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2012 Dubai Marathon Results

2012 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon happened today and I have just got the results. The winner of mens race Ethiopian, Ayele Abshero. The women’s race was won by another Ethiopian, Aselefech Mergia

In the men’s race, Ethiopia’s first timer and 2009 World Cross junior champion, Ayele Abshero smashed the course record set by compatriot Haile Gebrselassie (2:04:53) when he posted a jaw-dropping 2:04:23.

In the womens race Aselelefech Mergia came home first. Her winning time of 2:19:31 was enough to earn her $100,000.

Ethiopians on Rampage in Dubai 2012 Marathon

It was a bad day in the office for the Kenyan. Despite putting a large contigent of runners in Men and women races the Ethiopians were too good. The Ethiopians swept the podium in the men’s race and in the women race 4 and of 5 were Ethiopians.

How To Stick To Your Marathon Running Goals This Year

Many people make running resolutions at the beginning of the year but few keep them. At the end of the year people come up with many excuses as to why they did not actualize their goals. The following is a ten point plan that will help you accomplish your running goal this year. The plan will work for anyone dreaming to run a 5K, 10K, half marathon or even the full marathon.

How To Accomplish Your Running Goal.

1. Define and describe your Running goal. Write down when you want to achieve it. Write down the reasons why you want it. Write down what it would feel like after you have achieved it. Figure out exactly what it will take to get it. Be realistic about the time things will take. Many people don’t allow themselves enough time, and give up too soon.

2. Start working toward your running goals tomorrow morning. Don’t wait for June so that you can start your training. Start tomorrow morning! By starting early you get into the habit of running. If you wait until June, you will find another excuse why you should wait until August.

3. Set a realistic Running goal. It is pointless to aim to run your first marathon when you have never even finished a local 10K race. If you have never ran before, start by entering a local 5K race. If you aim too high, you set yourself up for failure.

4. Ask for guidance. No one can tell you exactly what you should do to achieve your goal, but one of the best sources for guidelines is to ask fellow runners. Join running forums, join a local running club, something better is subscribe to a running magazine. Learn from the experience of other runners.

5. Be passionate about running. Striving toward a goal without passion is like a fire which slowly runs out of fuel to burn. Get excited about running; this will mean that you will love what you are doing.

6. Persevere with injuries. Running injuries are part and parcel of running. Don’t let injuries knock you down. When you get injuries take a break and allow your body to rest and heal.

7. Don’t share your running goals with people who might wear you down. Some people are haters by nature. They don’t want to see others get fitter and healthier and they will try to discourage you. Seek only positive vibes.My High school priest once told me, “Dysfunctional people hate seeing healthy progression of character in others.”

8. Visualize. Close your eyes and imagine yourself crossing the finish line. Can you see the smile on your face? AWESOME!

9. Train, Train, and Train more. The only way to run well is to train hard. Knowing is not enough you have to put it to action. Draw up a training table table detailing down, training days and rest days.

10. Lastly remember this pearl of wisdom before you embark on your running goal –

Make sure, your running / fitness/ work out goal is SMART:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Team-oriented
  • Time-related

 Don’t let inactivity keep you from achieving your goals. May this year be your best year!

Free CPR Training For Boston Marathon Runners

According to statistics 42 marathon runners have died after collapsing from cardiac arrest during marathons over the past decade. Boston Athletics Association, who are organisers of the popular Boston Marathon have announced, at least 1,000 runners and family members will be trained in CPR the weekend before this year’s Boston Marathon, after local researchers found that immediate use of the procedure could have saved many of the runners who have died from cardiac arrest during a marathon or half-marathon.

While the marathon has 28 medical stations along the 26.2-mile course, roving volunteers every half-mile with portable defibrillators, and two medical tents at the finish line, runners trained in CPR can help “bridge the gap between racers and various trained medical professionals.

The 30-minute training – to be administered in cooperation with the American Red Cross and American Heart Association – is enough to teach the basics so that people can perform CPR until medical help arrives, said Grilk, even though it won’t provide formal certification in CPR.

Source, courtesy of  Boston Globe.

Why You will Love Training With Garmin Forerunner 305

Many runners who use Garmin forerunner 305 ………. love it. You can use it to train on your bike and running and also take it with you when go hiking

Features of Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS  sports watches.

The garmin has about ever feature offered, Pace /speed, elevation, heartrate( with HR Strap), cadence (for bike, with cadence sensor), distance, distance on tread mill (with foot pod), calories (although only estimated), sun down, route finding, course, virtual running partner, Workout scheduler ( I use this all the time on bike workouts), auto mile laps, alerts for distance, time, heart rate and speed. A great history tool.

Battery Life of Garmin Forerunner 305

The battery is only good for up to 10 hours… that is the downside. It is a little large on the wrist. They are expensive $350 and up, but if you don’t want the Heart rate function (which I recomend) get the forerunner 301. Or the older version the 201 on ebay…I’ve seen them go for $100 New with tags.

Article courtesy of marathon watches.

Best Headphones For Running

The number quality of a good headphone for running is comfort. Runners take this for granted until they get an uncomfortable pair of headphones. Then they see the truth that ear comfort is absolutely important in headphones when out running or just jogging.

Some Of Popular headphones for running / Jogging

A lot of runners gravitate towards over-the-ear style headphones like the UltraFit collection from Polk Audio (Starting at $40; Yahoo! Shopping) and Yurbuds’s Ironman Endure ($29.99, This style helps keep the ear buds in place.

The Sennheiser sport neckband headphones ($59.99, received rave reviews on fit, durability and ease of wear on a few running discussion forums I occasionally read for advice.

Running Headphones are best placed over your ears

Avoid the type of headphones where you insert a little plug in your ears. Unless you get them tailor made specifically for your ear, these are extremely unhealthy and will probably give you ear cancer. A good brand are the flat, blinged-out jazz buds earbuds (meaning they are placed over, not in, the ear canal) from BodyRock Sport ($16,

Important traits to look for in comfy headphones.

  • The “size” should be adjustable, usually by pulling down on the ear pieces.
  • The headphones should be light weight.