Determine Daily Calories : Calories Calculator

To determine your daily calorie needs you can do the following calculation.

To estimate your daily calorie needs for maintaining your current weight, take your present weight In pounds) and multiply by 13. That number covers your metabolic needs for the day, factoring in a bit of light activity. So if you weigh 180 pounds, you need about 2,340 calories per day. Source Runners World article

To lose weight, you need to go into calorie deficit, that is eat less than you need or maintain your daily food intake but increase your daily activity.

To gain weight, you need to go into energy surplus, i.e eat more than you need.

One thought on “Determine Daily Calories : Calories Calculator

  1. Carl Hudson

    I think it’s very misleading to use a simple calculation to determine the number of calories you need in a day.

    I weigh 238 pounds which should give me 3094 calories per day. I only eat around 2000 calories per day and run 5 or six days per week. Theoretically I should be losing weight every week. I don’t. I struggle to maintain my weight.

    I have worn a heart rate monitor that determines calories burned for a full 48 hours and it came back with 2500 calories burned in two days! I cut my calorie intake down to 1200 calories and I started to lose weight (slowly).

    Everyone is different (my wife eats for England, never exercises but maintains her weight). Don’t be fooled by simple calculations; the human body isn’t that simple!!!

    Great website. Keep up the good work!


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