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Kenya Team : World Championship Squad Berlin 2009

Kenya Athletics Federation released a final list of Athletes for 2009 Berlin World Championship. The team / squad is made up of the following athletes.

Kenya’s team to the World Championships:


Joyce Zakary (400m), Janeth jepkosgei, Pamela Jelimo (800m), Irene Jelegat, Nancy Jebet Lagat (1,500m), Ruth Bosibori, Gladys Kemboi, Milka Chemos (3,000m SC), Vivian Cheruiyot, Sylvia Kibet, Inness Chenonges (5,000m), Linet Masai, Florence Kiplagat, Grace Momanyi (10,000m), Julia Murage Mumbi, Martha Komu, Hellena Kiprop, Irene Limika, Risper Kimaiyo Jemeli (marathon).


Mark Mutai (400m), David Rudisha, Alfred Kirwa, Jackson Kivuva (800m), Asbel Kiprop, Haron Keitany, Augustine Choge (1,500m), Brimin Kipruto, Richard Matelong, Ezekiel kemboi, paul Kipsiele Koech (3,000m SC), Vincent Kiprop Chepkok, Joseph Ebuya, Eliud Kipchoge (5,000m), Micah Kogo, Moses Masai, Bernard Kipyegon (10,000m), Daniel Rono, Emmanuel Mutai, Robert Cheruiyot, Benjamin Kiptoo, Abel Kirui (marathon).

My Saucony Hurricane Running Shoe : Marathon Training Shoe

Saucony running shoes are not as common as Nike running shoes. But after I have repeatedly seen Saucony shoe adverts on Runners world magazine and I have decided to give the shoes a try.(who said advertising doesn’t work?)

I intend to use them in my training for 2009 Stanchart Nairobi marathon.

Saucony Hurricane Running shoeAlthough the sole looked more like that of a trail running shoe I just thought the shoe would be great for tarmac running. According to the manufacturer, the the outsole features XT900 rubber compound in the heel. I dont know what that means but I hope it makes running softer and easier.

Blurred Vision While Running : Sarkozy Collapses Jogging

Am in my 8th week of training for 2009 Stanchart Nairobi Marathon. I had horrible experience yesterday during my weekend long run. I suffered a blurred vision while running, something that I have never experienced in my 3 years of marathon running.

The distance for the long run was 28 Ks and the blurred vision struck at around 22 K. I couldnt see properly beyond 20 metres, reading road signs and billboard advertisement 20 – 30 metres away was a problem. The only thing that kept me going was that I could see colours of cars coming my direction.

I suspected something was wrong at 20K mark when I touched my face and it felt dry and full of white particles. That was a sign of dehydration! A normal runner should be sweating water.

When the blurred vision struck I thought of stopping but with 5K to go I just kept running. The angel in my head was telling me stop but the demon in my heart was telling me keep going, what the hell the finish line is near. My body was feeling good, the leg muscles were fine. I jogged to the end.

When I got back to the house I drunk fluids, water and orange juice. Licked salt pallets. These made me feel 10% better. I rested for two hours and woke up feeling a headache. I tried to eat and found myself eating uncontrollably. It was after stuffing myself with food that I started feeling good again.

Sarkozy wasn’t so lucky

When I sat down to watch the evening news I heard French president Nikolas Sarkozy had collapsed while out jogging. That is when I realised how lucky I was.

I have been checking for information about what happened and I can confirm the blurred vision was a case of dehydration. I had not hydrated properly before the run and the weather was sunny and hot.I  was also wearing new Saucony running shoes and these gave me an incentive to run at a fast pace.

Dehydration increases the risk of heart attack because it increases heart rate. When you are dehydrated your blood thickens and the heart has to beat faster and harder to pump the blood. Blurred vision occurs when you reach heart beats of between 140 – 157 per minute.

Training Tips For New York Marathon

ING New York Marathon is held on the first Sunday of November. With 37,000 entrants who get a place based on a lottery, the number one tip should be apply for registration early.

