Buder : 76 Year Old Nun Who has Run 300 Marathons

Growing old doesn’t mean you have to be sick, bored and unfulfilled.

Anyone who has visited runners world website must have read about Sister Madonna Buder. The 76 year old Catholic nun has completed over 300 marathons and 34 ironmans (2.4 mile swim, 112mile bike run and a 26mile run). This nun is one of the many running inspiring stories around.

She took up marathon running at 49 after she heard from a  runner that it harmonizes the body, mind and spirit.

At first she had self doubts whether it was okay for a nun to compete. She doesn’t worry anymore. “You don’t need to apologize for the gifts you’ve been given,” she says. “Only apologize for not using them.”

She is quoted as saying “I train religious” I believe Pope Benedict would agree to that!

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