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Edwin Vander Sar New York Marathon Finish Time

Among the Celebrity marathon finishers at 2011 New York Marathon was former Manchester United goal keeper, Edwin Vander Sar. His finish time was 4:19:16.

I don’t know whether that time is impressive for an ex-footballer but I have to say it is a good time for a 40 year old when you consider my buddy who is 30 years old took 5 hours 20 minuets to finish a 42k Marathon.

As a goalkeeper Vander Sar spent 90 minutes standing between the post, New York Marathon must have been a gruesome experience.

Best Inspiring Story 2011 : Blind Marathon Winner Finishes Without Guide

The story of marathon runner, Amy McDonaugh, has to be one of the best inspiring stories for 2011.

Blind marathon winner Amy McDonaugh, from Irmo, South Carolina, finished Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio, in just under three hours.

McDonaugh’s 2 hour, 58 minute and 14 second win in the 26.2 mile guide was accomplished without a guide.

Though she has no peripheral vision, is blind in one eye and has poor vision in the other, McDonaugh was able to get the best woman’s time in the 13th annual Flying Pig Marathon.

How does she run “blind”?

After the win McDonaugh told reporters that she’s completely blind in her right eye and almost completely blind in the left. She makes her way through the crowds by watching the person directly in front of her. Once she was out in front she followed the lead pace car.

80-yrs Old Ed Whitlock Rotterdam Marathon Time : 3hrs 25Mins

I have just checked the Rotterdam marathon results of Canadian Ed Whitlock. The ever green 80-years old Canadian did not disappoint.

Ed whitlock ran a spectacular 3:25:43 (3:25:40 net) to smash the world 80-84 record of 3:39:18 set by Australia’s Robert Horman at Brisbane in 1998. (Source:running

What is even more exciting about this results is the silver haired runner had been suffering from flu a few days before the race.

Thumps up to Ed! You are an inspiration! When we grow up we want to be like you.

Inspiring Running Stories : Running In Prison

One running blog that I loved to bits is , Running in Place: A Blog About Surviving Adversity. The blog is written by guy called Charlie Engle.

The interesting thing is Charlie Engle is in prison serving a 21 months sentence.He is there because he allegedly overstated his income on a home loan application in 2005. NY Times did a story on how the IRS went aggressively after him and there has been messages of support at his running blog.

Taking Lemons and Turning them into Lemonades

Charlie has decided to make the most of his time by keeping an inspiring prison blog. Charlie takes the time to talk to other inmates about running, and helping them learn to read.

At his sentencing, Mr. Engle told the judge: “I can say with confidence that I can turn negatives into positives. I have no doubt I will make the best of it.”

To understand how Charlie Engle unfairly got into prison, see NY Times Charlie Engle article.

To get inspired and show your support, go to Charlie Engle Prison Blog.

Heaviest Marathon Finisher

Kelly Gneiting holds the Guinness world record for the heaviest Person to Complete a Marathon. The 40 year old, former sumo wrestling champion finished 2011 L.A marathon in a time of 9 hours, 48 minutes and 52 seconds.

Kelly showed everyone how tough it is to finish a 26 mile marathon.

  • He weighed 400P at the start and weighed 396.2 pounds after the marathon.
  • Gneiting jogged the first eight miles and walked the final 18, saying afterward that he lost track of where he was after mile 10 because he felt delirious.

Kelly, A hard days’ work!

Never Say Die Spirit

“I was really struggling in the last five miles,” he said, “but I said to myself, ‘If I have to crawl, I will.'”


Source: L.A Times Blog.

Celebrities Results 2010 New York City Marathon

2010 New York City had a large field of celebrity runners. The most famous celebrity runner this year was Chilean Miner Edison Pena. He was the star of day as he was cheered on from the start to the finish.

I was following a twitter feed and I remember reading the Chilean miner crossing the half way point on 2:07:47. But it went down hill from there for the Chilean, it took him a near four hours to run the other half, his final result was 5:40:54.

