Marathon Record Holder for Runners Over 90 Years

When I started running marathon at 26 years my plan was to stop at 40. But I guese I will have to reconsinder my retirement plan after I read the inspiring story of 93 years old Fauja Singh.

Mr. Singh is the current marathon world record-holder for runners over the age of 90. His P.B. for marathon is 5:40. Content that his marathon record is secure for now, Fauja ran the half marathon in Toronto in 2006 and set a New world’s record in over 90 category 2:30:02.

Mr. Singh cuts an image of an Indian Sage, wears and runs with a turban and spots a long beared. He is the perfect sage when he humbly says, he doesn’t see what he does as remarkable.

He started running when he was 81, just to have something to do, and he discovered that he first enjoyed the act of running–and later the sport.

Age is no longer an excuse for inactivity and inactivity is no longer the reward for getting old.

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