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Iten Training Camps

Iten is a tiny rural town located in the heart of Great Rift Valley province in Kenya. It has a population of 4000. The nearest major town is Eldoret.

Iten claim to fame is production of world beating athletes. Some of the talent who horned their talent on the earth roads of Iten include the world 800m record holder, Wilson Kipketer (Denmark), Bernard Lagat (USA), former Olympic 3000m champion Mathews Birir, former Commonwealth 800m champion Japheth Kimutai, the Chirchir brothers—Cornelius and William, former world 3000m steeplechase record holder and champion, Boit Kipketer, former world 10,000m champion, Sally Barsosio and former Olympic 1500m champion Peter Rono.

Iten High Altitude.

Iten lies between 8000 – 9000 ft above sea level. High enough to boost oxygen-carrying capacity, but not so high that it’s impossible to run quickly.

Iten Weather / Climate

According to a writer who has visited the area. The climate is also perfect for running: It’s seldom colder than 50 degrees or hotter than 80 degrees, it’s never humid, and there are 12 hours of daylight throughout the year.

Famous Training Camps In Iten

St Patrick High Iten

This is the oldest camp in the area: Opened its doors in the 1970s. It is run by an Irish Catholic Priest A.K.A Coach Colm O?onnel, a burly man who admits he has never worked out. This is a no frills camp targeting local teens. The teens get education plus coaching.

Lorna Kiplangat

This one targets foreign athletes. It has all amenities of a modern training camp: Clean accommodation, a gym plus sauna. For more details, see official website.

Runners : Image Maasai Tire Sandals

Maasai are natural runners. Running long distances is in some ways a part of their culture and tradition. They’re used to heat and hills and to maintaining steady pace over long distance. They usually run in sandals made out of off-road tires. They call them “Michelins” or “Thousand Milers.” Photo of the a thousand milers maasai_warrior_tire_running_sandals_shoes

Kenya Team : World Championship Squad Berlin 2009

Kenya Athletics Federation released a final list of Athletes for 2009 Berlin World Championship. The team / squad is made up of the following athletes.

Kenya’s team to the World Championships:


Joyce Zakary (400m), Janeth jepkosgei, Pamela Jelimo (800m), Irene Jelegat, Nancy Jebet Lagat (1,500m), Ruth Bosibori, Gladys Kemboi, Milka Chemos (3,000m SC), Vivian Cheruiyot, Sylvia Kibet, Inness Chenonges (5,000m), Linet Masai, Florence Kiplagat, Grace Momanyi (10,000m), Julia Murage Mumbi, Martha Komu, Hellena Kiprop, Irene Limika, Risper Kimaiyo Jemeli (marathon).


Mark Mutai (400m), David Rudisha, Alfred Kirwa, Jackson Kivuva (800m), Asbel Kiprop, Haron Keitany, Augustine Choge (1,500m), Brimin Kipruto, Richard Matelong, Ezekiel kemboi, paul Kipsiele Koech (3,000m SC), Vincent Kiprop Chepkok, Joseph Ebuya, Eliud Kipchoge (5,000m), Micah Kogo, Moses Masai, Bernard Kipyegon (10,000m), Daniel Rono, Emmanuel Mutai, Robert Cheruiyot, Benjamin Kiptoo, Abel Kirui (marathon).

List of Kenya Cross Country Team To Amman Jordan

A team of 24 athletes qualified to represent Kenya at World Cross Country Championships in Amman Jordan on March 28.

Husband and Wife team

It will be a family affair for Moses Mosop and his wife Florence Kiplagat. Mosop, who won the senior men’s 12km race at the national championships on Saturday, and Kiplagat, senior women’s 8km champion, were included in the team of 24 athletes.

Runner who couldn’t run in shoes finally makes the team.

If you thought using running shoes was automatic, you are wrong. Another interesting story from the team is that of Country boy Paul Tanui (19) He was removed from last year’s team to Edinburgh because he had no experience in running in shoes.

“Previously the shoes made me feel uncomfortable. That is why the coach asked me to go home,” he told the press The boy learnt from his weakness and Tanui has since been running using shoes. One year down the line, he has perfected it and taken the battle to his opponents.

Kenyan team for Amman:
Senior MEN – Moses Mosop, Mathew Kisorio, Mark Kiptoo, Linus Chumba, Mangata Ndiwa, Leonard Komon

Junior MEN – John Kemboi, Paul Tanui, Japhet Korir, John Chepkwony, Titus Mbishei, Charles Bett Chepkurui

Senior WOMEN – Florence Kiplagat, Iness Chenonge, Linet Masai, Linet Chepkurui, Ann Karindi, Pauline Korikwiang

Junior WOMEN –  Mercy Cherono, Hilda Chepkemoi, Jackline Chepngeno, Jackline Chebii, Faith Chepngetich, Nelly Chebet

Interview With Robert Cheruiyot at Gebreselassie Running Clinic

Other elite runners at Haile Gebrselassie running clinics were Paul Tergat and Robert “Mwafrika” Cheruiyot. While Paul and Haile monopolised attention, Robert remained in the background. I even didn’t know he was around until someone called him out.

