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2010 IAAF Cross Country Championship Photos : Pictures

The 2010 IAAF World Cross Country Championship Bydgoszcz, Poland turned into a Kenyan Affair. The Kenyans swept all the gold medals. Damn the Kenyans..they never share the win!

Photo courtesy of IAAF website/Getty Images

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2010 Oakland Running Festival Photos : Images

The inspiring news from 2010 Oakland running festival was the 40 year old winner of the marathon event. He won the race in 2 hrs 21 mins 28 secs. 5 minutes ahead of a 24 year old runner.

See the pictures and photos of Oakland running festival at flickr photo gallery

Recommended Daily Exercise To Maintain Weight

I read a report that said a third of Amricans are Obese while another third are overweight. It is clear to all that alot of Americans have issues with weight management.

One way to keep off excess weight is daily exercise. But, How much should one exercise to avoid tipping the scales.

Daily Exercise Hours & Minutes to Maintain Weight

I found this list from respected institutions, they all differ but they are a good guide.

  • American College of Sports Medicine: Moderate activity 150 to 250 minutes a week to prevent weight gain.
  • Institute of Medicine: 60 minutes a day to prevent becoming overweight.
  • Department of Health and Human Services: At least 150 minutes a week for health benefits.
  • American Heart Assn.: At least 30 minutes a day, five days a week, of moderate activity or 20 minutes a day, three days a week, of vigorous activity to maintain health.
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital study: 60 minutes a day for normal-weight women to maintain weight.

2010 L. A. Marathon Pictures : Photos

It was a Sunny day at 2010 L.A Marathon. I found some awesome photos at Huffington post.

As you can see, the leading pack was made of the usual suspects, the Kenyans chased by the Ethiopians

Damn kenyans...they never share the winDamn the Kenyans!…..they never share the win!

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2010 New York Half Marathon Photos : Pictures

My favorite image from 2010 New York Half Marathon has to be seeing Deena Kastor storm ahead. I thought she was on course to tear down the course record only to fall apart on the dying stages.

Kastor charged into the lead from the beginning and established the pace for a women’s course record. But the veteran Mara Yamauchi of Britain broke it. She passed a fading Kastor at the 11 ½-mile mark on the West Side Highway, storming to first place in 1:09:25, 18 seconds faster than the 2006 record set by Catherine Ndereba. Kastor was second, in 1:09:43.

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Bernard Lagat Interview : Training : Diet : Workout

At 35 years Bernard Lagat is a man still at the top of his game. Watching him win 3000m gold at 2010 world indoor championship I was left feeling this guy is special.Consider that his former rival such as Moraccan Hicham E Guerrouj has since retired bogged down by injuries and age.

Is there a Secret?

I tried googling for information about Bernard Lagat, Hoping to find some secret workout but I didnt find any. If his coach has discovered the secret to athlete longevity and he has refused to share with the world, You cant blame him!

The closest I came to a secret has to be an interview Bernard Lagat gave back in 2007 to a small group of American and international media at Nike’s Osaka hotel.

Two questions stood out because they explained the mans approach to training, diet and discipline.

Take us through a season. When are you in Tuscon; when are you in Flagstaff, and when are you in Europe?

After the season, I go back to Tuscon, eat a lot, play with my son, and on November 1st, I begin the base training. I’ll start with no more than 20-25 miles per week, then increase it until January 1st, when we get serious because of the indoor season. After the indoor season, we take a few weeks off, then hit it again in Tuscon until April when we go to Flagstaff for eight weeks of hard training.

In Flagstaff, that’s the time when I start training in the morning and afternoon. Once that’s done, there are several races, including Mt. SAC, Prefontaine, New York, and the US nationals. After the US nationals, I go to Germany and stay there for three months until the final Grand Prix meet of the season. Once the season is over, the cycle starts again,

Where is your European training base?

I’m based in Tubingen, Germany. It’s about 20 minutes south of Stuttgart. Stuttgart is easily accessible for us (especially when traveling to meets in Europe); all we have to do is take a short drive up to the airport. Tubingen has a lot of good forests in which you can run; you can run north, south, east, west. It’s good for a runner like me, who likes to run long distances. I stay away from cement. The good thing about Tubingen is that there are a lot of different trails. I can do tempo runs, hill work, I can run on the flat if I want to.

Read the full interview at Paul Merca Blog

Bernard Lagat plans to run at 2010 Summer Games in London and I hope and pray he wins the Gold.

2010 Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon : Photos : Pictures

The firstl Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon happened last Sunday.

The organisers made a big statement : They can compete with any half marathon out there. Over 9,400 athletes began the 13.1-mile run from Dallas City Hall. The starting line was flanked by Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders dancing to speaker-thumping music echoing off glass office towers while thousands watched wave after wave of hundreds begin their run. The entire race, from start to finish in Fair Park, had a festive flair. Live bands entertained the runners each mile of the course, including the still sleeping neighborhoods of Highland Park, Lakewood, and Swiss Avenue.

Pictures : Photos : Images from 2010 Dallas Rock n Roll Half Marathon

Picture Courtesy of Alex Gonzalez

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Disney Princess Half-Marathon 2010 : Pictures : Photos

It was a cold Disney Princess Half Marathon 2010. Evidence of a cold morning could be seen all along the race route, with jackets and blankets spread all over.

I found some amazing photos from Disney half marathon, some of them would be perfect for sports photo galleries & libraries.

Hi Mickey!

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Left Knee Pain While Running : Cause & Treatment

I was reading the latest US president Barack Obama Health report, the doctors certified him “fit to rule” but one item that caught my knee was this one : Obama suffers from occasional pain in his left knee. Medics call it chronic tendinitis.

Left knee pain is a very common injury in people who run. I remember my first year of marathon training, the left knee pain dogged me right to the day of the race. I still remember turning up at the start line holding an anti inflammation gel on one hand and the other hand rubbing the gel on the knee.

Why Left knee and not right knee?

My guess as to why the left knee and not the right knee is affected has to do with the fact that majority of humans are right handed. We use the right leg to kick stuff around and that effort makes it stronger. On the other hand, the left leg is never used seriously, leaving it a weak partner. Have you heard of the statement “USE IT OR LOSE IT!”? It makes sense to me.

Cause of Left Knee pain while running

Apart from my theory of “neglected left knee” medics say the cause of knee pain is due to excessive training; running too much. Another cause is when you suddenly switch from running flat routes to running hilly routes.

Prevention of knee pain

I believe prevention is better than cure. One way to prevent a sudden attack of knee pain is switch your running speed gradually. A sudden change of pace will be a shock to the system leading to injury.

Four step Treatment of knee pain.

  1. Icing – The first line of treatment, sometimes this alone is enough to fix it!
  2. If the pain is too much take a pain killer
  3. Rest – take a break from running.
  4. Strength training exercise, see my video demonstration of how to strengthen your knees

If you don’t get well soon (one to two weeks), see your Doctor/ physician.

2010 Cowtown marathon photos & pictures

2010 Cowtown half and full marathon provided the largest running field over the weekend, 21000 runners turned up. With such a large field I was disappointed to see the winning time was in the low 2.30s. This picture tells you why?

See more great pictures of 2010 cowtown marathon at steelbyte photostream at flickr