Lindsey Vonn Training Program For 2010 Winter Games

Lindsey Vonn is the top draw athlete at 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia.Thats sports illustrated did the unusual and put her on the cover page on the 2010 Winter games edition.

Controversy! What controversy?

Lindsey Vonn Ski Training

In a Wall street journal interview the American skier disclosed how she trains to win gold (s).

Lindsey Vonn trains six to eight hours a day, six days a week. Most days she gets in three hours of cardio, usually on a bike. In Austria her trainers have her do Tour de France–style hill rides up the Alps. Her strength workouts are heavily focused on building her core. Perhaps the most challenging requires her to balance on a tightrope in a squat position while throwing a medicine ball at different angles against a wall.

Read the rest of the interview at wsj magazine

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  1. Henry

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