Robert has been one of my favourite athletes, he has won 4 boston marathon and one Chicago marathon and he was my bet to win the gold at 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Robert cheruiyot "mwafrika"

Why he dropped out of Beijing games

With the media focused on Haile and Paul I had him to myself. My first question was what happened at Beijing. He told me it was a case of overtraining. He really wanted to win the gold at Beijing and so he had pushed himself hard only to suffer a thigh injury close to the games that refused to heal on time.

About that famous fall at 2006 chicago marathon.

It was all bad luck! This was refreshing in an age when people are suing for even minor things.

Attacking the Haile Gebrselassie marathon record

He wants to break Haile Gebreselassie marathon record, hopefully at the world championship in August at Berlin, Germany.

If he breaks it in Berlin it will interesting to see what Samuel Wanjiru and Martin Lel will do at London marathon in September because that is the date they have set to crack Gebrselassie record and bring it back to Kenya.

As we were taking the above photo he pointed to the green grounds inside Nyayo National Stadium and noted that when he started running that ground was all dust.

8 years after he started running he has won 4 boston marathons and made lots of cash from running: Not bad for a man who started out as a barber.

Discovery Half Marathon “Drama”

Last week something interesting happened at Eldoret Discovery half marathon. The runners had an agonizing time after the race was restarted due to a false start. The 495 runners had covered 3 kms when the race was stopped and the runners had to start all over again.

Eldoret Discovery Half marathon race is organised by Italian Gabriele Rosa and sponsored by the American sports goods manufacturing giants, Nike.

There is scanty information as to what caused the  restart but from what I have read in the press ; the race had started before the chief guest, local mayor had officially flagged off the event.

It seems the false start was just a warm up for some because the winner of the event Mathew Koech finished in a time of 1 hour 2 minutes, which is within the average winning time of  half marathon.

Paul Tergat Training You Tube Video

Paul Tergat has been involved in some famous sprint finishes, my favourite is his victory on November 6, 2005, when he won the New York City Marathon in a thrilling sprint finish through New York’s Central Park, prevailing over defending champion Hendrick Ramaala 2:09:29.90 to 2:09:30.22.

How does Tergat do that?

An answer to that question can be found by watching a you tube video of how the man trains.

Samuel Wanjiru Marathon Training Plan

At 22 years, Samuel Wanjiru is doing what other young men have been unable to do, Win Marathon races! In December 2007, while he was 20 yrs old, Sammy made his marathon debut in Fukuoka. He won the race in a new course record 2:06:39. He then followed that up with a 2nd place finish in London, running 2:05:24, a personal best and the 7th fastest time ever. Then in August 2008 he won the Olympic Gold medal in a new olympic record of 2 hr 6 minutes. Now everyone believes he is the chosen one to beat Haile Gebrselassie marathon world record.

Samuel Wanjiru Marathon Training

In an interview with Japanese Asahi newspaper and re-posted in Japanese running news, the guy shared his marathon training plan as he trained for the 2008 Beijing Olympic marathon.

(1) July 9: 38 km cross-country at a slow pace around 4:30 per km
July 10: easy day
July 11: speedwork (400 m x 10)

(2) July 20: 30 km pace run on flat ground in around 1 hour 34 min.
July 21: easy day
July 22: easy day
July 23: speedwork (3000 m x 3)

(3) July 30: 38 km cross-country at a slow pace around 4:30 per km
July 31: easy day
August 1: speedwork (400 m x 10)

(4) August 10: 30 km pace run on flat ground in around 1 hour 34 min.
August 11: easy day
August 12: easy day
August 13: speedwork (3000 m x 3)

Daily Workouts

Other than that he also runs about 15 km at 7:00 am or 8:00 am in the morning before he eats breakfast. He start’s around 4 minutes per km, drops it down to 3:30 in the middle, then ends up down at about 3 minutes 5 seconds.

Doe he do any Strength Training?

” I never do any strength training. You can get enough strength from running on cross-country-type courses.”

Catherine Ndereba Marathon Training Plan

Catherine the great has been one of the most consistent Kenyan runners. She is a four-time winner of the Boston Marathon. She has run 12 sub-2:26 performances and three sub-2:20s in her career. Runner’s World ranked her the No. 1 Runner of the Year for five years.

In an interview with running times magazine she revealed the secret to her longevity in the sport. Her training plan has been designed to avoid over training and fatigue.

Weekly Training Milage 

Catherine  runs 75 to 90 miles per week. “This way I can keep my body fresh, and recovered,” she reasons.

Interval Training 

Long repeats with short recoveries. Short recoveries are a hallmark of Kenyan training. She does 1K repeats

Run fast one day, slow the next day

On easy days her pace does not creep any faster than 7 minute per mile–slow considering her 5:17 per-mile PR marathon pace.  On easy days, if you start pushing then the next day you cannot give 100 percent.

The long run. 

She does easy speed up to 22 to 23 miles maximum.

Her philosphy is run hard, rest easy

Wealthy New Yorker Pays US $400 For a Birthday Run With a Kenyan Runner

From the New York Times “a Mr. Michael Chambers received for his 40th birthday: a world-class runner from Kenya for a day.”

Richard Kiplagat was paid US $400 to run with Chambers and have lunch with his family.

The Kenyan was hired as a birthday gift from his wife Tina and his parents.

How does it feel to run against the best distance runners in the world?

“It’s literally like running next to a cheetah,” Chambers told the times!!!!