Half Marathon Training Weekly Mileage

When it comes to the question of how many miles / kilometres should you run per week as you train for half marathon it depends on your goals. A runner aiming for a fast finish will need to run more weekly miles / Kms than a runner who is just aiming to finish.

Weekly Mileage for a Strong Finish

The rule of thumbs is a base mileage of 25-30 miles a week will be more than enough to prepare for a half marathon. There is no scientific evidence has to why 25-30 miles is the ideal but this is the distance committed runners run in a week.

Half Marathon Training Miles Per Week

Once a week, include a longer run of 6-8 miles or 14 Kms – 16 Kms. You can also experiment with shorter races, such as the 10k or the 10 miler. Participating in these races will give you an idea of how to pace yourself through the half marathon.

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