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Tips for Writing a Marathon Training Plan

If you need to draw up a marathon running training schedule, then you will want to start with the basics, which includes what you will be doing on certain days throughout the week. It’s always good to throw in a variety of exercises and techniques, so you are physically well-rounded for the race. There are many things that beginners will want to know, including how to pace yourself. In a marathon, you will be faced with the challenge of finding the right rhythm and deciding when are the best times to walk and when to run, because a marathon doesn’t necessarily mean running through the entire race.

Training for a marathon means knowing your physical boundaries and what you are capable of. At first you will want to take it easy and be sure to stay within your comfort zone, pushing out slowly but surely. If you are running in a 5k marathon, you might want to think about only doing half that distance for the first week or two. This will give your body an adjusting period, where it will become used to the strains you are placing upon it. As the weeks progress, you can start running farther and farther, until eventually you are running the full distance of the marathon you are competing in.

Some people who participate in these types of events think that speed is everything, however they are sorely mistaken. Although speed is certainly one important aspect of doing well in a marathon race, you also need to consider pacing. Pacing yourself is much more important than being concerned with running the fastest. While at first someone who start off running may feel like they are getting an edge on the competition, eventually they will tire and slow down significantly. Conserving your energy for the long haul is an important tip to follow for any type of race.

When devising your marathon running training schedule, you will of course need to make allowances for breaks. You should give yourself at least 2 days out of the week to let your body recover from everything you have been putting it through. This means taking an entire day out to rest and lay around the house, at least twice every week. When you give yourself this time of healing, your muscles will grow stronger the next time you work out and train. It is essentially the same principle that weight-lifters use to build muscle.

To come up with the best schedule for the marathon, you will need to think about what your goals are. If you simply want to get across the finish line and complete the race, then you probably won’t need to run 15 miles each day. If you want to place among the top athletes however, then you will want to make sure that each day you train, your intensity level is up to 10. This means giving it your all and making sure you use effective techniques that vary throughout the week. Running the same distance using the same pace every single day you train can ultimately slow you down in the long run.

For a well-rounded training schedule, you will also want to think about throwing in different types of cardiovascular workouts, such as cycling. You can either get on a real bike or use one at the gym. Either way you will be getting the kind of workout that will pay off with your running. The more you pedal or run, the more your body gets used to the intense cardiovascular demands you put on it. Following this kind of training schedule is what will prepare you for the marathon and ensure that you do not slow down or hit a wall.

Harry Reid Boston Marathon Finish Time

“But, as in everything in life, races are not won by sprinters. They’re won by marathoners.” Harry Reid comments after winning 2010 senate re-election after all polls predicted a loss.

Reid, is more known from his stint as an amateur boxer but he had a successful stint as an amateur marathon runner. When he was 32 years he ran 1972 Boston Marathon and finished in with a very creditable 3:16,” according to a Christian Science Monitor story.

To finish a marathon in 3:16 Reid must have run each mile at a pace of 7 minutes and 29 seconds. The half marathon split was 1:38.

I looked online for running information of other politicians and  I saw Reid is the second fastest US politician.

1. Max Baucus – 3:01

2. Harry Reid – 3:16

3. John Edwards – 3:30

4. George Bush – 3:44

5. Eliot Spitzer – 3:58

6. Sarah Plin – 3:59

7. Paul Ryan – 4:01

8. Mike Huckabee – 4:37

9. Bill Frist – 4:54

10. Al Gore – 4:58


Register To Run 2013 Paris Marathon : Enter 2013 Paris Marathon

They say, |”The early bird catches the worm” This is so true when it comes to getting a place to run in popular Paris marathon. To say this marathon is popular is understatement.  The race has 40,000 slots. Last year the race opened in September and it was all sold out by end of November.

The rule is first come first served.The key to getting your slot is booking early.  Registration for the 2013 race will begin or open between mid-September and early October.

Paris Marathon 2013 registration date.

Registration for 2013 Paris marathon will be done online. Payment of registration fee is also done online.

2013 Paris Marathon Dates.

2013 Paris marathon will be on 7th April 2013.

Doctors medical report

Paris marathon require a medical certificate signed by doctor proving you are in good condition to run and finish a  26 mile marathon

Book a Starting zone

The starting zone just after elite runners is reserved for sub 3.15 runners who provide proof of previous race results obtained within the last two years. For this fast runners, the registration must be done via post mail.

To Register visit the official paris marathon website

Register for France / Paris marathon via Charity

If you are not successful, you can take the route of running for Charity. Charity organizations require you to raise a minimum amount of funds. There are many charities organization selling Paris marathon slots in exchange for funds.  Check out this Charities Stroke Association & Arthritis research.

Run Faster By Running Less

The goal of every runner is to run faster, the conventional advise on how to achieve that is clock hundreds of miles per week. A new breed of running coach is challenging that by saying you can run faster by running less.

According to Peter Lavelle, a certified personal trainer and co-founder of Boston-based Ultimate Bootcamp, runners should not run every other day. He talks of mixing up things:

Taking Active Rest Days During Marathon Training.