New York Marathon Training Tips

  1. Train hard but remember to take a rest.
  2. If a day or two of training is missed due to injury or illness or other reason, don’t try to cram two days of training into one. Lost days are simply days.
  3. Train at your projected marathon pace.
  4. Try to train at the time of the day the race starts and in the predicted weather condition as much as possible.
  5. Do the long runs.
  6. Remember to stretch
  7. Do speed works round a track, it just makes your legs feel better.
  8. Listen to your body, If you feel tired take a rest, if you feel pain go easy, if the pain is too much stop running.

The good thing about NYC marathon is that it si held in November which means you can have a whole year for marathon training. 10 months of marathon training is more than enough to get you ready to finish a 42 marathon with a descent time.

Easy Marathons For Beginner Runner : First Timer Marathon Races

With hundreds of marathons held around major cities in the US not all marathons are the same. Some marathons are harder than others and some are easy to run.A good example is Boston marathon, even without its requirement for proof of running a previous marathon, the hilly boston route would be handful for a marathon newbie.

Most beginners choose to run nearer home but if you are an adventure seek you can choose a marathon from a different city. In choosing a marathon to run a beginner should ask is the course flat or hilly.

If your goal is an easy marathon, I think you may benefit from US Airways article that listed some easy marathon across US.

Writer Larry Olmsted had a few simple criteria for choosing his first marathon: good weather, a flat course, a fun atmosphere and a high volume of registrants to lower his chances of coming in last!!!!!!

Easy beginners marathon

These were some of the marathon listed.

1. Honolulu Marathon – It was the writers no one pick because of a flat course

2. Chicago Marathon -Flat course but beware, the marathon has a history of horrible weather on Dday.

3. Marine Corps Marathon

4. Twin Cities marathon – Down side of this marathon is Leave your iphone home, ear phones are banned from twin cities.

5. Las Vegas marathon – It is the only marathon in the world where you can run and get married. For those married they can renew their wedding vows.

Healthy Food Advice For Runners : Avocado for Runners

Eating the right food is important if you want to a good runner. One food that I have discovered to be fantastic for runners is Avocado.

I was reading my girlfriend’s magazine when I read an article that claimed a single Avocado is parked with 100 calories. I instantly concluded  if an Avocado has also those calories it would make a brilliant post race meal. Eating all those calories would speed recovery from my long runs.

I tried eating an Avocado after my sunday morning 16 k long run and chilled to see whether I would see any difference. The difference was how I felt on Monday morning. I woke up feeling like I could run a 10k. Everything felt fresh, I didnt feel the usual tiredness in my legs. Am yet to conclusively determine if it was the Avocado but I will keep testing……

Avocado may help you live longer

Fascinated by this delicious fruit I did more research online and read this article that said Avocados are filled with all sorts of great nutrients that help your body make repairs and live longer.

Avocados are a rich source of antioxidants. These substances help your body fight off damage from free radicals. This protects your organs and tissues from damage over time. For runners this means more years to continue running….

Skinny Guys : Tips For Building Muscles : Muscle Gaining Tips

Skinny guys are ever trying to gain muscle. Piling on more food alone has never worked but a program of food and weight training works!

Take note of these tips and you will maximize your chances of building muscle.

1. Eat sufficient for muscle growth.

Calorie, calories & calories. Eat foods rich in calories and nutrients.

2. Eat Often.

Don’t go longer than four hours without eating.

3. Eat sufficient protein

Even if you train hard, the maximum amount of protein you need for muscle building is about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day. A little more or less will not make much difference.

4. Start lifting those weights

Food alone won´ t make you gain muscle and weight.

5. Train with high volume and medium intensity

“Volume” is the quantity of sets and repetitions you do and “intensity” is how much weight you choose. For each weight training exercise set, perform 10 to 15 lifts with less than a minute break between sets. Lactic acid causes that burning sensation in muscles when you exercise intensely and this appears to stimulate muscle growth, perhaps from an increase in growth hormone production.

