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3,000m Champ, Ezekiel Kemboi Arrested

Kenya news outlets are reporting that Kenyan police have charged the world’s 3,000m steeplechase champion, Ezekiel Kemboi, with assault after a woman said he stabbed her on Wednesday night.

The woman alleges that the athlete attacked her when she declined his sexual advances.

Mr Kemboi denied the allegations, saying she colluded with thugs to rob him and was injured in the skirmish. The magistrate granted the athlete bail and said he would be allowed to travel to London to compete in the Olympics.

At least we can now look forward to Kemboi doing his victory dance in London.

Watch Ezekiel Kemboi Victory Dance.


Samuel Wanjiru Death

The death of Olympic Marathon champion Samuel Wanjiru has left more questions as to the actual cause of his death.

Samuel Wanjiru died after a fall from a second-floor balcony during a domestic dispute involving his wife and another woman, officials said Monday.

Samuel Wanjiru Suicide Theory

Initial police report was that the 24-year-old Wanjiru committed suicide, but the local police who interrogated every one at the scene said he jumped to stop his wife from leaving the house after she discovered him with another woman.

With Kenyan police having a history of mediocre investigation, it will be hard to know what killed the Champ.

Should we blame Samuel Wanjiru mother?

The first time Wanjiru disagreed with the wife, the wife blamed her mother in-law. Now, Kenya Daily Nation has an interesting story about Wanjiru mother. It appears that the mother had turned out to be a bad influence in Wanjiru’s life. The same day he died and the mum comes dragging in 2 other wives? Begs the question, is she the one who wanted Triza out?. Read Story in Nation.

Paula Radcliffe Bitten By Dog While Running

The BBC Reported last week that British athlete Paula Radcliffe was bitten by a dog during a training run in Monaco. The 37-year-old world marathon record holder required hospital treatment because of the damage to her calf.

Every runner has a Dog story, it is like Dogs love having a go at runners.

How to Deal With Dogs When They Chase You While Running

  1. Stare down at the dog before he really starts making his move, even if you have to slow down and/or walk backwards.
  2. Make an effort to move away from his turf or his owner so that he doesn’t feel as threatened while you are asserting your dominance, which is what you are doing in step number 1. Move slowly; you want to discourage the dog from chasing you, and not give it a new game.
  3. Talk to the dog and try to calm it down. I will usually say, “Good puppy” or something like that in a soothing voice to try to calm the dog down and show that I am not a threat. It probably helps that I have a deep voice.
  4. If he makes a break for you, stop and bring your hands, arms and legs in towards your body. If you are a man, put your hands in front of your crotch so that the dog can not bite you there. You want your body to be in a straight line so that there is nothing hanging off of you for the dog to attack and grab hold of. Many dogs are just friendly want to play with you or check you out; I don’t assume that the dog going to bite me until it does, but I also do not want to make it easier for the dog to injure me.
  5. If you are bit by the dog, kick it in the head. If you can, try to kick it below its muzzle on its chin as that will cause the most pain while being the least likely to permanently injure the dog. The goal is to give it one good lick that will teach it not to bite runners in the future and hopefully confusing or hurting it enough to leave you alone in the present. Get away from the dog, and call the game warden or your local sheriff at the first possible convenience.
  6. Start moving away or continue your run depending upon whether the dog just wants to sniff you or is being playful or is still threatening to bite. Unless you were bit, do not move too fast until there is some distance between you and the dog. You can probably out run a dog over the long haul, but in a sprint you are all too likely to lose.

Dog Dealing tips courtesy of run to win.

Valerie Bertinelli 2010 Boston Marathon

Staying thin is harder than trying to get thin.

The curse of dieting is that 90% of people who lose weight by dieting end up getting their old weight back. Tv star, Valerie Bertinelli managed to lose 40 pounds and she is determined to beat the curse. She is lacing up her running shoes and training to run at this year’s Boston Marathon.

The Boston Marathon is on 19 April for days shy of her 50th birthday. If she finishes the marathon that will be a perfect birthday gift to give herself.