For a round up of New York Marathon finish times of Weather Man Al Rocker, Anchor Robin Quivers, Anchor Meredith Vieria, Model Veronica Webb, Survivor winner Ethan Zohn, Footballer Amani Toomer, Tennis Pro Justin Gimelstob, Actor Anthony Edwards and celebrity chef Bobby Flay go to Celebrity Results at the Stir website

Best Running Mantras

Do you have a running mantra? a mantra or a word or phrase that you can repeat to yourself to cope with the pain that comes with running. It can be an invaluable tool while running a marathon.

My favorite running mantra – It’s a piece of cake…my high school rugby coach loved saying this and I have never forgotten it.

I have looked around the internet for some fabulous running mantras.

Running mantras from runners at Cool Running

  1. You think this is pain? This is not pain, this is you getting your butt in shape. Now move it!
  2. I will survive
  3. You are a runner this is what you do
  4. Of course I can do it…I’m a warrior.
  5. Relax and flow.

Other good running mantras

  1. Pain is only temporary
  2. Nothing lasts forever
  3. Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body – Famous Marine Corps Saying
  4. I may not be fast, but I sure ain’t last.

Chilean Miner To Run New York City Marathon

Edison Peña, one of the Chilean miners who was stuck underground for 69 days will run 2010 New York City marathon.

Picture / photo of Edison Pena, Chilean Miner

Peña, 34, has accepted an all-expenses-paid invitation to participate in Sunday’s race.

The guy seems to be ready for the task, when they were trapped, the man stayed sane by running three to six miles in darkness every day in tunnels.

I will keep you posted on his finishing time.

2011 London Marathon Charity Entry Places

If you are one of the unlucky runners who did not secure a place in the London Marathon Ballot you may still be able to run in 2011 with a charity entry place.

Requirement for Running for Charity

The charities allocate the limited slots to runners on the basis that they will raise an agreed amount of money for the charity.

The Official Charity of London Marathon

Oxfam is the official charity of the london marathon, they have more places available than other charities.

The following charities have a set number of entry places in the Virgin London Marathon each year,

1. Macmillan Cancer Support – Make a difference to lives of people living with cancer

2. Rainbow Trust Children charity –

3. Breast Cancer campaign – Make a difference to lives of women livign with breast cancer

4. Athritis reaearch UK – Helps in finding better treatment for Athritis

5. Orchid Cancer – fighting male cancer

6. Breakthrough breast cancer – Help them in removing the fear of breast cancer for good.

7. Action for children – Protects children and yougn people from injustice, deprivation & inequality

8. Whizz Kidds – Helps disabled kid enjoy a better life

9. The stroke Association – Help those touched by stroke get the help they need.

10. Guide dogs – help those without eye sight lead a better life

11. The prostate cancer charity – Raises awareness, early detection & save a mans life.

12. British Heart Foundation – Help in beating heart diseases

13. The Anthony Nolan Trust – Helps Leukemia patients

14. Action for Hunger – Commited to providing healthy food to malnourished children

15. The St. Johns Ambulance – Providing emergency evacuation.

For contacts and details of the above charities visit the following web pages

Virgin marathon charity entry page

Runningbug london marathon charity page

How To Start Running In Your 50s & Run Well

If you are age 50+ and you think you should start running as a new hobby, this story of 80 year old runner Bob Dolphin should inspire you.

Bob has finished 456 marathon, a total that includes 44 ultramarathons ranging from 31 to 101 miles.

Bob ran his first marathon in 1981 at a prime age of 51. An age when most naysayers would consider too old to think of running a marathon.

In an article in Seattle times Bob sums his love for the 26 miles, “I like the difficulty, the competition in my age class, the sociality among runners, the satisfaction I feel when I complete a race. That’s when I feel most of my runner’s high — when I can sit down and rest and don’t have to count down the miles anymore.”

Dolphin’s marathon milestones
Race No. Milestone Date Age Location Time
1 First marathon Sept. 1, 1981 51 Columbia, Mo. 3:53:45
56 Fastest Boston Marathon April 18, 1988 58 Boston 3:04:25
116 Longest run (101 miles) June 14, 1992 62 West Seattle 24 hours
317 Last time under 4 hours June 28, 2003 73 Eugene, Ore. 3:59:01
453 Fastest 2009 race Oct. 11, 2009 80 Victoria, B.C. 5:22:19
456 25th entry in Seattle Marathon Sunday 80 Seattle #