Dara Torres Resistance Stretching Exercise Demo : Video

After Dara Torres won silver at beijing summer games, she credited her success to two secrets, amino acid supplements and a mode of stretching known as Resistance stretching in which she stretches or elongates her muscles against resistance.

Benefits of resistance stretching

The benefits of resistance stretching are flexibility and strength

Meridian stretching

This video by Al Rocker guided by Bob cooley, author of best selling book Genius of flexibility demonstrates resistance stretching.

One thought on “Dara Torres Resistance Stretching Exercise Demo : Video

  1. Alfredo

    We could talk all day about the benefits of exercise and it won’t make a real couch potato move out the sofa. Even if we promise the sky….. The motivation has to be there in the first place; nevertheless, sometimes we hear the bell before we get real sick out of doing NOTHING.

    My personal best motivation for exercise is the mood change I experiment after 30-45 minutes of exercise. I have been doing it over 30 year now and I still feel like the strongest man on hearth when I finish it. I can look at the face of any problem with some self assurance I don´t have before I leave to do my exercise.

    My most important physical benefit from exercise is its anti inflammatory effects. If you want to read more about, please visit http://www.omega-3-fish-oil-wonders.com/benefits-of-exercise.html

    Best wishes,
    Alfredo E.


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