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Calories In Fast Food Meals

Last month issue of bussinessweek magazine had an interesting article on calories hidden in some of the popular fast foods.

Check this

1. Large Tuna Melt Calories –

The Tuna Melt from Quiznos fast food is packed with 2,090 calories

2. Fish and Chips Calories

The famous fish and chips food is packed with 1,537 calories.

3. Double Six Dollar Burger calories

The double six dollar burger from Carls Jnr fast food is packed with 1520 calories

4. Large French fries calories

A large plate of french fries is packed with 1460 calories

5. Monster thick burger calories

The monster thick burger from 7hardees fast food is packed with 1460 calories.

6. Four piece chicken strip basket calories

This fast food from 6 dairy queen restaurant is packed with 1340 calories

7. Beef Taco Salad Calories

The beef taco salad is packed with 1280 calories

8. Triple whopper with cheese

The triple whooper with cheese from burger king is packed with 1250 calories

Low calories fast foods

9. Double Chicken & Cheese Sandwich Calories

This double chicken cheese sandwich has 738 calories

10. Sausage Biscuit Calories

The sausage biscuit 25 chill a Fill is packed with 590 calories


Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S., but there’s no reason it can’t be day of “thanks” everywhere in the world.

So I just wanted to say “thank you” to everyone that has ever shown support for me through the years by visiting my blog.

I enjoy what I do for a living and I enjoy sharing new running ideas with everyone… but it just wouldn’t be the same if there wasn’t “everyone” to share them with.

I thought I’d just take the time to let you know… “thanks for being here”.

So no matter where you are in the world…. please enjoy time with your family and friends, and be sure to give thanks for whatever you are thankful for.


Meb Keflezighi Origin : Where He Comes From

When Meb Keflezighi won 2009 ING New York marathon, he was proclaimed to be the first American to have won the NYC marathon in 20+ years. But murmurs started going around saying that Meb wasn’t American Enough.

The truth is he immigrated to the United States when he was 12 years old from Eritrea, and even though the 34-year-old spent most of his life in USA, he isn’t being considered a true “American runner.” Some Fans and commentators consider Keflezighi just another elite East African runner.

Meb Keflezighi true birth Place

But it is not just Americans disputing about his heritage, some Ethiopians are even claiming Meb is an Ethiopian not Eriterian.

I found this hilarious thread from you tube

It was a civil discussion on Mebs win until a contributor posted this;

Actually he was born in Ethiopia. Eritrea used to be a colony of Ethiopia at the time he was born.?

Not so fast, from an Eritrean came this quick response

Go and screw urself you worthless ethiopian tree hugging moron…he? is eritrean and he blongs to the people of eritrea…..does he look like he is begging or asking for a handout???ethiopian worthless monkeys.


Read the you tube thread here

Meb Keflezighi Funny Marathon Video

Meb Keflezighi made the rounds following the New York City Marathon. One of the places he visited was the David Letterman show where he read the Top Ten List on the day after the marathon:

In case you missed it

“The top ten thoughts that go through your mind when you run the New York City Marathon…”

Have a funny day!

Gay & Lesbian Running Clubs New York : Front Runners NYC

If you are looking for a gay and lesbian running clubs around New York, you can choose from the following four gay and lesbian clubs in NewYork.

These running club for lesbians, gay men and gay-friendly people. These running club dedicate themselves serving the greater New York area gay and lesbian community, Buffalo NY gay and lesbian community, Rochester New York Gay Community and Albany New York Gay and lesbian community.

New York City Gay and lesbian Running club

see Front Runners New York

Buffalo New York Gay & Lesbian Running club

See Buffalo Front Runners/front walkers

Albany New York Gay & Lesbian Running Club

see Albany front runners & walkers, sorry I couldn’t find a link

Rochester Gay & Lesbian Runners club

See Rochester front runners and front walkers

Sanya Richards Training Food Diet

According to legend, when Sanya Richards was 16 years old in Junior high school she told her father or also doubles up as her coach “I don’t like the feeling of losing, and I’m willing to do whatever you say it would take for me to be the best,”

Her father immediately designed a core program that featured a thousand crunches daily.

Food diet of a future champion

On the other hand her mother, a former gym instructor back in Jamaica, put Sanya Richard on a food diet of chicken, fish and vegetables.

As adopted from a Sanya Richards story on USAToday

Funny Marathon Race Signs

The following funny marathon signs were spotted by Jim, a spectator / volunteer at NYC Marathon.

– Don’t stop–we’re all watching you

– Who needs Toenails…Keep Running!

– You’re Almost there (They love this at mile 3)

– I got a bar of soap for you at the finish line

– Have to pee? Next rest stop 5 miles

Have you seen some funny marathon signs? please feel free to share your funny marathon race signs in the comments section!

Oprah Winfrey Marathon Time : Marine Corps Marathon

“I want to beat Oprah!” That is the goal of many runners. Oprah Winfrey finished 1994 Marine Corps marathon in a time of 4 hrs,  29 mins, 15 Secs.

If Frank Shorter inspired the first (1970s) running boom across US, Oprah Winfrey inspired the second, by running the Marine Corps Marathon. If Oprah could run a marathon, shame on anyone who couldn’t.

How Oprah ruined the Marathon.

While race directors across US were happy to welcome the new generation of runners or is it marathon walkers, the hard core runners were not happy. Edward Mccleland writing for thinks :-

America’s competitive spirit has been wrecked by feel-good amateurs like Oprah whose only goal is to stagger across the finish line.

I totally agree with him! The marathon is a race, the goal should be to finish it and to finish as fast as you can.

Read the fantastic salon article here

Nutrition Last Week Before Running 5k, 10K, 15k, half & full marathon

Runners planning to run a race should pay attention to their nutrition during the last week before planning to run a 5k , 10K , half marathon or a full marathon.

Nutrition last week before the big race

Increase your daily intake of carbohydrate, particularly whole grains, fruits and vegetables, during training. An increase in daily protein intake is also recommended, with the balance coming from dietary fat.

Carbohydrate is the major fuel used during training, and both carbohydrate and protein may help facilitate muscle recovery.

Practice fluid and carbohydrate intake, both as water and sports drinks, during training so that you are comfortable with the procedure during the marathon. Know the sport drink that will be used in your marathon, and train with it. You may also wish to experiment with carbohydrate gels (some contain caffeine; see comment below on Running a faster marathon); if the marathon provides gels at points on the course, try to experiment with the specific brand.

P.S. Remember to take plenty of sleep during the week so that, even if you don’t sleep on the eve of the race, it won’t matter.

8 Year Old Who Ran NYC Marathon in 3 hrs : Youngest Marathon Finisher

I just came across this interesting fact about New York City Marathon in the NY times.

In 1977, Wesley Paul, a child from Columbia became the youngest person ever to complete the New York City Marathon with an incredible time of 3:00:37. In the early years of the race several children competed.

Paul still ran a 2:38 personal best at 15, in the Houston Marathon. By the age of 16 he had 40 marathon under his belt.

At 16 he fractured his knee when a car backed into him while he was running. He never recovered!