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Half Marathons February 2011

Half Marathons February 2011. Across USA & Cananda over 50 half marathons will take place in February 2011. Many more half marathons will be held in europe-Germany, UK, France etc.

For information on half marathon registration Half marathon registration, half marathon results and half marathon race photos, half marathon pictures please Google for your half marathon of choice website.

The following are February 2011 half marathon and dates arranged in Alphabetical order

AIA Half marathon – 2011 -Feb-20 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Arizona Half Marathon – 2011-February-20 Glendale, Arizona

Austin Half Marathon – 2011-February-20 Austin, Texas

Bay Breeze Half Marathon – 2011-February-19  San Leandro, California

Buzz Half Marathon – 2011-February-19 San Miguel, California

Colonial Half Marathon – 2011-February-27 Williamsburg, Virginia

Cowtown Half Marathon – 2011-February-27 Fort Worth, Texas

Critz Tybee Half Marathon – 2011-February-05 Tybee Island, Georgia

Cross Timbers Trail Runs Half Marathon – 2011-February-19 Sherman, Texas

Dahlgren Trail 1/2 Marathon – 2011-February-27   King George, Virginia

Dances With Dirt – Green Swamp Half Marathon 2011-02-12  Dade City, Florida

Dasani Half Marathon 2011-Feb-19  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Davis Stampede Half Marathon 2011-February-06  Davis, California

Death Valley Borax Half Marathon 2011-February-05 California Death Valley

Disney Princess Half Marathon 2011-February-27  Orlando, Florida

Five Points of Life Half Marathon 2011-Feb-20 Gainesville, Florida

Fly with the Eagles Half marathon 2011-Feb-12  Illinois, Marion

Fort Lauderdale A1A Half Marathon 2011-Feb-20  Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Galveston Mardi Gras Half Marathon 2011-02-20 Galveston, Texas

Ghost of Whidbey Half Marathon 2010-February-27  Coupeville, Washington

Golden Gate Trail Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-19 California Rodeo Beach

Half at the Hamptons Half Marathon –  2011-Fe-20 New Hampshire Hampton

Hilton Head Island Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-12 Hilton Head Island

Hyannis Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-27 Hyannis, Massachusetts

Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-06 San Francisco, California

Lace Up Against Half Marathon –  2011-February-13  Rochester, Minnesota

Last Chance for Boston Half Marathon –  2011-Feb-27  Dublin, Ohio

Lost Dutchman 1/2 Marathon –  2011-Feb-20  Apache Junction, Arizona

Melbourne & Beaches Music 1/2 Marathon –  2011-Feb-06  Melbourne, Florida

Mercedes Half-Marathon –  2011-February-13 Alabama Birmingham

Orlando Xtreme Half Marathon 2011-Feb-12  Florida

Palm Springs Half Marathon 2011-February-13 Palm Springs, California

Pasadena Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-20 Pasadena, California

Pecos Valley Stampede Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-26  Roswell, New Mexico

Rock ‘n’ Roll Mardi Gras 1/2 Marathon – 2011-Feb-13  Louisiana New Orleans

Rocky Road 1/2 Marathon –  2011-Feb-26 Coto de Caza, California

Rose Bowl Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-06 Pasadena, California

Run for the Booty Half Marathon 2011-Feb-03  Greenville, North Carolina

Run for the Whales Half Marathon 2011-Feb-05 Makena, Hawaii

Run the Reagan Half Marathon 2011-Feb-19 Snellville, Georgia

San Dieguito Half Marathon 2011-Feb-13 Rancho Santa Fe, California

Save the Light Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-05 Folly Beach, South Carolina

Scenic City Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-26 Chattanooga, Tennessee

Snow Joke Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-26 Montana Seeley Lake

Strawberry Plains Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-12 Strawberry Plains, Tennessee

Surf City USA Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-06 Huntington beach, California

Surfside Beach Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-26 Surfside Beach, Texas

Tallahassee Half Marathon –  2011-Feb-06 Tallahassee, Florida

Tampa’s Gasparilla Half Marathon 2011-02-27 USA Florida Tampa

Thrill In The Hills Half Marathon Trail Run 2011-02-26 Georgia Winder

Information courtesy of running USA & half marathons net

Paula Radcliffe Bitten By Dog While Running

The BBC Reported last week that British athlete Paula Radcliffe was bitten by a dog during a training run in Monaco. The 37-year-old world marathon record holder required hospital treatment because of the damage to her calf.

Every runner has a Dog story, it is like Dogs love having a go at runners.