Calories In Fast Food Meals

Last month issue of bussinessweek magazine had an interesting article on calories hidden in some of the popular fast foods.

Check this

1. Large Tuna Melt Calories –

The Tuna Melt from Quiznos fast food is packed with 2,090 calories

2. Fish and Chips Calories

The famous fish and chips food is packed with 1,537 calories.

3. Double Six Dollar Burger calories

The double six dollar burger from Carls Jnr fast food is packed with 1520 calories

4. Large French fries calories

A large plate of french fries is packed with 1460 calories

5. Monster thick burger calories

The monster thick burger from 7hardees fast food is packed with 1460 calories.

6. Four piece chicken strip basket calories

This fast food from 6 dairy queen restaurant is packed with 1340 calories

7. Beef Taco Salad Calories

The beef taco salad is packed with 1280 calories

8. Triple whopper with cheese

The triple whooper with cheese from burger king is packed with 1250 calories

Low calories fast foods

9. Double Chicken & Cheese Sandwich Calories

This double chicken cheese sandwich has 738 calories

10. Sausage Biscuit Calories

The sausage biscuit 25 chill a Fill is packed with 590 calories


Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S., but there’s no reason it can’t be day of “thanks” everywhere in the world.

So I just wanted to say “thank you” to everyone that has ever shown support for me through the years by visiting my blog.

I enjoy what I do for a living and I enjoy sharing new running ideas with everyone… but it just wouldn’t be the same if there wasn’t “everyone” to share them with.

I thought I’d just take the time to let you know… “thanks for being here”.

So no matter where you are in the world…. please enjoy time with your family and friends, and be sure to give thanks for whatever you are thankful for.


Jenson Button London Triathlon Finish Time

Jenson Button tackled the 2009 London Triathlon. The formula one driver took advantage of the formula time out to join 6000 amateurs at the London triathlon.

Button raced through the Olympic distance – a 1500m swim, 40km bike ride and a 10km run – in a personal best time of two hours and seven minutes.

He did the 1500m swim in 24 minutes, the 40Km bike ride he covered in 1 hour 3 minutes and the 10K run in an impressive 35 minutes.

Comparing heart rates of triathletes  and Formula One drivers

This is what the F1 driver told the BBC

“I pushed myself to the limit in the triathlon and it is different to driving a car for a start my heart beat is a lot higher when I’m swimming and running.

Risk of Weight Lifting For Breast Cancer Survivors

After a woman has surgery for breast cancer, she is typically given a long list of don’ts. Don’t lift anything heavier than 15 pounds, including your child. Don’t carry a heavy purse or grocery bags. Don’t scrub, push, pull or hammer.

Why Breast cancer survivors should not carry heavy weights

The goal is to prevent lymphedema, a painful and unsightly swelling of an arm or leg that can occur near the site where lymph nodes have been removed or damaged by radiation.

How My Blog Got Hacked

If you are a regular reader of this blog you might have noted that this blog was not updated in the last few week. I have been fixing a few unexpected problem.

This blog was hacked by a hacker last month. I didnt know of the attack until I got a email message from google that said they were temporarily removing my blog from their index because they had detected hidden links in the blog. My first reaction was WTF.. They informed me they suspected it was the work of hacker.

Looking at the homepage of this blog I couldn’t see anything fishy, the links were invicible on a browser even when I checked the source code using dreamweaver I couldn´t see them. But when I checked the blog using this tool forwarded to me by my hosting company, I was shocked to find that this blog had 250 hidden links. Using this other tool at SMART IT CONSULTING I discovered the hacker had hidden the links insider the footer.


I don´t keep credit card numbers in the blog the hacker just wanted to place the links. I suspect this was the work of a rogue SEO consultant. Google ranks sites depending on the number of links pointing to your site. If I can get 5,000 sites to link to this blog using keywords marathon running. This blog would always be at number one. The more sites linking to your site the higher you rank.

