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Famous Vegetarian Athletes

Vegetarian athletes are a rare breed. But there are enough athletes who are vegetarian who can inspire other vegetarians out there.

1. The most famous vegetarian athlete is Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder.
2. Georges Laraque, hockey player
3. Scott Jurek, ultramarathoner
4. Ben MatthewsU.S. Master’s marathon champion.
5. Paavo Nurmi, Long-distance runner, winner of nine Olympic medals and 20 world records

Diet Tip For the Vegetarian Athlete.
Meat is not the only source of protein, you can get fats and proteins from plant sources. Beans are a reliable source of protein while nuts are rich in protein and fats.

For Optimum performance all you need is a high-carbohydrate diet with enough protein and fat.”

Organic Eggs Are Healthier

I had always bought brown eggs but last year my neighborhood shopkeeper introduced me to white. He told me they were healthier without giving me details. He only told me the white eggs were supplied from a free range farm while the brown eggs came from a farmer who caged his chickens.

I did more research on this egg issue and I found out the difference between white eggs and brown eggs was hens with white feathers and earlobes lay white eggs and those with dark feathers and red earlobes lay brown eggs.

The free range chickens are left to roam around a farm feeding on grass and insects such as grasshoppers. And there is scientific evidence from Penn state university that proves that eggs from chickens that ate grass and insects contained higher levels of omega-3 fat, and vitamins E, A, and in some cases D.

It’s seems my neighbourhood shopkeeper was right.

Recovery Drink After Running : Cherry Juice

Participating in long-distance endurance events, such as 26 miles marathon, causes a degree of muscle damage and inflammation for the runners. It takes several days to recover, the more experienced a runner the faster the speed of recovery.

Cherries help speedy recovery of marathon runners.

I have just read a scientific report that claims that athletes who drink the juice of Montmorency cherries recover faster after Marathon running.

Medicinal benefits of cherries

According to the scientist: –

The phytochemicals, in particular, anthocyanins found in Montmorency cherries have anti-inflammatory and antioxidating properties, which the research has shown to be effective in helping exercisers to recover from strenuous physical activity.

So, next time you finish that long run, instead of drinking plain water mix it up with Cherry juice.

Marathon Nutrition Tips By Deena Kastor

I just found this marathon nutrition tips by Marathoner Deena Kastor.

It’s a good idea to know which foods provide the biggest carbohydrate bang per serving, but you don’t necessarily have to approach each meal with a fork and a calculator. Marathoner Deena Kastor, who won bronze at the 2004 Olympics, believes that once you understand how your body processes different carbohydrates — that is, which foods provide lasting energy for you — you can approach your meals with an intuitive sense of what you need.

“I focus on adding another heaping spoonful of pasta or a few more potatoes,” she says. “Before the Athens marathon, I also ate a lot of dense fruits with high sugar content: pears, bananas, grapes. They replaced a lot of electrolytes and minerals I knew I was sweating out.”

Read original article calculating carbs for endurance athletes

Valerie Bertinelli Weight Loss Plan : Diet Program

Valerie Bertinelli lost 40p after following Jenny Craig weight loss program. The secret of the program is having a balance between food and exercise.

According to this site, Valerie Bertinelli Program consisted of

Daily Calorries – Not more than 1200

Foods – plenty of fruit and unlimited servings of nonstarchy vegetables like carrots, broccoli and tomatoes.

Exercise – Walking 10,000 steps a day

Small stuff that made the program a success

  • She jotted down what she consumed, making her more aware of her choices.
  • She signed up together with her boyfriend to encourage and keep each other in check.

Ryan Hall Pre Race Meal : Diet

Just before 2009 NYC Marathon, American marathon runner, Ryan Hall was interviewed by a Chicago paper. Ryan was asked the following question;

What’s your go-to, night-before-the-race meal?

Ryan Hall : Pasta, olive oil and Cytomax Muscle Milk Protein Shake.

Another interesting question from the interview was his answer on his strategy for Boston Marathon

What’s your strategy for those Boston hills–and downhills?

Ryan Hall : My strategy for the hills in Boston are to run the same effort level whether I am going up, down or flat, which means I will obviously slow down going up the hills and fly down the back of them. I think that energy management is one of the keys to running a good marathon. The better I can keep it locked in at the right effort level, despite the terrain, the better I will run.

Sanya Richards Training Food Diet

According to legend, when Sanya Richards was 16 years old in Junior high school she told her father or also doubles up as her coach “I don’t like the feeling of losing, and I’m willing to do whatever you say it would take for me to be the best,”

Her father immediately designed a core program that featured a thousand crunches daily.

Food diet of a future champion

On the other hand her mother, a former gym instructor back in Jamaica, put Sanya Richard on a food diet of chicken, fish and vegetables.

As adopted from a Sanya Richards story on USAToday

Nutrition Last Week Before Running 5k, 10K, 15k, half & full marathon

Runners planning to run a race should pay attention to their nutrition during the last week before planning to run a 5k , 10K , half marathon or a full marathon.

Nutrition last week before the big race

Increase your daily intake of carbohydrate, particularly whole grains, fruits and vegetables, during training. An increase in daily protein intake is also recommended, with the balance coming from dietary fat.

Carbohydrate is the major fuel used during training, and both carbohydrate and protein may help facilitate muscle recovery.

Practice fluid and carbohydrate intake, both as water and sports drinks, during training so that you are comfortable with the procedure during the marathon. Know the sport drink that will be used in your marathon, and train with it. You may also wish to experiment with carbohydrate gels (some contain caffeine; see comment below on Running a faster marathon); if the marathon provides gels at points on the course, try to experiment with the specific brand.

P.S. Remember to take plenty of sleep during the week so that, even if you don’t sleep on the eve of the race, it won’t matter.

How To Make Chocolate Milk : Homemade Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is the new sports drink, many runners drink chocolate milk during a race and drink it after a race as a recovery drink.

If you are one of those people like me who love the kitchen and you want to make your own chocolate milk, this chocolate milk recipe might interest you?

For a homemade cold choclate milk recipe:

11 ounces milk

1 ounce water

1 1/2 teaspoons cocoa

2 tablespoons sugar

How to brew chocolate mix

  • Put sugar, cocoa, and water in microwavable 12 oz glass.
  • Microwave for 30 seconds or until sugar and cocoa dissolve.
  • add cold milk and stir.

You can drink your choclate milk cold or warm.

Some facts about chocolate milk.

Chocolate milk has 60 more calories than pure milk.

Marathon Running Recovery Drinks : Drink After Race

After a run it is recommended to drink a recovery drink to replenish lost energy, fluid and electrolytes.

Water as running Recovery drink

The cheapest and most popular recovery drink is good old water. Water helps in restoring lost water through sweating and cooling down the body. Drinking water also helps in preparing the stomach for proper food digestion. Experts tend to agree that rehydrating with water until urine is pale yellow is the way to go.

Sports Energy Drinks

Drinkigng a sports energy drink with a mix of carbs, protein and sodium within an hour of finishing the race is crucial.

Carbohydrate Milk Drink

The chocolate milk has the magic 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio, is cheap and tastes good.

Whatever you choose, drink what you enjoy