Celebrity Hero at 2009 London Marathon : Phil Packer

As 36,000 london marathon runners disappear over the horizon, they will be hoping to finish the 26 agonising miles as first as possible and be home for lunch; but for Phil Packer, an  iraq veteran,  it will be the beginning of a 2 week crawl to the finish line.

Following a rocket attack in Basra, Iraq, the Royal Military Police officer was left with a severe spinal injury. The major had been told he would never walk again, let alone complete a marathon. The wounded Iraq veteran will attempt to walk London marathon in crutches.

One painful step at a time, the marathon will take him almost two weeks, mirroring the feat of brain-damaged former boxer Michael Watson in 2003. It will be two miles a day for Phil.

His story is remarkable!

His main mission is to raise a million pounds for injured service men. To support Phil Packer run london marathon visit Phil Packer website

From here at dailyrunningtips, I wish Phil all the best!

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