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2012 Berlin Marathon Results

The results are in from 2012 Berlin Marathon. In the men’s race its was a 1,2,3 Kenyan sweep while in the women’s race it was an Ethiopian sweep.

Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya was the men’s winner. His crossed the finish line in a time of 2 hours 4 minutes and 15 seconds. He narrowly failed in his quest to break the world record.

Mutai win here gives him unassailable lead in the world marathon majors series which awards points during a two-year cycle from finish positions in the Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York marathons with a million dollar jackpot split between the men’s and women’s winners.

Another notable performance was from 19 year old Kenyan, Geoffrey Kipsang who came in third in a time of  2:06:12. I think this is best marathon time by any teenager in the world.

In the women’s race, Ethiopia clinched a one-two double with pre-race favourite Aberu Kebede winning he second Berlin marathon in 2:20:30. Her training partner Tirfi Tsegaye was second with Ukraine’s Olena Shurhno third.

2012 Berlin Marathon MEN’S RESULTS

1. Geoffrey Mutai (Kenya) 2:04:15
2. Dennis Kimetto (Kenya) 2:04:16
3. Geoffrey Kipsang (Kenya) 2:06:12
4. Nicholas Manza (Kenya) 2:08:28
5. Josphate Keiyo (Kenya) 2:08:41
6. Josphat Jepkopol (Kenya) 2:08:44
7. Jonathan Kiplimo Maiyo (Kenya) 2:09:19
8. Eliud Kiptanui (Kenya) 2:09:59
9. Felix Keny (Kenya) 2:10:22
10. Masakazu Fujiwara (Japan) 2:11:31

2012 Berlin Marathon WOMEN’S RESULTS

1. Aberu Kebede (Ethiopia) 2:20:30
2. Tirfi Tsegaye (Ethiopia) 2:21:19
3. Olena Shurhno (Ukraine) 2:23:32
4. Filomena Chepchirchir (Kenya) 2:24:56
5. Fate Tola (Ethiopia) 2:25:14
6. Alevtina Biktimirova (Russia) 2:28:45
7. Caroline Chepkwony (Kenya) 2:30:34
8. Anna Hahner (Germany) 2:30:37
9. Sonia Samuels (Britain) 2:30:56
10. Degefa Biruktayit (Ethiopia) 2:33:27

List of Kenya Marathon Team For 2012 London Olympics

Athletics federation of Kenya named six marathon runners to represent Kenya at 2012 London Olympics marathon. The picking of marathon runners has been a controversial issue because Kenya does not hold a marathon trial instead the selection is like election of the Pope. A secret committee meets in a back-room and decides. The criteria they use is anyones guess.

Kenya Mens Marathon Team 2012 Summer Games 

  1. Abel Kirui – A two time World Marathon Champion. The guy has never won a major marathon and has a PB of 2:05:04 but he seems to produce the goods when it comes to major Championships.
  2. Wilson Kipsang – He is the second fastest marathon runner in the world. He has won the Rotterdam Marathon plus he just won 2012 London marathon.
  3. Moses Mosop – He is the winner of 2011 Boston marathon and 2011 Chicago marathon.

Kenya Womens Marathon Team 2012 London Olympics.

  1. Mary Keitany – She has won the last two editions of London marathon. That alone was enough to guarantee her a place. I think she is so used to the London course and she may even run it blindfold.
  2. Edna Kiplagat – She took Gold at 2011 Daegu World Championships.
  3. Priscah Jeptoo – She was second at 2011 Daegu World Championships.

The major casualty was Patrick Makau, the 42Km World Record holder was left out after  he got a DNF at 2012 London marathon.

2012 London Marathon Results

I normally watch marathon races on Satellite Tv but heavy rains affected my outdoor dish and I have been disconnected for the last two days. I followed this years 2012 London Marathon via a UK Internet Radio station(Talk sports) and the experience wasn’t bad.

2012 Virgin London Marathon Results

Wilson Kipsang, (the second fastest marathon runner of all time) won the race in a time of 2:04:44. I just smile when I heard the announcer say “looks as if he’s just been on an effortless Sunday jog.” The leading group of Kenyans and Ethiopians had ran the whole race on recording breaking pace and when the commentator said they were averaging under 5 minutes a mile I thought the world record time was on the line.