Some marathoners get by on just one long run and another shorter run per week, he said, by mixing in other workouts like swimming, circuit training with weights, spinning, or, heck, even Zumba. “It’s good to mix it up,” said Lavelle. “Cross training leads to less injury and lets you work out harder between runs by working different muscle groups.” This, in theory, can help runners cut minutes from their marathon times. From Boston Globe article.

Lavelle, claims his Boston Marathon time decreased from 3:53 down to 3:29 after began running less. He operates a boot camp which in addition to running, consist of jumping rope, step-ups on park benches, stair-climbing at T-stations, lunges, squats, push-ups and other exercises straight from military basic training.

Remember, Rest is just as vital as running when it comes to increasing marathon performance.

Make sure to check our Peter Levelle marathon training blog.

2012 Dubai Marathon Results

2012 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon happened today and I have just got the results. The winner of mens race Ethiopian, Ayele Abshero. The women’s race was won by another Ethiopian, Aselefech Mergia

In the men’s race, Ethiopia’s first timer and 2009 World Cross junior champion, Ayele Abshero smashed the course record set by compatriot Haile Gebrselassie (2:04:53) when he posted a jaw-dropping 2:04:23.

In the womens race Aselelefech Mergia came home first. Her winning time of 2:19:31 was enough to earn her $100,000.

Ethiopians on Rampage in Dubai 2012 Marathon

It was a bad day in the office for the Kenyan. Despite putting a large contigent of runners in Men and women races the Ethiopians were too good. The Ethiopians swept the podium in the men’s race and in the women race 4 and of 5 were Ethiopians.

Signs Of Heart Attack When Running Marathon

There have been a couple recent deaths in marathon races. In 2011 marathon deaths have been reported of a 35-year old in Chicago, 32 year old in San Antonio, 27 year old in Toronto, 32 year old in Montreal, and a 58 year old in savannah. These deaths are making some runners now worry about running long distance races?

I remember reading an article in NYT about this issue of runners dying from heart attack a few years ago. One of the conclusions was “The risk of dying on a marathon course is twice as high if you drive it than if you run it”.

Runners World magazine resident doctor wrote on this topic (Heart attacks) and he adviced all runners to look out for the following tale tell signs of an imminent heart attack when running.

Listen to your body and stop for chest pain or pressure; pain or pressure in your arm, neck, or jaw; skipping or irregular heart beat; or unusual breathlessness, loss of energy, or fatigue.

If you have an event, like blacking out or feeling dizzy while exercising or feeling your heart flutter or race, report it to your physician for evaluation. Also be aware that “heartburn” during exercise may not be from your stomach and can be your heart.



Best Marathons To Qualify For New York Marathon

New York marathon is a popular race and every runner wants to run it. Organisers have two ways of restricting runners, capping the numbers at 40,000 and requiring all applicants to meet New York Marathon qualifying times. They only take the cream of running!

The New York Marathon qualifying times are no Joke!

For Men ages 19-39 you must have run previous race with a PB of or better than 2.55 or a half marathon of sub 1.23. As for the ladies you must have run previous race with a PB of or better than 3.23 or a half marathon of sub 1.37.

For runners over 40 – 50 yrs their is no reprieve.

Qualifying times are 3.10 for men and 3.38 for women. Half marathon times of 1.30 for men and 1.44 for women are what you need to have a look in.

Best Race to Qualify For New York Marathon

With those high standards the race you choose to meet the qualifying times is very important. My number one tip is look for a race with good weather and a flat course. Those two factors will greatly improve your chances of htting your target.

Some of Flat Marathon Course that can give you an advantage

1. Honolulu Marathon – It was the writers no one pick because of a flat course

2. Chicago Marathon -Flat course but beware, the marathon has a history of horrible weather on Dday.

3. Marine Corps Marathon

4. Twin Cities marathon – Down side of this marathon is Leave your iphone home, ear phones are banned from twin cities.

5. Las Vegas marathon – It is the only marathon in the world where you can run and get married. For those married they can renew their wedding vows.

6. Miami Marathon

7. Berlin marathon

8. Rotterdam marathon.

Chicago marathon may be flat but the weather is very unpredictable.

Remember there is only one secret to improving your marathon performance: TRAINING.

Running Sunglasses

Running involves jumping,turning and of course sweating depending on the weather and the race. Running sunglasses should be able to adjust to all the conditions you experience during the race at the same time offering protection and improving your vision.

How to choose running sunglasses.

You should always go for the running sunglasses with best fit on your face and those that allow you to turn your head and jump without dropping or sliding. Try the running sunglasses on and check to see that they are closely snugged to your face without causing you any discomfort.

Lightweight materials such as nylon and plastic are the best for running sunglasses frames. Some frame materials like metal and some plastics are heavy and not advisable for wearing for long hours.

Choose frames that are flexible and impact-resistant. Flexible sunglasses are less prone to breaking compared to stiff ones. Frames made from inflexible materials such as metal and polycarbonate can be made flexible with springed hinges. The best impact resistant material for running sunglasses is polycarbonate because it is light, more available and cheap. It is however not flexible.

