Celebrity : Hero at 2009 Boston Marathon

The biggest draw/celebrity at 2008 Boston Marathon was Lance Armstrong. For those who may have missed it, Lance finished 2008 Boston Marathon on a time of around 2.50s. He then surprised us with the announcement that he is quitting running and getting back to his first love, Cycling!

The 2009 Boston Marathon is just a few days away and I thought you need to be aware of the hero at this year’s boston marathon; Serge Roetheli. His name might not be as famous as Lance but Serge has an inspiring story. He has run around the world.

Serge on His African Leg of the Run Around the World

Serge on His African Leg of the Run Around the World

Serge and Nicole Roetheli (from Switzerland ) sold all of their belongings to run around the world. Serge ran and Nicole, his wife, followed behind him on a small motorcycle and filmed their entire journey. Serge ran more than 25,000 miles over five years with Nicole behind him. They traveled through 37 counties on six continents. While they were running through Africa , they both caught Malaria and almost died, but Serge and Nicole kept on tuckin.

A movie about their adventure has been made. The film is tiltled “Beyond The Epic Run” It will be out in springs. It’s an amazing story of an athlete –and a loving wife’s–physical and mental strength. They risked everything for this experience. Very inspiring for anyone trying to overcome any challenge!

For 25,000 runners at Boston marathon,Serge will be attending and will be available at the Runner’s World booth.Drop by and shake a hand.

To watch trailers of the movie visit serge’s bog.

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