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Picture Of Yohan Blake $500,000 Most Expensive Sports Watch

The latest reports from 2012 London Games is Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake is wearing a $500,000 wrist watch. This is not your usually Garmin GPS running watch but A custom, $500,000 watch made by designer Richard Mille. That price tag makes it the most expensive sports watch.

As reported by Britain’s TNT Magazine and a handful of other English sources, the watch, which you can see in the picture/photo below, is a customized sports watch in the green and yellow colorway of the Jamaican flag. Officially, the timepiece is called a Richard Mille Tourbillion watch, and the one-of-a-kind piece of functional jewelry was designed specifically for Blake to wear at the Games.

Richard Mille : Picture and Photo Of Yohan Blake $500,000 Most Expensive Sports Watch

Richard Mille Tourbillion Watch

This half million dollar watch is already causing a stir. According to Yahoo news, the IOC is not happy. The watch is in violation of IOC rules that bar athletes from wearign gearing that is not part of national apparel.

Similarly, if athletes use a piece of equipment that isn’t strictly clothing, they are required to use the official sponsor of the Olympics in that category. Omega is the official watch of Olympics.

If the IOC decides to crack the whip on Blake, the guy could get a hefty penalty. I don’t think they will snatch his silver medal from 100m but they could slap him with a hefty fine.

Best Headphones For Running

The number quality of a good headphone for running is comfort. Runners take this for granted until they get an uncomfortable pair of headphones. Then they see the truth that ear comfort is absolutely important in headphones when out running or just jogging.

Some Of Popular headphones for running / Jogging

A lot of runners gravitate towards over-the-ear style headphones like the UltraFit collection from Polk Audio (Starting at $40; Yahoo! Shopping) and Yurbuds’s Ironman Endure ($29.99, This style helps keep the ear buds in place.

The Sennheiser sport neckband headphones ($59.99, received rave reviews on fit, durability and ease of wear on a few running discussion forums I occasionally read for advice.

Running Headphones are best placed over your ears

Avoid the type of headphones where you insert a little plug in your ears. Unless you get them tailor made specifically for your ear, these are extremely unhealthy and will probably give you ear cancer. A good brand are the flat, blinged-out jazz buds earbuds (meaning they are placed over, not in, the ear canal) from BodyRock Sport ($16,

Important traits to look for in comfy headphones.

  • The “size” should be adjustable, usually by pulling down on the ear pieces.
  • The headphones should be light weight.

2010 Holiday Gifts For Runners

It is that time of the year again, time to be generous and spread the love. Its the holiday season 2010 and the following is my list of some Christmas holiday gifts you can give your runner friend.

  1. Garmin watch
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Ipod shuffle
  4. Trail Runner Head lamp
  5. A running book
  6. Subscription for a Running Magazine
  7. A running dog
  8. A box of soothing muscle recovery gel
  9. Custom Running T-Shirt – Have it inscribed with his/her favorite quote
  10. A box of healthy snacks

This christmas holiday gift ideas for runners are unisex, they can given to her or him, male or female, girlfriend or boyfriend.

Running Routes Apps

If you you have moved to a new city or town chances are you have no idea for the best running routes. If you are an iphone user you can locate running routes using an Iphone App called WalkJogRun.

WalkJogRun App has an impressive 776,112 routes worldwide. All the running routes are submitted by users. The App sells at $2.99. You may also open a free account at WalkJogRun website where you can create and submit your own routes.

Users of WalkJogRun App can browse routes by location and even get estimates for how many calories you’ll burn on each route.

If you’re a serious runner or just someone who likes to to go out for a casual run, WalkJogRun Routes is $2.99 well spent.

Download your route at

I dont know whether there is an Android version but I will post about it when I get wind of it.

Elliptigo Outdoor Bike Review

Elliptigo is an outdoor bike that’s a cross between an elliptical trainer and a bicycle. This exercise machine promises to give you a running experience on a bike without running as we know it.

The bike’s pedals move in a forward motion emulating a runner’s stride, without the same pounding impact.

Benefit of Elliptigo

Elliptigo is an invention of former Ironman triathlete Bryan Pate. The eight-speed bike is meant to help runners avoid beating up their bodies through repeated impact.

How much does it weigh?

Elliptigo is made of light material and weighs 40 pounds according to Elliptigo Company

Elliptigo is selling at US$ 2,199 and is available in blue, green and black.

Difference Btw Mens & Women Running Shorts

I was browsing through Amazon catalog of running shorts and I noticed a difference between mens running shorts and women running shorts. The difference is how they make the bottoms. Take a look

The majority of mens running shorts were cylidrical and longer.

While the majority of women running shorts were shorter and curved upwards from the bottom.

Another interesting thing I noted was in a runners world article on running shorts, women who don’t like exposing their thighs prefered running in mens running shorts. I have also noticed all elite male runners run in shorts with a similar designer to women running shorts

Nike Men Running Shorts Review

If you swear by all things Nike then Nike running shorts are your thing. I have been looking around for some good reviews on Nike running shorts for men and I found some good reviews at the following places.

Amazon Review of Nike Men running shorts.

The positive thing about Amazon reviews is that reviews are from fellow runners. You can always count on your fellow runners for recommendation on Best Nike Shorts for men. With the largest online catalogue they provide a large variety to choose from. Read the reviews at Amazon

Runners World Men Shorts Review

Runners world review are done by their writers. Should you buy their advice? it all depends on how much you trust the magazine.Read this Runners World Page

Run The Planet Nike Running Shorts Reviews.

An old site that has been around. Nice review of prices but the major the negative they have zero on the fabric. I got the feeling they are more interested in making a sale. Visit run the planet