Golfer Runs “Naked” To Boost Confidence

What do you do when you are short of confidence? Every time you come close but fall at the last hurdle? Running naked was the answer for one Golfer.


Stewart Cink had a long list of missed opportunities. Nine times he held a lead after three rounds only to lose at the end. On Sunday he finally managed to hold on to a lead and win PGA Travellers Championship.


When asked by reporters how he sealed the deal this time, his answer was “My wife Lisa advised me,” “sometimes you have to be willing to run naked across the green!”


On Sunday Stewart threw caution to the wind and not worried about the consequence.

Its amazing what you can achieve when you don’t think about what people are saying about you or what is gona happen. Focusing on the Process is the difference between winning and losing.


Read Stewart Cink Full Interview.

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