6. Train three times a week

At least 3 sessions per week should provide sufficient volume of exercise to create a muscle-building stimulus.

7. Don´t do intense exercise

Intense exercise such as running, while good for cardio, lungs and heart are to intense and might make you lose more weight. Do moderate jogging and focus on weight lifting.

Keep seeking more information and Good luck

Basic Walking Rules & Tips For Walking Safely

Daily Walking is good for your health. Some of the benefits of walking are, helps you stay lean, cut excess weight & add joy to your life.

Because walking is done out doors it is important to observe simple safety rules.


This rule hit home when I heard on CNN that a Teenager fell into a man hole while texting.

“A teenager was walking along the streets in Staten Island recently suffered an embarrassing mistake when she walked into an open sewer while sending text messages on her cell phone. Alexa Longueira, 15, suffered deep cuts and bruises after she fell through a manhole that was uncovered and reportedly left unattended.” OOPS!

“It was just really gross and it was shocking and scary,” Longueira said about the incident.

This teenager learnt the hard way that walking and texting can be dangerous.

Pamplona Running of the Bulls Video : Bull Attacks Man, Dies!!

A bull gored a man who later died at 2009 San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain. Watching the men in white clothes running alongside the “horny” bulls is nerve wrecking. Watching this men is enough to convince you why women live longer than men. It is a young man? love for adventure that kills so many men!!

But for every tragic story their is a happy ending like the following video of a young man who survived a bull attack but died of shame!!

Running Similar To Drug Addiction

Some times last month I read an interesting essay by a Malaysian runner The Running Addiction

The following is the post from his blog. If you have time I recommend you visit his site to read more interesting running stories.

“According to the DSMV, a person must exhibit three of the following five criteria in order to be dependent on a substance: tolerance, withdrawal, unsuccessful efforts to cut down intake of the substance, interference with social, occupational, or recreation activities, and continuation of the substance despite recognition that doing so has caused physical or psychological problems.

Let’s consider running as the “substance”. A distance runner will meet all five criteria:

1) Tolerance – over time a runner must run more (or faster) to produce the same physical effects

2) Withdrawal – a runner becomes VERY grumpy when he has to take some time off

3) Unsuccessful efforts to cut down intake of the substance – a runner who has been advised to cut down his mileage will rarely do so. He must run. He hates the taper.

4) Interferes with social, occupational, or recreational activities – the run becomes one of the number one priorities of the day. And because of the lifestyle choices that accompany running certain recreational activities, such as getting loaded the night before a big run, are not possible.

5) Continuation of the substance despite recognition that doing so has caused physical or psychological problems – a broken bone is the only injury that will stop a runner from running.

Moreover, running satisfies common features of addiction

1)Positive reinforcement – a runner is happy after a run

2)Negative reinforcement – running is a release from ALL PROBLEMS

3)Craving – if a runner is watching other people run, he will want to run
In class it was proposed that whether or not something is considerepostd addicting depends on whether society considers the substance as good or as bad. Drugs are bad so you can be addicted to them. Lobster is not bad, so if you must eat lobster every day it is not an addiction. I don’t buy this good/bad thing. Firstly, I think the lobster example wasn’t that great. I don’t think lobster is addicting, but not because it is considered “good” but because it doesn’t meet the above addiction or dependence criteria. Running is something “good” that does satisfy the above criteria and therefore in my mind it is an addiction.

Thus addiction is not necessarily evil. Of course running would be considered a positive addiction due to the tremendous health benefits, and positive self-esteem. One of the coolest things about running is that everyone can do it.

“If you were dropped on your head as a baby, running is your sport”

And unlike most sports, running truly is about competition with the self with success being measured by to what degree the distance runner enjoys what he is doing and to what degree he is striving to do his best.

As a final note, I would like to say that there is potential for a positive addiction to turn into a negative one, due to the fact that anything addicting has the potential to be all-consuming. The high incidence of disordered eating among women distance runner is a reflection of the desire to run faster, and run longer, as are incidences of overtraining and burnout.”