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2010 Chicago Half Marathon Photos & Pictures

The Chicago half marathon is the smaller sister of the Chicago Marathon. The 2010 Chicago half marathon happened on Sunday, like the big brother the Chicago half marathon was a sell out. 20,500 half marathon runners hit the streets of Chicago city.

2010 Chicago Half Marathon Photos & Pictures.

I looked around the web for some awesome photos and I came across some awesome photos taken by a user at flickr.

To photos from 2010 Chicago half marathon visit phototravel flickr page

Running Routes Apps

If you you have moved to a new city or town chances are you have no idea for the best running routes. If you are an iphone user you can locate running routes using an Iphone App called WalkJogRun.

WalkJogRun App has an impressive 776,112 routes worldwide. All the running routes are submitted by users. The App sells at $2.99. You may also open a free account at WalkJogRun website where you can create and submit your own routes.

Users of WalkJogRun App can browse routes by location and even get estimates for how many calories you’ll burn on each route.

If you’re a serious runner or just someone who likes to to go out for a casual run, WalkJogRun Routes is $2.99 well spent.

Download your route at

I dont know whether there is an Android version but I will post about it when I get wind of it.

Elliptigo Outdoor Bike Review

Elliptigo is an outdoor bike that’s a cross between an elliptical trainer and a bicycle. This exercise machine promises to give you a running experience on a bike without running as we know it.

The bike’s pedals move in a forward motion emulating a runner’s stride, without the same pounding impact.

Benefit of Elliptigo

Elliptigo is an invention of former Ironman triathlete Bryan Pate. The eight-speed bike is meant to help runners avoid beating up their bodies through repeated impact.

How much does it weigh?

Elliptigo is made of light material and weighs 40 pounds according to Elliptigo Company

Elliptigo is selling at US$ 2,199 and is available in blue, green and black.