How to Deal With Dogs When They Chase You While Running

  1. Stare down at the dog before he really starts making his move, even if you have to slow down and/or walk backwards.
  2. Make an effort to move away from his turf or his owner so that he doesn’t feel as threatened while you are asserting your dominance, which is what you are doing in step number 1. Move slowly; you want to discourage the dog from chasing you, and not give it a new game.
  3. Talk to the dog and try to calm it down. I will usually say, “Good puppy” or something like that in a soothing voice to try to calm the dog down and show that I am not a threat. It probably helps that I have a deep voice.
  4. If he makes a break for you, stop and bring your hands, arms and legs in towards your body. If you are a man, put your hands in front of your crotch so that the dog can not bite you there. You want your body to be in a straight line so that there is nothing hanging off of you for the dog to attack and grab hold of. Many dogs are just friendly want to play with you or check you out; I don’t assume that the dog going to bite me until it does, but I also do not want to make it easier for the dog to injure me.
  5. If you are bit by the dog, kick it in the head. If you can, try to kick it below its muzzle on its chin as that will cause the most pain while being the least likely to permanently injure the dog. The goal is to give it one good lick that will teach it not to bite runners in the future and hopefully confusing or hurting it enough to leave you alone in the present. Get away from the dog, and call the game warden or your local sheriff at the first possible convenience.
  6. Start moving away or continue your run depending upon whether the dog just wants to sniff you or is being playful or is still threatening to bite. Unless you were bit, do not move too fast until there is some distance between you and the dog. You can probably out run a dog over the long haul, but in a sprint you are all too likely to lose.

Dog Dealing tips courtesy of run to win.

Muscle Groups Used While Running

They say running is a complete exercise because it is the only form of exercise where you use nearly every muscle in your body. Although that is truth there are major muscles used while running.

The major muscles used while running are calves, hamstrings, quads and many other muscle in your leg and lower body.

Calves – they help in pushing you off the ground.

Quads – they help stabilize the leg upon contact with the ground

Hamstrings – they help to propel you forwards.

For a good and through explanation of how this muscles work visit wikipedia running page.

Dubai Marathon 2011 Pictures & Photos

Standard Chartered Bank Dubai Marathon 2011 took place yesterday and the Kenyans came tops. I found some awesome pictures from Dubai Marathon 2011. The photos were taken by a spectator on the Dubai marathon course, and uploaded on Flickr.

To see more pictures like the one below, from 2011 Dubai Marathon, visit Keskinm Flickr page.

Dubai Marathon 2011 Results

It was a Kenya 1-2 at 2011 Dubai Marathon. David Barmasai of Kenya was first followed by fellow Kenyan, Evans Cheruiyot.

23-year-old, David Barmasai, broke the tape in 2hr 07min 18sec.

Dubai Marathon 2011 Women’s results

On the womens side, Ethiopian Aselefech Mergia won in 2:22:45s. First Runners-up was Lydia Cheromei (2:23:01s), of Kenya, followed by Sweden’s Isabellah Andersson (2:23:41s).

Ginger and Stomach Ache

Some runners report suffering from stomach aches / cramps after running. To ease the stomach ache, runners try different therapies e.g drinking water, salt pallets, electrolytes drinks etc. Another little known home therapy for upset stomach is Ginger.

Ginger’s is well known for its ability to calm an upset stomach. See article (ginger herbal benefits)

Ginger and Muscle soreness

Better still, scientist now believe its soothing effects might extend to sore muscles. see article, (NYTimes Ginger and your muscle)

How To Reduce Muscle Pain and Soreness After Running

There are many home therapies that you can do to reduce muscle pain and soreness after running.

Home Therapy to Reduce Muscle Pain & Soreness

Some of these home therapies for reducing muscle pain and soreness are icing, massaging, stretching and giving your body a complete rest.

Assuming you have not suffered a serious tear, the muscle soreness and pain from running is caused by accumulation of lactic acid. There is some evidence that deeping your lower body (from waist downwards) in cold water helps in flushing out the lactic acid.

Nike Free Barefoot Running Shoe

The first time I had that Nike have barefoot running shoe, I imagined it being something like a foot glove. In reality, Nike Free Barefoot running shoe looks just like any other Nike sneaker.

Image Courtesy of sneaker news

Nike Free, Barefoot running shoe was designed to mimic the feel of barefoot running. Nike free barefoot running shoe engages the muscles of the feet, encourage good posture, and help train the wearer to land correctly.

Benefit of Nike Free Barefoot running shoe

The Nike Free Barefoot running shoes are designed to give you the benefits of barefoot running without sacrificing your feet.

Price of Nike Free Barefoot Running shoe

I checked various online stores and the price is just under $100

Chicago Marathon 2011 Registration

Chicago marathon 2011 registration will be done online. All registration and application will be done from Chicago Marathon website.

The 2011 Bank of America Chicago Marathon will take place on Sunday, October 9, 2011

Register for 2011 Chicago Marathon

Registration is yet to open officialy to receive the official announcement of the 2011 race date and registration launch, sign up for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon’s Mile by Mile E-Newsletter.

Alternatively you can keep track on when the registration will open by regularly visiting Bank of America Chicaga Marathon site.

Kenenisa Bekele Training Plan

BBC did a fantastic interview with Kenenisa Bekele, BBC Sport asked the Ethiopian running legend, Kenenisa Bekele about his training plan, plus a wide range of issues, from the chances of him racing Usain Bolt, to how he felt being confronted by a Lion when training.

Kenenisa Bekele weekly Runs

He told the BBC that he trains more than 100 miles a week for training. Now that is a punishing schedule! As they say, NO PAIN NO GAIN.

The interview is abit dated but it is worth it. Watch the interview at BBC sport