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2010 London Marathon Race Results

The 2010 London Marathon has just finished. The Men’s winner was Ethiopia’s Tsegaye Kebede while the ladies event was won by Liliya Shobukova.

Kebede had untroubled victory, the Kenyans today didnt turn up! Samwel Wanjiru was left behind at mile 18, followed by Kibet at mile 20. Kirui tried to Keep up with Kebede and I could see he was giving it 110% while Kebede looked like he could notch a gear anytime. At mile 22 Kebede just went for it, he crossed the finish line in 2:05:12! Missing the course record by 2 seconds.

As for the Ladies, my athlete for the race has to be the second place finisher, another Russian (sorry, cant remember her name) At certain point she seemed to be far behind, but she just kept going and going! She was also thrilled with her performance because she was all smiles at the finish.

I watched the race Live via Satellite TV and I have to say It was another beautiful London Marathon! Loved it!

8 Year Old Who Ran NYC Marathon in 3 hrs : Youngest Marathon Finisher

I just came across this interesting fact about New York City Marathon in the NY times.

In 1977, Wesley Paul, a child from Columbia became the youngest person ever to complete the New York City Marathon with an incredible time of 3:00:37. In the early years of the race several children competed.

Paul still ran a 2:38 personal best at 15, in the Houston Marathon. By the age of 16 he had 40 marathon under his belt.

At 16 he fractured his knee when a car backed into him while he was running. He never recovered!

Funny Running Quotes on Runners T-shirts

From the back of a T-shirt at 1993 NYC marathon

I may be slow but I am faster than you.

The best T-shirt I have ever heard about was from a friend, who while struggling to a 6+-hour NYC marathon finish, had to laugh when passed at around 24 miles by by a runner, the back of whose T-shirt read,

“Now You’re Last!”

My First Run of 2009 : Checking My Fitness

Last Sunday I went for my first run of 2009. And it was one painful experience. I had not run since November 2008 and I thought I should try a 5k run round a track but I only managed to run 2k.

I tried to run fast but  I felt as if my legs were tied with sacks of sand. My chest was on fire and it was hard to believe I was the same person who had cruised to a comfortable 2 hours 54 minutes finish at October 2008 Stanchart Nairobi Marathon. It was clear the partying over Christmas holiday had done lots of damage!

The purpose of the run was to assess my physical fitness in readiness for  2009.

1. Fitness of my knees

Sore and painful knees are a bad sign. Mine felt okay.

2. Ankle fitness test

Ankle wear and tear are inevitable in running. Mine were not aching so am assuming everything is fine.

3. Strength Test

I did pull ups – three sets of 8 repeats. The goal of pull ups was to assess my upper body strength. I did the three sets but I had to push harder than normal.

4. Vertical Jump Test

How high you can jump is a sign of how fit you are. The higher the better. I jumped the normal length but it has more to do with my improved jumping technique, a  friend of mine taught me how to jump higher.

5. Leg Strength

Lack of speed and heavy legs during running is a sign I need to do stretching exercises.

6. Cardiovascular Fitness test.

Running is a cardiovascular exercise. As I was running my chest felt like it was on fire and when I stopped running my chest felt tight. The solution is to start running again.

Running Recovery Tips

1. Take at least three days off

2. Get a professional massage

3. Soak in an ice bath

4. Fuel up – eating a mix of carbohydrates and protein less than 60 minutes after exercise will boost glycogen stores and repair mucles.

5. Have a cup of tea, the antioxidants found in both green and black tea fight muscle soreness caused by inflammation.

Measure Your Cardiovascular Fitness

From The American College of Sports Medicine I found this cardiovascular fitness test – one of the most important indicators of your overall physical health.

This test really couldn’t be easier: all you need is a 12-inch step (or stair) and a stopwatch. You’ll step up and down for three minutes. Alternate your feet and try to maintain a pace of 24 sets—that’s one up, and one down, on each foot—per minute. When the time’s up, sit down and take your pulse immediately: With your fingers lightly on the pulse-point on your neck, count the number of beats for 15 seconds, and then multiply by four for the number of heart beats per minute.

In this case, you’re aiming low. A low number suggests that your body is better able to recover quickly from exertion—a key element of a healthy body—so the lower the figure, the greater your cardio fitness. Once you have the number of beats per minute, it’s easy to gauge your situation.

Excellent: Anything less than 97 beats per minute

Good: 97-127 beats per minute

Fair: 128-142 beats per minute

Poor: 143-171 beats per minute

Very Poor: anything above 172 beats per minute

Don’t despair over an unsatisfactory result, however: Your level of cardio fitness can improve remarkably quickly, with as little as 20 minutes of cardio exercise four to five times a week.

Ethiopian Runner Finishes Marine Corps Marathon After 6 hours

An Ethiopian runner is expected to finish a marathon among the top athletes but at Last Sunday’s Marine Corps marathon, Ethiopian, Jiitu Abraham finished the 42K marathon in 6 hours 13 minutes.

Jiitu is no ordinary runner, she is a former Miss Ethiopia (2005) beauty queen. In 2007 she also ran the marathon and finished in 6 hours flat.

The new face of ethiopian runners.

She must have turned heads along the way

Beat Stomach Cramps, Eat Plenty of Salt

Low salt levels in the blood is one cause of stomach cramps during running. Other causes of runners cramps are inadequate oxygenation; exposure to large changes in temperature; dehydration.

Many runners experience low Salt levels because of drinking too much water before and during running. The water dilutes the sodium in your body. Sodium is a vital mineral needed for optimal bodily function.

The week before a marathon many runners spend time eating carbohydrates and drinking plenty of water. Few runners step up their salt intake because there is a lot of writing is focused on dangers of eating too much salt.

Salt is as important as water and carbohydrates.

Running Tip: Building Endurance By Jeff Galloway

Building Endurance

“The development of endurance is very simple. You just increase the distance of your long run.” Jeff Galloway Author of Marathon: You Can Do It

For any length of run, you can hold your endurance for at least 2 weeks. If your long runs are usually over 17 miles, then you can hold that endurance for 3 weeks. If your long runs are over 26 miles, then you can hold that endurance for 4 weeks.See The Book: Marathon You Can Do It

Gym Fitness : Obama Working Out

Last week I read in the news that Barrack Obama made three separate stops to Chicago gyms over the course of one day. It seems the busy campaign schedule hasn’t killed his love for working out!


With these multiple gym visits, am wondering is Obama running for Mr. President or Mr. Universe?


My theory is that there is a possibility Obama is addicted to working out. A few months ago the New York York Times published a report about “runners high“. Scientist in Germany proved that when you are working out your brain releases chemicals that alter your mood. You feel good and high! This is the reason why some people claim to be addicted to exercise.


Another theory I have read is that Obama is using gyms to conduct V.P interviews?  And what do you think of this theory from comedian Jay Leno “Obama is working out because he needs to be fit to do those Flip-flops