57 Year Old Marathon Runner with 24 Sub Three Hours Finish

I was reading runners stories from 2008 New York marathon and one story inspired me.

Jack Mcshane has run 25 New York City Marathons and 24 of them he has finished in under 3 hours. Last year, McShane was disappointed to finish the 26.2-mile course in 3:05:07, the only time he has gone over the 3-hour mark.

How does he do it? “I’ve been blessed with good health,” said McShane, who will be 57 on Jan. 1. “I’ve stayed away from injuries over the years. There’s a lot of luck involved.

He ran his first marathon back in 1979 as a 27 year old, clocking in at 2:59:17. His fastest time, 2:44:26, came in 1989.

His Marathon Training Plan

He clocks 70 miles a week.

Source of the story, courant dot com

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