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New Adidas Barefoot Shoe

Barefoot shoe craze went a gear higher after Adidas announced the release of Adidas barefoot shoe. Adidas barefoot shoe is nick named, The Adipure Trainer.

Adidas Barefoot shoe photo / picture

Adidas barefoot running shoe is designed to mimic the experience of exercising barefoot while providing the protection, traction and durability of a shoe.

Adidas Barefoot shoe price

The Adipure Trainer, which is a cross between a glove for the feet and a traditional shoe, hits U.S. stores in November priced at $90.

Low Impact Running Ideas

Tired of running on tarmac? some low impact running ideas are swimming, running on treadmill, running under water and another unusual idea is using a run bike.

I checked run Bike website and I could not understand how this thing works? If you look at the guys feet, it seems he is on air?

From Run Bike Website:-

The RunBike was developed to enable more people to run more miles for more years in their lives. The basis of the objective lies in two accepted realities. The first is the myriad aches, pains, and injuries associated with conventional habitual running. The second is the burgeoning body of research pointing to the medical benefits of exercise.

“How had mankind missed this application of the wheel for so long?”

The guy behind it says, it is good for running, jogging, walking and highly recommended to those who want to run but suffer from joint, knee and weight problem.

Arch Pain Running : Cause & Treatment

Arch pain when running is normally a symptom of a heel running injury. It could be a heel spur or a plantar fasciitis. To know which is which you will need to get a feel of your arch.

Cause of Arch Pain When running

The cause of the arch pain is because of  heel injury which is a common running injury. It is common because your heel is usually at the receiving end of all running impact. It is said the weight on the foot and heel when landing is four times your body weight.

Diagnosing Heel Injury

Heel Spurs – The pain is felt at the front part of your heel, where the arch and the heel meet.

Plantar Fasciitis – The pain is felt at the center of the heel. To diagnose plantr fasciitis press really hard with your thumb on the center of the heel. If the pain is felt at the center, it is indeed plantar fasciitis.

Heel injury picture : Heel injury photo

Treatment of Arch pain from running injury.

The first thing to do is stop running and take a rest. Apply ice at least 72 hours after running activity. Try heel stretching exercises, they will help to relieve the inflammation. Apply anti inflammation cream. If the pain is too much, you can’t walk or stand see your Doctor.

Stretching Exercises Pictures & Photos

Stretching is an important part of any workout routine. It helps increase your flexibility and reduce your chances of injury. The following are pictures / photos of stretching exercises that you can do to improve your flexibility.

These stretching exercises are very easy to do, the only thing you need is a mat.

Do these stretches at the end of your workout, holding each for 15-30 seconds.  For best results, repeat each stretch 2-3 times.

Plantar Fasciitis Physical Therapy Exercises Video

Plantar fasciitis is irritation and swelling of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot.It is a common running injury. Symptoms of Plantar fasciitis, the most common complaint is pain in the bottom of the heel.

Plantar Fasciitis Physical Therapy Exercises

Physical therapy is part of treatment for Plantar fasciitis.

In the following video we show demonstration of effective Plantar Fasciitis exercises that will speeds up healing. The exercises can be used as part of your physical therapy treatment.

2011 San Francisco Marathon Pictures & Photos

25000 runners took part in 2011 San Francisco marathon. As the runners did their thing they were cheered on by an almost 100,000 spectators. Known for its beautiful scenic views, The San Francisco Marathon presented by Wipro is the only race that runs in the roadbed of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a loop course that starts at the Ferry Building before finishing in front of Cupid’s Arrow.

2011 San Francisco Marathon Photos & Pictures

One photography by the name, Sam Beach captured some amazing pictures from 2011 San Francisco marathon. See Sam beach 2011 SFM Photo stream.

More Pictures From 2011 San Francisco Half Marathon go to, SF Gate San Francisco.