Martin Lel who has been fading in the last few years, turned back the clock, he lurked on Tsegaye Kebede’s shoulder and overtook the Ethiopian for a Kenyan one-two, with Ethiopia’s Kedede having to settle for third. Lel, a conqueror of London streets so many times, had been gunning to make into Kenya Olympics Marathon team but he needed to win 2012 London in a World record Time to be considered.

2012 London marathon results from the Womens Race.

It was another Kenyan affair (Damn the Kenyans! they never share the win) Mary Keitany won the race in a time of 2:18. That was her personal best and fourth fastest time in history.  Keitany was two seconds ahead of Edna Kiplagat.  Priscah Jeptoo was  third to complete a Kenyan top three. Incredible!

2012 Paris Marathon Results

I was just checking the results from 2012 Paris marathon and results of South African Runner Hendrick Ramala caught my attention, I will get back to that later.

Kenyan runner Stanley Biwott won the men’s 2012 Paris marathon on Sunday in a record time of 2hrs 05 min 12 sec. This was a second win this year in the streets of Paris by Biwott. He also came first in Paris Half marathon.

Biwott broke away from the leading pack at the 30km mark and crossed the finish line more than a minute ahead of Ethiopian duo Raji Assefa and Sisay Jisa.

Women Winner 2012 Paris Marathon

In the women’s race Ethiopia’s Tirfi Beyene came motored home first in a new record time for the Paris renewal of 2hrs 21min 39sec. Beyene came home ahead of Turkey’s Sultan Haydar (2hr 25:09.) and Ethiopia’s Makda Harun (2hr 26:46).

Paris Marathon Runner Motoring In Streets of Paris.

Hendrick Ramala Paris Marathon

The 40 year old South African long distance runner was gunning for a place in South Africa Olympic squad but his goal fell apart when he finished 33rd in 2 hours, 17 minutes and 57.

“It’s all over, I was messed up by the weather.

It is extremely cold here,” said Ramaala soon after crossing the finish line.

“I’m not disappointed because I gave it my best shot – it was worth trying.

“But this is not the end of my athletics career, I will continue running to support my family. Athletics is my career.

“I have decided to take a week’s break before I can go back to the road,” said Ramaala. Story from Sowetan

I think Ramala is pushing his luck too far. Younger and faster runners are coming from Kenya and Ethiopia and it is now impossible for a 40 year old compete with them.

2012 Rotterdam Marathon Results

I was watching 2012 Rotterdam marathon on Satelitte and the race has just ended.  As a Kenyan it was a bad day in the races because our Ethiopian rivals swept the podium.

Winner 2012 Rotterdam Marathon

Ethiopia’s Yemane Adhane Tsegay was the first to cross the finish line in 32nd ABN AMRO Marathon Rotterdam in a personal best of 2:04:47. Yemane won a spirited battle with compatriot Getu Feleke who finished second in 2:04:50. Both men set personal bests.

Kenya’s Moses Mosop tried bravely to catch the two Ethiopians in the final kilometers, but finished third in 2:05:02. His compatriot Peter Cheruiyot Kirui, another pre-race favorite, dropped out of the race.

Video Yemane Wins Rotterdam Marathon.

This is a BIG BIG improvement for Yemane, I remember at 2012 Dubai marathon the man ran his best marathon to finish in a PB of 2:06:2 but this was not good enough because eight other Ethiopians and two Kenyans ran faster than him. He was placed 10th.

Women Winner 2012 Rotterdam Marathon

Tiki Gelana won the women’s race in a new record time for the Rotterdam event of 2hr 18:57. Gelana has become a specialist in women marathons in Netherlands. I remember she also won last years Amsterdam marathon.

The reason why so many runners set a new PB is because Rotterdam marathon has a near flat course and if the weather is ideal like today then the stage is set for fast times.



Air Travel And How It Affects Marathon Runners

Traveling by air to races is part of marathon experience. Runners fly from around the world to participate in popular destination marathons such as London marathon, New York Marathon, Boston marathon and even to some remote marathon in world life park in Kenya, Lewa International Marathon.

