2.00

    A tough 10k on a Sunday morning and then a 3 lap 9 milers some off road in the afternoon

    3 times we’ve done Great Langdale HM in Cumbria – the toughest of them – where the sheep are sheep, men are men and hills are HILLS – ( not for the faint hearted ) 1 x 2.44 – 1 x 2.47 – 1 x 2.45

    there’s no need really for preperation, just live it 24 -7 – 365 – keeping your mind focussed, but relaxed, eating and drinking well – fitness is real good

    I ( Mick ) am 50 now, and Phil’s 20,

    we’ve had the time of our lives – and allowing for the odd bad day – most if it is EASY- EASY – EASY



  2. Jenniffer Bush

    You have inspired me deeply!! I am a runner and currently (well always) training for a marathon. I’ve thought about taking Chloe (extremely disabled with SMA type1) with me. Her chairs’ structural integrity worries me however, so what type of chair do you run with your son in?
    I’ve jogged with her in it but I watch the wheels closer than the road at times…as if I’m afraid one will just ‘come off’!!!
    Please reply!! 🙂

  3. Jamie Egan

    My name is Jamie, I also have a disabled son (Jason) who is wheelchair bound. I have been pushing him in funruns for around two years now and have never looked back. It is a real bonding exercise, it keeps me fit and gives my son the most pleasing feeling he will ever have. You will not see a kid with a bigger smile than Jason’s when we are out running. We completed last years Melbourne marathon in 4 hours and eight minutes and like Mick and Phil we also are trying to break the 4 hour mark this year. Our wheelchair is a stock standard and not designed for running. This doesn’t deter us it just makes our run more challenging. Like most people we can’t afford to buy a whizz bang running chair as the costs are far too great, anything disability labelled seems to be extremely expensive and is not funded by the government. We are now planning on pushing the wheelchair from Sydney to Melbourne in a fundraising execise to raise money for disability equipment for Jason. These are the best times of our lives, though many people feel sorry for us, we feel blessed to have such an amazing kid like Jason and go through the best journey life can have.

    Jamie Egan

  4. James Ritchie

    Have you and Phil run the Marine Corps Marathon? I don’t know if they allow wheelchairs to be pushed on the course.

    FROM CONSTANTINE : I believe if you contact the organisers of Marine Corps they will give you a definite answer


    My son is 26 and suffered a brain injury a few. i’m trying to find a wheelchair that i can use to push him when I’m running. He is totally dependant and cannot move his body at all. Can you direct me to where to purchase a chair, either new or used? Thanks for your help!

  6. John Dickinson

    Although we aren’t at your superhuman level, a group of us (mostly novice runners) pushed a friend with MND round the Great North Run last Sept, and more recently the Manchester 10k. We committed to some golden bond charity places for next years London Marathon only to learn they will not admit wheelchairs being pushed. Do you know if this is definitely the case before we spend time investigating?
    We are also struggling with the chair which has dodgy front wheels and would appreciate any recommendations on where to find a more suitable one for running with.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  7. Lucy Broughton

    Hi Mick and Phil. I saw you (several times!) today as I shuttled between the various points of the Chester marathon to support my husband. I have got a good photo of you both if you would like me to email it to you. I think you are both amazing and am inspired by your achievements. Would like to say that I think I could run a marathon too, but seem to be stuck at the 10k mark! Any tips??? Lucy x

  8. Laura

    Hi Mick and Phil! I would like to push an adult friend in a mini marathon, Spring 2011. Please advise me on where I can find the “right” chair to purchase. Concern is durability, comfort and cost. Thanks for your help!

  9. John Grimm

    I Have an adult foster care home and have a young man that was a runner and was hit by a drunk driver. I thing he would like to be pushed(run) in a chair .I do not have a running chair if that is what it is called I have been looking online for one but have not found one can you tell me where to find one. I am not a runner but I am willing and he has friends and family that would run with him.
    Thanks John

  10. Randy

    Hello, you have inspired my girlfriend to push her friend in an upcoming marathon. Can you tell us who made your chair and where we can purchase one.
    Thank You, Randy

  11. Ashley Spivey


    My boyfriend, Jacob, is planning on pushing one of our friends in a half-marathon at the end of February. Felicia is a student at Dallas Baptist University and has suffered from Cerebral Palsy for 22 years. Jacob and I run for the university’s Cross Country and Track team. We, along with two other students, have signed Felicia up for the Fort Worth Cowtown Half-Marathon on February 26, 2012. She has a normal wheelchair along with a power chair, however neither of these will benefit her in the race. We desperately need a racing wheelchair. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to purchase one, since we are all college students. I was wondering if you have any suggestions on how we could possibly rent a racing chair that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Ashley Spivey

    1. Constantine Njeru Post author

      Ashley, it is not easy to find a racing chair because the production of these chairs is still low. Most of racing wheel chairs out there are custom made. I don’t know of any one or organization that rents out racing wheel chair. Cheers

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