The competition to rank high has become fierce and some websites are using illegal means to get to page one of google search. One way is to hack into other sites and place hidden links. Blogs are popular in being hacked because hackers know bloggers have no time and resources to protect their blogs.


Whoever had hacked my sites had created new files inside my wordpress installation. Instead of just removing the suspect files I un-installed the whole thing and installed a new wordpress.


  • You can´t see hidden links but there are signs that may indicate something fishy
  • Your site starts ranking in some keywords outside your niche.
  • Your bandwidth usage is rising while traffic stays constant or even declining.
  • If you use google adsense the ads are totally unrelated to your niche.


Keep your wordpress installation updated to the latest version but the irony was that when this blog was hacked I had the latest version 2.7.1. The plugins also need to be always upgraded. I suspect that is where the hacker found a loop hole because I had failed to upgrade many plugins. I guese I was just lazy because the current version of wordpress allows you to install and upgrade plugins on your wordpress without the need of visiting the C-panel. If you are still running wordpress 2.2, 2.3 or any other lower version you are missing out. The current versions allow you to do so many things without the need to visit the C-panel.The days of ´this plugin cannot install….´ are a thing of the past.

WordPress Security Plugins.

There are many, one of the most popular is Login lockdown, Login Lockdown is useful in preventing a brute force attack. Another one is security scanner. The one that I liked is this one, wordpress firewall, it will even send you an email when someone tries to hack into your site. They will even give your the IP address for blacklisting . Just yesterday they sent me an email of an hacking attempt from an IP located in Carlifornia, USA.

There is no guarantee of 100% security, if someone wants you he can get you. Hackers are good just like those guys working for Symantec. They successfuly hack big organisations, Barrack Obamas servers during campaign period were hacked, last year someone hacked into online account of French president Sarkozy and withdrew some cash from his account. The only sure protection is to keep checking for fishy activities using the above links and when there is an intrusion remove it before google penalises you. After being penalised my blog traffic from search engines plunged by 80%. After removing the hidden links google lifted the suspension five days later, thats was three weeks before the end of 30 days suspension.

When I started blogging I didn´t expect to find myself learning about internet security. Learning never ceases and it feels good to be empowered.

Pres. Bush Impressive Reflex Mastery & Developing Visual Skills In Sports

The news story of the weekend was the shoe throwing incident in Baghdad. George Bush was giving a press conference when an irate Iraqi journalist threw a shoe at the American president, not once but twice.

I watched the clip on CNN and I have to say President Bush has good reflexes!! The way he ducked the first shoe was brilliant. The shoe thrower did not give a warning and threw it fast but Bush was quick to take cover. To do that you need excellent visual skills of eye-body coordination.

Develop Visual Skills

According to an article on wikipedia, reflexes such as those of President bush may be trained, such as during repetition of motor actions during sport practice.

Sir Clive Woodward the former coach of England rugby team credited visual techniques for his team winning the 2003 Rugby world cup. After being appointed team coach,  Woodward brought in ex-South African international hockey player Sherylle Calder as a “visual awareness coach”.  Her work made the team improve in passing and performance.

Areas of focus in visual skills training include;

Sports Vision – Giving You The Visual Advantage

Dynamic Visual Acuity – which allows you to see objects clearly while in motion.

Eye Tracking – the ability to “keep your eyes on the ball,” no matter how fast it may be traveling.

Eye Focusing – changing focus quickly and accurately from one distance to another

Peripheral Vision – seeing people and objects “out of the corner of your eye” while concentrating on a fixed point.

Fusion Flexibility and Stamina – the ability to keep both eyes working together even under high speed, physically stressful situations.

Depth Perception – quickly and accurately judging the distance and speed of objects.

Visualization – picturing events with your “mind’s eye” or imagination. Studies show that when you visualize yourself performing a particular activity, your brain doesn’t know the difference between performing the activity or visualizing. Visualization can boost your confidence and aid in greater focus on your athletic goals.

Remember If you are not seeing well, your reaction time is slower and that may impact on your overall performance