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Ryan Hall Asics Customised Running Shoes

Ryan hall is sponsored by Asics, a Japanese sports shoes maker. The shoes color are black and white.

The black and white Asics were custom made for Ryan Hall, so you wont see them in the running stores.

According to running competitor : His feet were measured from every angle, using cutting-edge technology, and his legs were measured for strength and flexibility in relation to other marathoners. Run testing on an indoor/outdoor track helped determine his ground impact, force and reaction time.

After 2 days of testing, researchers had the information needed to create a pair of shoes uniquely designed for Hall’s specific running mechanics. Read more @ running competitor

How To Choose Running Socks For Marathon

Running socks are very important especially when you will be running 26.2 miles. If your heel starts to rub or you get a blister, it will make for a very long day and several painful days thereafter.

There are many running socks brand and most can be bought online or at your local running shoe store. When buying running socks choose one with the following benefits :-

1) Wicks away moisture from your feet

2) Helps prevent blisters

3) Is not made of cotton – you want to avoid cotton. Cotton retains sweat that causes blister

Running socks packs have a list of benefits written at the back.

Marathon Shoe Inserts

It is estimated the impact of hitting the surface while running on a road is 2-3 times your body weight. This impact is one reason why running does so much damage to runners knees, ankles and foot. One way of minimizing the impact is wearing marathon shoe inserts.

How Marathon Shoe Inserts Helps

When you run, your foot flexes and absorbs the shock on the body hitting a hard surface.Wearing shoe inserts while you are running can properly cradle your foot and its arches and give the much needed support to the ball of the foot. The ball of the foot is where the “spring” in your step occurs and eases your steps into a fast and smooth pace. The balance a good arch support shoe insert offers can make running fun and easy.

Where to Buy Marathon Shoe Inserts

Marathon shoe inserts can be purchased from your local running shoe store or you may order them over the internet.

Foot Arch Types : Normal Arch Type : Flat Arch Type : High Arch Type

These three images / pictures describe the three types of runners foot Arch types.

3 Types of Runners Foot Arch Type

1. Normal Arch Type

2. Flat Arch Type

3. High Arch Type

Images of runners foot arch type

Normal Arch type


The normal foot arch type is the most type of foot among runners. Stability shoes are recommended for runners with this type of foot.

Flat Foot Arch Type

flat-arch-footAs the name suggests, the flat arch type is just flat. The shoe type recommended is stability shoes or motion control shoes.

The High Arch Foot type

high-arch-foot-typeLook at the red line, the arch is deeply curved inside. The high Arch type of foot is very uncommon. Runners with high arch foot type are advised to wear neutral cushioning shoes.

Images Courtesy of zappos shoes. The Number online running shoe seller

Shoe Type for High Arch Foot

Like left handed people, the high arch foot is the least common type. This is how a high Arch Foot looks from the side.

high-arch-foot-typeWhen a runner with high arch foot type steps on a slab of wet cemtn this is how the imprint will look.

high-arch-foot-imageImprint of the heel and the forefoot connected by only a thin band

Shoe Type for the High Arch Foot Type

Zappos recommend Neutral cushioning shoes that do not have stability devices or a medial post.

Shoe Type For Flat Arch Foot

The flat arch foot type is a flat foot when observed from the side. The following is description of a flat arch foot.

flat-arch-footAnd if runner with this flat arch foot were to step on a slab of cement, the following would be the imprint.

flat-foot- imprintIt would leave an imprint of almost the entire bottom of the foot

Shoe Type for the flat arch foot

According to Zappos the best shoe for flat arch foot are stability shoes & motion control shoes.

Shoe Type for Normal Medium Arch Foot

The Normal Medium Arch foot type is the most common type of foot among runners. If you take a wet test the following images describe a Normal Medium Arch foot.

neutral-footFrom the side a normal arch type foot should look like this image below.

Normal-foot-typeShoe type for Normal Arch Foot

According to Zappos website (No 1 shoe sellers) A runner with this type of foot should wear a stability shoe. These shoes have some medial support and good midsole cushioning. Because normal or medium arches are the most common foot type, most runners will need Stability shoes

Nike Lunarglide + Shoe : Nike Marathon Running Shoe

Long time among ago I loved Nike running shoe but I fell out of love with Nike the day I bought my first Saucony Running shoes.

I still think Nike shoes are good for racing but when it comes to marathon training I prefer Saucony.

Latest Nike LunarGlide+ Shoe.

NIKE, Inc. have introduced the Nike LunarGlide+ Race Collection to celebrate the brave achievements of marathon runners worldwide.

The Nike LunarGlide+ Race Collection features nine shoes that combine city-inspired design touches.

Nike LunarGlide+ shoe

The collection includes shoes for Beijing, Boston, Chicago, Honolulu, London, New York City, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo along with a shoe for the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco.

Nike is celebrating the unique individual flavour of the world’s top marathons with color and iconic imagery that represent each city.

They have  a Nike Lunarglide shoe for men and a Nike Lunarglide shoe for women.

If your city is not on that list, DONT BUY THE SHOE……off cause am kidding!!!!!!

Usain Bolt Puma Running Spike : Material Of Bolt Shoes

Usain Bolt Puma Running spikes or shoe are known as Puma Theseus II spikes. Usain Bolt worked with Puma to develop the optimum running shoe.

Material Bolt Running Spike Shoe is made from.

Following this collaborative process, the complete Theseus II was born. Made from synthetic leather with an airmesh upper construction for maximum breathability, it enhances sprinting efficiency due to its stiffness of material.

Bolt of the blocks

Image courtesy of Puma Running.

My Saucony Hurricane Running Shoe : Marathon Training Shoe

Saucony running shoes are not as common as Nike running shoes. But after I have repeatedly seen Saucony shoe adverts on Runners world magazine and I have decided to give the shoes a try.(who said advertising doesn’t work?)

I intend to use them in my training for 2009 Stanchart Nairobi marathon.

Saucony Hurricane Running shoeAlthough the sole looked more like that of a trail running shoe I just thought the shoe would be great for tarmac running. According to the manufacturer, the the outsole features XT900 rubber compound in the heel. I dont know what that means but I hope it makes running softer and easier.