Free CPR Training For Boston Marathon Runners

According to statistics 42 marathon runners have died after collapsing from cardiac arrest during marathons over the past decade. Boston Athletics Association, who are organisers of the popular Boston Marathon have announced, at least 1,000 runners and family members will be trained in CPR the weekend before this year’s Boston Marathon, after local researchers found that immediate use of the procedure could have saved many of the runners who have died from cardiac arrest during a marathon or half-marathon.

While the marathon has 28 medical stations along the 26.2-mile course, roving volunteers every half-mile with portable defibrillators, and two medical tents at the finish line, runners trained in CPR can help “bridge the gap between racers and various trained medical professionals.

The 30-minute training – to be administered in cooperation with the American Red Cross and American Heart Association – is enough to teach the basics so that people can perform CPR until medical help arrives, said Grilk, even though it won’t provide formal certification in CPR.

Source, courtesy of  Boston Globe.

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