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How To Build Leg Strength

I was checking out videos on you tube when I came across a video on how to build leg strength.

This video was impressive because the presenter demonstrated how you can build leg strength without gaining unnecessary leg muscle. If you are a runner and you engage in resistance training that adds muscle, the extra muscle will make you add weight that will slow your running speed.

Best Exercises To Get a Flat Stomach

My sister she is always asking me what are the best exercise she can do to get a flat stomach. I have recommended my favourite exercise, running but she refused, she wanted an exercise she can do indoors.

I researched around the internet and these were what I found

1. Good old sit ups

2. Bicycle exercise

3. Exercise Ball Crunch

4. Full vertical crunch

5. Plank on elbows and trunk, it won’t trim your tummy but it will give you a strong tummy

Other tips for a flat stomach

1. A good diet, cut on those calories

2. Stay hydrated.

London Marathon Results : Average Finish Time

In preparation for 2010 london marathon  I read the post race commentary of 2009 London marathon and in a bbc article  I discovered a sad statistic that shows the london marathon finishing times have gotten slower since the marathon begun in 1981.

The top of the pack (the elite runners) they have gotten faster and faster but the rest of the field has gotten slower and slower.

In 1982, a time of two hours 40 minutes would have placed you 457th. Last year, it would have been good enough for 184th – this despite the huge increase in competitors.

Interesting Case of Mathew Parris

Matthew Parris, the Times columnist and former MP, finished in 1985 in the best time ever by an MP – an impressive two hours, 32mins, 57 seconds, for 385th out of about 20,000. In 2008 london marathon, this would have placed him 83rd out of 34,000. In 2007 London marathon (a hot day, admittedly), his time would have been good for 46th.


What this illustrates is the decline in the number of good runners who are clocking times between 2 hours 20 minutes up to 2 hours 50 minutes.

To read the full article visit the BBC Running site

Twice Oldest London Marathon Runner : Dies

In my Inbox today morning I found the story of Albert Gordon. The twice oldest london marathon runner died in New York aged 107. Now that’s a long time to be alive.

More amazing fact about these veteran of London marathon. At 105, he was still working four days a week at Deltec Asset Management! He made calls to prospective clients well into his 90’s.

According to the New York times story Albert started marathon running in his 80’s.

Albert Gordon Secret To Long life

  • Dedication to physical fitness that meant marathon running.
  • He took one puff of a cigarette in his life.
  • Didn’t salt his food.
  • Limited his alcohol intake to a glass of Champagne a year.
  • If you can walk? walk. He sometimes walked from the airport to the office.

Chicago Marathon Guide : Training Plan

If you are training for the Chicago marathon you should keep in mind the following marathon training principles:

When to start training for Chicago marathon

The early you start your marathon training the better. 4 months prior to the marathon is a good idea. Training early has advantages, you get enough time to train and most importantly you have time to recover from inevitable running injuries.

The Chicago marathon course

The course is the flattest around. No need to do hill running as part of your training but if you do hill running during your training, on the d-day the flat course will feel like a piece of cake.

The 10% rule of marathon training.

Never increase your weekly mileage, by more than 10 percent a week. If you do you will drastically increase the risk of running injury.

The long runs for Chicago marathon

The long runs can be upto 20-23 miles (for the experienced runner) for the inexperienced runner this can be 5 – 15 miles depending on your level of experience. The long run should be done at least once a week.

Easy weeks

We love going full speed on our training but it is a good Idea to slow things down between your training weeks. This will allow you to stay fresh as you build on your overall workload.


Taking a complete break from running is as important as running itself. Two to three days of complete rest will allow you body to recover from the stress of marathon running. Don’t take a long rest as you will lose all the gains from your training.

Hydration for Chicago marathon

Keep drinking enough water. Water helps in preventing running injuries

Weather conditions for Chicago marathon

The last two chicago marathon have seen hot temperatures on the day of the marathon. In 2007 it was so hot to the extent one vulnerable runner died. The best way to prepare is to train in hot weather conditions.

Nutrition for Chicago marathon

Eating the right foods is important! You need to eat plenty of carbohydrates to give you energy. Eating foods rich in protein will help your body repair small tears that happen during training.

Taper for Chicago marathon

Avoid overtraining by reducing your weekly mileage during the final two weeks before Chicago marathon. This will ensure you arrive at the starting line feeling fresh and energized.

Good luck with your training!!