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Latest Research On Barefoot Running

There is a lot of news flying around claiming that running barefoot is better than running on some fancy running shoes. Although am yet to try running barefoot there are many runners out there who swear by barefoot running, at least on grass. Running barefoot on tarmac is a big NO!

Research on Barefoot running

The latest research on barefoot running has been done by a team from Harvard University. The team studied runners from the United States and Kenya as they ran on tracks.

The researchers found that while people run in a variety of ways, most barefoot runners tend to “forefoot strike — land first on the outer ball of the foot before bringing down the heel.

Advantage / Benefit of Barefoot Running

By contrast, more than 75 percent of runners who wear running shoes land on their heels first. The study suggests this is more likely to cause running injury.

Detailed information is published on harvard univesity website on barefoot running.

Health Benefits of Marathon Running

I just came across this list of benefits of marathon running.

* Increased energy

* Improved health

* A sense of accomplishment

* Increased discipline

* Quality time outdoors

* A chance to show off to the opposite sex that you can do it

* Of course, great-looking legs (Never underestimate the power of lean, muscular legs.)

Source :

Chinese Marathon : Why Some are Desperate To Cheat

I was going through my google reader when I noticed the following news item in the Guardian UK newspaper The story made my day!!

FROM CHINESE MARATHON : Almost a third of the runners who finished in the top 100 have since been disqualified for cheating in the race in the southern port city of Xiamen.

The reason given for cheating has something to do with the University entrance examination. In China those who finish in the marathon in under two hours and 34 minutes can add extra points to their score in the University entrance exam.

Methods used for cheating

Some of the methods the cheaters used were the good old method of taking short cuts, the now familiar one of hiring an impostor to race with your race number and the old classic of hiking a lift on a vehicle part way through the route. Taking a lift enroute was made famous by Rosie Ruiz when the unknown madam came in first at the finish of 1980 Boston marathon. It emerged that she had ridden the subway almost all the way, joining the route barely a mile before the finish line.

Carlsband Marathon Photos : Images : Pictures

Carlsband marathon happened yesterday and a field of 8000 marathon runners did the half and the full Carlsbadn marathon.

I checked the cyber space for some great pictures form Carlsband marathon and I found them at North county times site. See the images here

2010 Dubai Marathon Results : Haile Gebrselassie Dubai Marathon

The 2010 Stanchart Dubai marathon was beamed live on Satellite TV and I woke early morning to watch Haile Gebrselassie make another history by breaking his own marathon record.

It wasn’t to be

His highness Haile Gebrselassie came first at 2010 Stanchart Dubai Marathon. His winning time was 2hr 6min 9sec, just over two minutes outside his best. At 36 I think that is impressive time.

The Mystery of a Stiff Back!!

Believe it or not according to news coming from Dubai: Haile Gebrselassie woke up with a stiff back and had to be given intensive physiotherapy hours before the race. He fell asleep while watching television and woke up with a stiff back!!!!

The man was lucky he even managed to sleep on the night before the race, personally I never sleep before a marathon race.

Gebrselassie took the fatty $250,000 first prize (missing the $i Million bonus for breaking the record) ahead of Kenya’s Chala Dechase Beyene, and his Ethiopian compatriot Eshetu Wendimu Tisge finished third.

Mamitu Daska Molisa made it an Ethiopian cleansweep of titles as she won the women’s race in 2hr 24min 18sec, eight seconds ahead of Aberu Kebede Shewaye.

Marathon Nutrition Tips By Deena Kastor

I just found this marathon nutrition tips by Marathoner Deena Kastor.

It’s a good idea to know which foods provide the biggest carbohydrate bang per serving, but you don’t necessarily have to approach each meal with a fork and a calculator. Marathoner Deena Kastor, who won bronze at the 2004 Olympics, believes that once you understand how your body processes different carbohydrates — that is, which foods provide lasting energy for you — you can approach your meals with an intuitive sense of what you need.

“I focus on adding another heaping spoonful of pasta or a few more potatoes,” she says. “Before the Athens marathon, I also ate a lot of dense fruits with high sugar content: pears, bananas, grapes. They replaced a lot of electrolytes and minerals I knew I was sweating out.”

Read original article calculating carbs for endurance athletes

2010 PF Chang Arizona Marathon Photos : Images : Pictures

You can feel the speed in this photos of the pace setters at 2010 Rock and Roll Arizona marathon

Terefe Yee Winner of 2010 PF Chang Arizona Marathon

To see more images of 2010 Rock and Roll Arizona Marathon visit flickr page of Johnkit

Chevron Houston Marathon 2010 Photos : Images : Pictures

The last runner to cross the finish line at the 2010 Chevron Houston Marathon was Diane Kassab (56) her finish time was 6 hours, 1 minute and 5 seconds.

When asked by houston chronicle why she took so long to complete the race, this was her reply

It was fun. The spirit is tremendous,” said Kassab, of Houston. “I danced to every band. That was probably my mistake.

Another interesting observation was that the former US president George H. W. Bush was at Mile 19 to give all runners a hand shake. I think that was brilliant of him.

I tried to find photos from houston marathon 2010 and I found them at Flickr, see all pictures at stratblues page.

Running Routes Around City of London

If going out running is one of your TO DO THINGS while you are visiting the City of London you will need to know some of the best running routes around the city of London.

I found the following list of running routes around city of London from london sight seeing run.

1. Riverview run route

Starting from Tower Hill London Underground Station, Run along the famous River Thames from the Tower of London, along the South Bank and down to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

2. Royal Parks and palaces route

See Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the British monarch, while running through hyde park

3. Historic Eastend route

Run the streets that Jack The Ripper used to prowl and hear details of a string of crimes that has fascinated the world for centuries.

4. London Canals route

Explore the beautiful but relatively unknown London canal ways.Extraordinary canal-side paths and foot bridges lead to the magnificence of Regent’s Park where one might catch a glimpse of the taller inhabitants of the famous London Zoo.

For a running guide to assist you along the routes check this london travel site

Supplements To Build Muscle : How Creatine Works

For some people just eating a balanced diet and doing resistance training is not enough to bulk up, they need a nutritional supplement to provide a lift.

Consuming a Creatine supplement can give a person 2 to 3 times the amount that could be obtained from a very-high-protein diet.

Some personal trainers recommend nutritional supplements to their clients. In this New York Times article a personal trainer explains how Creatine works.

If you’re looking to bust through a plateau, taking five grams of creatine before your workout might help you do that,” said Steve Hoffman, a trainer in Cherry Hill, N.J. “It adds water weight to your muscle and helps you lift more.