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Sanjay Gupta Triathlon : Marathon Running & Losing Weight

Just before 2010 NYC Triathlon, CNN Dr Sanjay Gupta gave an interview about how he had prepared for the triathlon. In that interview the Doctor made some interesting comments on why running alone may not help someone to lose weight.

I’ve been a runner for a long time, for over 20 years. If changing your body shape or dropping some pounds is one of your goals, simply doing something like running every day and not really changing anything else about your life is probably not going to make much of a difference – it’s offset by eating a bowl of ice cream. During this training I’ve probably lost 20 pounds – with running alone I never got those results. I’m a big fan of running, but if you’re trying to change your body in a significant way, I think you need to add other sports.

Source NYDaily News

Best Energy Breakfast Food For Cyclist

They say the most important meal of the day is breakfast. This is even more important for cyclist who need plenty of energy to power their rides.

A breakfast for a cyclist should be a feast. A large breakfast raises liver glycogen stores and blood glucose levels.

Many experts recommend the meal to be eaten at least three hours before you go out for your morning ride. The three hour period is enough time to allow ingestion.

Breakfast food types for cyclist

Food type should be easy to digest foods. Breakfast meal can consist of mainly of energy giving foods, cereal, dairy or soy milk, juice, and toast with plenty of carbohydrate rich jam. For the days when a rider does his long runs and hills he may add in some protein from eggs and egg whites, protein powder, and even add in a large bowl of rice and pasta.

Breakfast Drink for Riders

A fresh fruit juice will provide much needed energy. Caffein is the drink of choice for many Tour De France riders. Many Tour De France riders start the day with plenty of coffee to lift their brain power and energy levels. Moderate doses of caffeine should be well tolerated and provide a legal performance boost.

Daily Food & Calories Intake For Tour De France Riders

Watching tour de france every year I have always wondered how much calories do these riders consume.

These super fit riders are on a bike for 3 weeks, cycling for over four hours a day. With such a grueling schedule the energy demands must be astronomical.

Daily amount of calories consumed by a rider.

According to Velo News tour article,

Researchers have actually quantified the nutritional consumption of riders in the Tour de France (1991 Tour), and the Tour of Spain (1998 Tour), and measured that riders average a daily food intake of 4,000 to 8,000 calorie

Daily carbohydrates consumed by a Tour De France rider

It is estimated that the Tour de France requires a carbohydrate intake of 13 g/kg (6 g/lb.) of body weight, and they need to intake these amounts day after day.

Another interesting analysis is from sports scientists.They have a neat anaylsis on how much a 78Kg rider will need to consume to avoid fatigue and remain competitive. Read it at sports scientist

Difference Btw Mens & Women Running Shorts

I was browsing through Amazon catalog of running shorts and I noticed a difference between mens running shorts and women running shorts. The difference is how they make the bottoms. Take a look

The majority of mens running shorts were cylidrical and longer.

While the majority of women running shorts were shorter and curved upwards from the bottom.

Another interesting thing I noted was in a runners world article on running shorts, women who don’t like exposing their thighs prefered running in mens running shorts. I have also noticed all elite male runners run in shorts with a similar designer to women running shorts

Nike Men Running Shorts Review

If you swear by all things Nike then Nike running shorts are your thing. I have been looking around for some good reviews on Nike running shorts for men and I found some good reviews at the following places.

Amazon Review of Nike Men running shorts.

The positive thing about Amazon reviews is that reviews are from fellow runners. You can always count on your fellow runners for recommendation on Best Nike Shorts for men. With the largest online catalogue they provide a large variety to choose from. Read the reviews at Amazon

Runners World Men Shorts Review

Runners world review are done by their writers. Should you buy their advice? it all depends on how much you trust the magazine.Read this Runners World Page

Run The Planet Nike Running Shorts Reviews.

An old site that has been around. Nice review of prices but the major the negative they have zero on the fabric. I got the feeling they are more interested in making a sale. Visit run the planet

Famous Vegetarian Athletes

Vegetarian athletes are a rare breed. But there are enough athletes who are vegetarian who can inspire other vegetarians out there.

1. The most famous vegetarian athlete is Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder.
2. Georges Laraque, hockey player
3. Scott Jurek, ultramarathoner
4. Ben MatthewsU.S. Master’s marathon champion.
5. Paavo Nurmi, Long-distance runner, winner of nine Olympic medals and 20 world records

Diet Tip For the Vegetarian Athlete.
Meat is not the only source of protein, you can get fats and proteins from plant sources. Beans are a reliable source of protein while nuts are rich in protein and fats.

For Optimum performance all you need is a high-carbohydrate diet with enough protein and fat.”