How To Start Your Running Blog

Anyone can start a running blog. It’s straight-forward and, in a lot of cases, less than 100 dollars. I started my running blog with basic computer skills. I believe anyone who can register for an email account or Facebook account without supervision can set up a blog.That is how easy it is!

What You Need to Know First

You will need to purchase two things, your domain name and hosting service.

What is a domain name? My domain name/blog address or URL is what you see at the top, Yours will be You will choose the name that you like most.

What is hosting service? Your domain will need a home, a place where all your information is stored. That place is called a hosting company. There are 1000s of hosting companies.

A Trusted Hosting Company

The domain name and hosting service are sold by a hosting company. A good hosting company is Bluehost webhosting, a USA based hosting company that registers 20,000 domains every month. Bluehost are known for their excellent services and dependable customer care. They will help you in registering the name and answer all your questions.


Bluehost will give you a FREE domain when sign up and purchase their hosting service. Take advantage now with – Get Free Domain From Bluehost.

Apart from FREE domain they have cheap hosting fees starting from $6.95 per month.

After you have purchased the domain name and hosting I recommend you install WordPress to run your blog. There are other platforms such as Joomla, Typead but wordress beats them all. It is the easiest to use!

Video of How To Install WordPress Blog on Bluehost Account.

This 3 minute video will show you how to install Wordress blog in 4 minutes. But if doesn’t look easy for you, send Bluehost an email and one of their support person will be happy to guide you all the way.

Once you have set up your training blog write daily and remember to have fun.

Take advantage of  Bluehost Free domain name and cheap hosting by signing up below!

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