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New York City Running Coach on How To Start Running

I was going through a copy of Runners World Magazine and I came across a small piece on the best way to start running.

The advice was from a New york City running coach.

Every able-bodied person can be a runner, says Gordon Bakoulis, a running coach based in New York City. “Just start slowly and build up gradually.

Thats it! the mistake many beginner runners make is blast out running, five minutes later their legs, lungs, and even the insides hurt. Every beginner runner should start slowly and build up gradually.

Registration For 2011 Boston Marathon

Registrations for 2011 Boston Marathon will open Monday, October 18 at 9:00 a.m. Eastern, online at official Boston marathon organizers website. The 115th edition of the Boston Marathon will be on Monday, April 18, 2011.

Qualifying times for 2011 Boston marathon

The qualifying times remain just like they have been, read my post on qualifying times for Boston marathon.

Qualifying standards for the 2011 Boston Marathon must be met on or after September 20, 2009 at a marathon certified by USA Track & Field, the national governing body for the sport (or foreign equivalent).

The registration fee remains at $130 for American residents. The field size for next year’s Boston Marathon remains as it has been in recent past years.

Full registration information, including a list of qualifying marathons, and a list of the B.A.A.’s Official Charities for the Boston Marathon is at

2010 Rite Aid Cleveland Full & Half Marathon Photos : Pictures

I have been looking all over the web for pictures from 2010 Rite Aid Cleveland Full & Half Marathon Photos & Picture and at last found them. See cleveland marathon pictures @ local radio photo gallery

The race was  run by impressive crowd of 15,000 runners. The race was made up of 5k run, 10k run, half marathon and a full marathon. Cleveland marathon course is billed as one of the fastest and flattest  in US. Other attractions are, great weather and a newly redesigned course that runs past major city attractions like  the rock and  roll hall of fame.

Chris Solinsky Training Regimen : Work Out

Chris Solinsky has debunked the Myth that stated only light weight runners can run a fast 10,000m.

Chris Solinksy’s 26:59.60 10,000m American record is special in 4 ways.

  1. According to science of sports, Only 31 runners have broken 27 minutes for 10,000m.
  2. According to running times, No non African-born runner has ever run as fast.
  3. No one in the world—not Bekele, Tadese, Kogo or anybody else—has run that fast this year.
  4. The big one: His weight, Chris Solinsky weighs 73Kgs, compare that to the top guns at this level, Bekele at 54 kg (119 lbs), Gebrselassie (56 kg/123 lbs), Tergat (63kg/132 lbs) and Sammy Wanjiru (52kg/115 lbs). The sports scientist has a fantastic graph on these, see graph

So How Did Solinsky Train to be this fast? : Training Regimen & Work Out

The answer is inside a running times interview. The guy disclosed he has focused on aerobic running. By aerobic running he means he does his training by running at a pace he is able to breath comfortably.We can all do this but the special thing about Chris is the distance he covers in a week, he runs 100 – 120 miles a week. He has been doing this over the years and it seems he is now reaping the fruits.

Read the rest of the interview at running times.

Nike + Plus Ipod Running Shoes : Nike + Model Shoes

The Nike + plus running shoes are shoes from Nike that comes with a pouch for a sensor device from Nike that calculates the distance traveled, pace and calories burned by a runner.

Not all Nike shoes come with a ready made pouch for fitting the sensor, runners are advised to buy Nike+ model shoes.

One Nike+ model shoe is these Nike Men’s Air Max Moto + 6 shoes.

Once a runner purchase the gear he can register with official Nike Plus website to store his workouts.

Nike Plus does all these little things, like when you do your longest or fastest run, Lance Armstrong or Tiger Woods comes on and congratulates you on your iPod. So, you’re thinking while you’re running, I’m not going to get Tiger Woods unless I run really fast or long.

Organic Eggs Are Healthier

I had always bought brown eggs but last year my neighborhood shopkeeper introduced me to white. He told me they were healthier without giving me details. He only told me the white eggs were supplied from a free range farm while the brown eggs came from a farmer who caged his chickens.

I did more research on this egg issue and I found out the difference between white eggs and brown eggs was hens with white feathers and earlobes lay white eggs and those with dark feathers and red earlobes lay brown eggs.

The free range chickens are left to roam around a farm feeding on grass and insects such as grasshoppers. And there is scientific evidence from Penn state university that proves that eggs from chickens that ate grass and insects contained higher levels of omega-3 fat, and vitamins E, A, and in some cases D.

It’s seems my neighbourhood shopkeeper was right.

Difference Between Aerobic Versus Anaerobic Exercise

Aerobic means “with oxygen” and refers to exercise that is of an intensity that allows sufficient oxygen and nutrients to be transported via the blood to the working muscles.

On the other hand Anaerobic exercise means “without oxygen” the intensity is so great that the body simply can’t supply the necessary oxygen and fuel fast enough. And good example is during the 100m sprint, the runners run so fast that they can barely breath.

When a runner starts jogging his system is on aerobic mode when he starts sprinting his system switches to anaerobic mode.

2010 Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini / Half Marathon Photos : Pictures

They call it the largest half marathon in North America. And they are damn right : The streets of Indianapolis were pounded by 35,000 runners who participated in 2010, 500 festival mini marathon.

I was looking for photos of this world famous marathon and I found some at flickr.

Photo courtesy of roadmaven @ flickr

More pictures and photos from Indianapolis 500 festival mini marathon @ roadmavens flickr page

Natural Sources of Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone is made naturally in the pituitary gland of humans, the gland is deep inside the brain just behind the eyes.

How To stimulate Human Growth hormone

Human growth hormone is secreted in short pulses during the first hours of sleep and after exercise. To ensure maximum stimulation, get quality sleep and engage in some form of physical exercise.

Although Human growth hormone is secreted naturally throughout life, some people suffer from human growth hormone deficiency. In this case they might need to inject HGH. It has been used to help stunted children in UK grow normaly since 1959.

Sources of the article, simple : BBC human growth hormone medical notes

Another good source, detailed : Wikipedia growth hormone

Plus : wiki how to grow tall

2010 Pittsburgh Half & Full Marathon Photos : Pictures

2010 Pittsburgh half and full marathon happened last sunday. I found some great photos of the race at flickr.

There was drama at the event when a suspicious devices was mistaken to be a bomb device, the bomb squad was called in but it turned out to be a microwave oven filled with spaghetti and pasta.

See photos of 2010 Pittsiburgh marathon @ Roblarson flickr page