Marathon Running To Lose Weight : Life time Commitment

Different runners have different goals as to why they run a marathon. One popular reason is lose weight.

Fitness and dietary experts say marathons increasingly are the exercise equivalent of crash diets, with similarly disappointing results. There’s no evidence that running a marathon leads to lasting weight loss, marathon researchers say. And it’s unknown how often such runs initiate a lifetime of steady exercise. Indeed, in a long-term fitness sense, marathons are really sprints; the true marathon is the exercise program that lasts for decades, fitness experts say.

For you to lose weight from marathon running you have to make a life time commitment. Promise to keep running for the rest of your life because if you engage in marathon running you may see instant result but if you stop you shall region all the pounds you have lost.

Eric Zorn, a popular Chicago Tribune columnist, chronicled with passion and humor his training for the 1998 Chicago Marathon. Along the way he convinced scores of other novices to follow suit. But after three successful marathons, Mr. Zorn gave it up, and he eventually regained the 40 pounds he’d lost.

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