Running sunglasses should be able to resist slip when it heats up or when you sweat. To achieve this go for running sunglasses with absorbent nose pads that absorb sweat before it trickles. Nose pads are also good for comfort and for prevention of slipping or disorientation of the sunglasses. Avoid metallic frames in running sunglasses during summer because they heat up very fast and increase sweating around your eyes.

For convenience,choose running sunglasses with adjustable nose pieces and temples which will allow you to always have the right fitting sunglasses even when the frame material expands.

Spherical-shaped running sunglasses and wraparounds are the best because they cover the whole eye area including the sides which offers maximum protection to your eyes by keeping off peripheral glare. Flat-shaped running sunglasses leave the top and the bottom open and allows some glare into your eyes.

Cable temples serve runners well because they coil around the back of the ear so that the sunglasses do not slip down upon bending. If you have straight temples on your running sunglasses,consider changing the temple to a cable one or fit them with a supportive rubber strap to keep them in place.

Ventilated running sunglasses frames are good for foggy and hot days or during vigorous running because they allow air circulation around the eye and minimize sweating which is often the cause of slip.

Look out also for running sunglasses with side-shields for extra peripheral shielding from wind, dust and glare. Side shields can be permanently fixed or removable. The side-shields should however not cause any distraction to your peripheral vision.

How to choose protective lenses for running sunglasses.

Lenses for running sunglasses should have the following qualities for more effectiveness :

Polarized lenses :Polaroid lenses come in handy when running on a bright day and there is a lot of reflected glare form the road,walls or grass. With polarized lenses, you are free from peripheral glare which is not possible with normal sunglasses.

Photo-chromic lenses :These lenses change their tint according to the amount of UV radiation they are exposed to. They are very suitable for long distance runners or runners passing through places with changing light conditions. For better results, go for polarized photo-chromic sunglasses which give more contrast and better visual acuity.

Mirrored lenses :Mirrored improve the performance of photo-chromic and polarized lenses by reflecting back the sun’s glare.

Running sunglasses lenses with an anti-reflective coating or an anti-glare coating also serve the purpose of keeping off glare by reflecting it away.

Anti-fog coatings prevent fogging around the eyes which is normally caused by poor weather,change in body temperature during the race or your breathing. Fogging can impair your vision and cause eyestrain.

An anti-scratch coating on your running sunglasses is a great way to maintain all the other coatings you might have which saves you the cost of replacing them after a short while.

Remember to always ask for running sunglasses with lenses made of shatter proof material that does not break or crack easily upon impact. Polycarbonate lenses are a good choice because they are both impact-resistant and lightweight. Polycarbonate is however susceptible to scratch and should always be fitted with an anti-scratch coating for longer service.

Best Lens colors for running sunglasses.

Grey is the neutral lens colour that does not cause color distortions or make you feel uneasy. It is good for bright days because it has the effect of decreasing the amount of light getting into your eyes. Blue green and brown tints are also good for running under harsh bright light conditions.

For dull or foggy days,choose running sunglasses with golden tints such as yellow, gold and amber. These tints can filter blue light and increase contrast which allows the runner to see bumps ahead of them.

New trend in running sunglasses.

Runners who are lovers of music have a reason to rejoice with the invention of running sunglasses with a built-in sound system that allows you to listen to music for up to six hours with a fully charged battery. The music system is lighter than an i pod or an MP3 player and with it you don’t have to run with dangling wires hitting your face every time you turn. It is also possible to download your own music into the player with a USB cable.

Article courtesy of best sunglasses

Mental Preparation For Marathon

As you prepare for the marathon it is important you maintain a positive attitude. Always believe you will be able to finish the race, you can do this by mentally visualizing yourself in the race and crossing the finish line.

Running is never easy for anyone so make sure your training is challenging enough: run hills and do speed work so that you can get used to the feeling of running under stress.

Have 100% confidence on your ability to run and finish a marathon. And the only way you can have absolute confidence is to got out and train, train and train hard. Lastly keep yourself healthy and have a positive attitude the week before the race.

Stay Positive!



Register to Run 2012 Paris Marathon

The Paris Marathon is one of the prestigious marathon races in Europe. Registration for the 2012 race is open. The race has 40,000 slots. The rule is first come first served. Last year the race opened in September and it was all sold out by end of November.

2012 Paris Marathon Dates.

2012 Paris marathon will be on 15 April 2012.

Registration 2012 Paris Marathon

Registration for 2012 Paris marathon will be done online, at the official Paris Marathon site. Payment of registration fee is also done online.

2012 Paris Marathon registration fee.

  • 12,000 first quota of places 60 €
  • 15,000 next quota of places 79 €
  • 10,000 final quota of places 95 €

Doctors medical report

Paris marathon require a medical certificate signed by doctor proving you are in good condition to run and finish a 26 mile marathon

Book a Starting zone

The starting zone just after elite runners is reserved for sub 3.15 runners who provide proof of previous race results obtained within the last two years. For this fast runners the registration must be done via post mail.