Air travel may help explain clots in marathoners

The assumption is the only risk is Jet lag, but I have just read an article that claims, Marathon runners who travel by air to the race may end up with higher blood levels of molecules that have been linked to clots. Source Chicago Tribune Health Article.

In the new study, published in the American Journal of Cardiology, Parker and her colleagues took blood samples from 41 healthy non-smokers who participated in the 2010 Boston Marathon.

Twenty-three of them lived more than a four-hour plane flight away, while 18 participants — the comparison group — lived within a two-hour drive of Boston. The researchers collected blood after the runners landed in Boston, immediately after the marathon, and again when the participants were back home the next day.

After returning home, six people in the air travel group had elevated levels of a substance called D-dimer, which has been used as a sign of possible blood clots. By contrast, none of those who lived close to Boston did.

Air travel is known to double or triple the risk blood clots in the veins of the legs, called deep vein thrombosis

Don’t Start Panicking

None of the athletes showed actual symptoms of deep vein thrombosis, such as leg pain or swelling, shortness of breath or rapid heart rate.

Travel Tips for Runners Traveling By Air

The researchers recommended staying hydrated, wearing loose clothes, and not cross your legs for long periods of time. Walking around the cabin every one to two hours and wearing compression stockings can help too.

Girl Dies After Running For 3 Hours

Authorities say 9-year-old Savannah Hardin died after being forced to run for three hours as punishment for having lied to her grandmother about eating candy bars. Severely dehydrated, the girl had a seizure and died days later.

Signs of Excessive Running

Witnesses told deputies Savannah was told to run and not allowed to stop for three hours. An autopsy report showed the girl was extremely dehydrated and had a very low sodium level, which is a sign of too much running.

Running for 3 hours is hard enough for an adult, I have run marathons for 3 hours and the pain you feel in your feet, chest and lungs is breaking. I can’t imagine the pain this 9 year old girl went through.

Source : AP news

Running Statistics Infographic

I have just been reading/ looking at this fantastic running statistics infographic from mp3 running. It has some interesting running facts from the year 2011:-

  • The average number of running shoes purchased by men was 3.9 pairs and women 2.9 pairs
  • The average run miles each week for men was 27.2 and women 21.9
  • The average days run each week was 4.3 for men anf 4 for  women
  • The average body mass index for men runners was 24.4 and women runners 22.9
  • The average weight of male runners was 172.9 pound and the average for women was 137.6 lbs
  • Another interesting running statistic was that Men runners are more likely to run with a spouse than women runners

Running Music for a better running experience!

The Most Popular Performance Enhancing Drug In Sports

The most popular performance enhancing drug in sports is Caffeine. Caffeine has been proven to increase the number of fatty acids circulating in the bloodstream, which enables people to run or pedal longer.

As a result, caffeine, which is legal under International Olympic Committee rules, is the most popular drug in sports. More than two-thirds of about 20,680 Olympic athletes studied for a recent report had caffeine in their urine, with use highest among triathletes, cyclists and rowers.

Caffeine Increases Endurance In Running & Cycling

Scientists and many athletes have known for years, of course, that a cup of coffee before a workout jolts athletic performance, especially in endurance sports like distance running and cycling.

Caffeine Benefits in Weight Training & Muscle Building

Caffeine reduces adenosine levels, “which then enables more forceful muscular contractions and delays fatigue.

Caffeine Benefits in Soccer & Football

In a study published in The British Journal of Sports Medicine, soccer players dribbled, headed and kicked the ball more accurately if they’d had caffeine than if they hadn’t.

For More details check out the source: New York Times Health Reports

2011 Berlin Marathon Results

The King is dead long live the king. Haile Gebrsselassie of Ethiopia was slayed at 2011 Berlin marathon.

Patrick Makau of Kenya is the new Marathon record holder, he won the 2011 Berlin Marathon in a time of 2 hours 3 minutes, 38 seconds, that is a new world record.

The womens race was won by Kenyan, Florence Kiplagat in a time of 2 hours, 19 minutes. British marathon runner, Paula Radcliffe was a strong third.

The former marathon king, Haile gebrselassie dropped out of the race for a second year running, will he announce another retirement?