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2009 Honolulu Marathon Race Photos : Pictures : Images

23,000 marathon runners hit the streets of Hawaii for the 2009 Honolulu marathon. I don’t know why this race is so popular with Japanese runners, 15,000 of them ran the race.

A lady, Honolulu photographer, who lives along the Honolulu marathon route took some awesome photos, from the images you would have been forgiven if you thought the images were of Tokyo marathon. The Japanese were all over.

honolulu marathon water point

The Honolulu marathon picture below (see the Sign inside) must have been spotted at the 20 mile mark. A point when most runners are dazed & hungry and might not tell the difference between Vaseline & Butter!

honolulu marathon sign

For more honolulu marathon photos visit honolulu marathon photographer

Marathon Shoe Inserts

It is estimated the impact of hitting the surface while running on a road is 2-3 times your body weight. This impact is one reason why running does so much damage to runners knees, ankles and foot. One way of minimizing the impact is wearing marathon shoe inserts.

How Marathon Shoe Inserts Helps

When you run, your foot flexes and absorbs the shock on the body hitting a hard surface.Wearing shoe inserts while you are running can properly cradle your foot and its arches and give the much needed support to the ball of the foot. The ball of the foot is where the “spring” in your step occurs and eases your steps into a fast and smooth pace. The balance a good arch support shoe insert offers can make running fun and easy.

Where to Buy Marathon Shoe Inserts

Marathon shoe inserts can be purchased from your local running shoe store or you may order them over the internet.

Best Time of Day To Run : Best Time of Day To Exercise

According to a review by Dr Reilly of Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University in England, it was noted that athletes’ best performances, including world records, were typically set in the late afternoon or early evening.

From that report we can conclude that the best time to get the best out of your exercise is to do your exercise later in the day.

In an interview by New York Times one of the researchers in that report said, they noticed that “Most components (strength, power, speed) of athletic performance are worst in the early hours of the morning,” Our good researcher never gave much reasons as to why this is so. My hypothesis is that it all has do with the fact that our bodies are warmed up later in the day unlike in the morning when they are cold.

Best Marathon Running Costume Ideas

One way to make a statement at a marathon is to turn up dressed in a fancy costume. If you cant come up with an original running costume idea you may steal ideas from fellow runners.

Two popular marathon running costume ideas

Elvis costume

Spiderman costume

Save the rhino costume

Save the rhino costume at Flora London Marathon

Save the rhino costume at Flora London Marathon

Running 26 miles is hard and what about bringing the Eiffel tower along with you

This Parisian was spotted at 2009 New York Marathon

This Parisian was spotted at 2009 New York Marathon

More costume ideas can be seen at elite feet

San Francisco Running Clubs

1. San Francisco Road Runners Club

San francisco road runners club is located around castro neighbourhood.

2. Golden Gate Running Club

Golden gate running club is located around pacific heights neighbourhood.

3. Dolphin Southend Running Club

Dolphin southend running club is located in outerrichmond area.

4. The San Francisco marathon club

The running club is located around Potrero hill neighborhood.

5. Nike Run Club  San Francisco

Nike Run Club San Francisco is located around Union Square Neighborhood.

Learning How To Run A Marathon

The marathon is becoming more popular, according to latest statistics over 420,000 American runners finished the distance in 2007.

If your goal is to run and finish a marathon, let me remind you, finishing the 26 miles is a big challenge. Training for the full marathon, usually the programs are anywhere between 4 and 5 months long.

How to run

Learning how to run for a marathon is more than running around the block, You have to learn how to run, you have to learn how to and when to conserve your energy, when to give it that last blast. You can only learn this by getting out and running.

Learning about a runners nutrition

Another important area is nutrition. You need to eat right while you train for the marathon. A nutritional balance of carbohydrates, proteins and essential minerals is important. This will help in replacing lost energy and repair of tissues.

Learning about Injuries

Running injuries are part of running, you cant escape them. As you train you will suffer injuries, dont let them discourage you. When injuries happen, take a complete break from running and seek treatment. The first step of treatment is ice the injured area and maybe take a pain killer. If that doesn’t work seek medical help.

Remember to take rest days. This will allow your muscles to recover from fatigue.

Staying hydrated is also important. Make sure you are drinking enough water during training and also after your runs. Proper hydration is important for proper functioning of the body and it helps to prevent running injuries.

Talk to running experts

It wouldn’t hurt to set up a meeting with a personal trainer if you’re really committed to doing one of those 26.2 mile runs. If you dont know where to find a personal trainer, talk to fellow runners. Most runners are friendly people and are willing to give a hand.

2009 Sacramento California Marathon Photos : Images : Pictures

The California International Marathon in Sacramento happened yesterday and as usual the wonderful spectators were on the side to take some amazing race photos.

From a loving mom following her two sons running the Sacramento Marathon comes this race image.

sacramento marathonFrom a local news outlet I found this sacramento runners images

california international marathon

late sacramentoAfter 8+ hours of running this how dirty a marathon route gets!

For more california marathon pictures check this slideshow

2009 Las Vegas Marathon : Pictures : Images : Photos

2009 Rock and Roll Las Vegas Marathon was brilliant. Famous Las Vegas strip provided a perfect background for some amazing photos.

Images were hard to come by but I was able to come across this two 2009 Las Vegas pictures.

Runners dressed as super heroes at 2009 Rock & Roll Las vegas marathon

Runners dressed as super heroes at 2009 Rock & Roll Las vegas marathon

las vegas marathonIf you are going to say I do, Do it doing the thing you love.

Las Vegas marathon has drive in wedding chapels along the route where runners can say I do or for renew marriage vows for the already married.

All images courtesy of las vegas sun, vist the site for more las vegas marathon photos, the lasvegassun website

Foot Arch Types : Normal Arch Type : Flat Arch Type : High Arch Type

These three images / pictures describe the three types of runners foot Arch types.

3 Types of Runners Foot Arch Type

1. Normal Arch Type

2. Flat Arch Type

3. High Arch Type

Images of runners foot arch type

Normal Arch type


The normal foot arch type is the most type of foot among runners. Stability shoes are recommended for runners with this type of foot.

Flat Foot Arch Type

flat-arch-footAs the name suggests, the flat arch type is just flat. The shoe type recommended is stability shoes or motion control shoes.

The High Arch Foot type

high-arch-foot-typeLook at the red line, the arch is deeply curved inside. The high Arch type of foot is very uncommon. Runners with high arch foot type are advised to wear neutral cushioning shoes.

Images Courtesy of zappos shoes. The Number online running shoe seller

Shoe Type for High Arch Foot

Like left handed people, the high arch foot is the least common type. This is how a high Arch Foot looks from the side.

high-arch-foot-typeWhen a runner with high arch foot type steps on a slab of wet cemtn this is how the imprint will look.

high-arch-foot-imageImprint of the heel and the forefoot connected by only a thin band

Shoe Type for the High Arch Foot Type

Zappos recommend Neutral cushioning shoes that do not have stability devices or a medial post.