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2010 Flying Pig Half Marathon Photos : Marathon Picture

The 2010 flying pig marathon was awesome. I found some good pictures and photos from flickr.I was looking for a runner running on a pig costume but I never found one. But I found this Image of an 8th Grade teacher next to a pig mascot.

Check Photos at Cincinnati 2010 flying pig marathon @ concyboys flickr page

More pictures @ 5chwas flickr page

2010 O.C Marathon Photos : Orange County Marathon Pictures

The 2010 Orange County full and half marathon took place last sunday. I was looking at the pictures from the race and I have to say the runners were having a ball. It was a sunny marathon day!

Photo courtesy of Mccanntas @ flickr

To see more pictures from 2010 OC Marathon visit Mccanntas flickr photostream

Water Drinking Tips During Half Marathon

Runners should ensure they consume / drink enough water during a half marathon. Adequate hydration is important for completing a half marathon successfully.

Pre Race Hydration Tips

Pre-race, don’t drink or do anything that could promote dehydration: these include drinking excess caffeine, alcohol or soaking yourself in a hot tub.

On the morning of the race make sure you drink atleast half a litre of water before the start of the race.

During the race itself dont indulge in unnecessary water drinking, too much water is dangerous! Take a drink only when you feel thirsty.