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Top 100 Athletes : World Marathon Rankings

I found this chart from BBC. Listing the Top 100 Marathon runners between 1981 -2008.

World Marathon Rankings

World Marathon Rankings

Marathon Facts

  • Kenya has come from nowhere in 1981 to dominate the roads; in 2008 65 of the 100 runners were Kenyans.
  • Kenya’s men are stronger indepth in the marathon than in any other country in a single discipline in athletics.

Benefit Of Running Exercise During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and you love running, you might be wondering “Is it safe to run while pregnant?” Worry not because according to an article running during pregnancy it is okay!

The article also has a list of benefits of running exercise during pregnancy.

  • Running exercise while pregnant helps limit excess weight gain.
  • Running exercise while pregnant keeps your mood up.
  • Running while pregnant can ward off pregnancy-induced hypertension and other prenatal problems.

A word of caution for pregnant runners : Be very cautious when running on uneven surfaces. Your center of gravity changes as your abdomen expands. Some experts suggest running on a treadmill at a gym after the second trimester to avoid potentially harmful falls.

Running Tips While Pregnant

If you love running and you happen to be pregnant you don’t need to give up on your favourite exercise. That is according to Pregnancy today, a website dedicated to everything pregnancy.

In an article about female runners and pregnancy “Jane Hahn, senior editor for Runner’s World Magazine, believes many experienced runners can continue to run at least part-way through their pregnancies provided their doctors are aware of their exercise.

Running Tips For Pregnant Runner

  • Be very cautious when running on uneven surfaces. Your center of gravity changes as your abdomen expands. Some experts suggest running on a treadmill at a gym after the second trimester to avoid potentially harmful falls.
  • Drink plenty of water. Dehydration can cause pre-term labor.
  • Remember that your breasts will expand along with your belly and need extra support. Some women wear a soft underwire bra with a sports bra over the top for comfort while running.
  • Another thing to remember is that your feet often get bigger with pregnancy. Watch the fit of your shoes and move up to a bigger size as needed.
  • Remember that many women stop running at some point during their pregnancy so allow yourself the leeway to stop if you are no longer comfortable.

Benefit of Running Exercise during pregnancy

  • Running exercise while pregnant helps limit excess weight gain.
  • Running exercise while pregnant keeps your mood up.
  • Running while pregnant can ward off pregnancy-induced hypertension and other prenatal problems.

Most important; Make sure you consult your doctor

all information courtesy of pregnancy today

London Marathon : Training Plan

If you are training for the london marathon you should keep in mind the following marathon training principles:

When to start training for london marathon

The early you start your marathon training the better. 4 months prior to the marathon is a good idea. Training early has advantages, you get enough time to train and most importantly you have time to recover from inevitable running injuries.

The 10% rule of marathon training.

Never increase your weekly mileage, by more than 10 percent a week. If you do you will drastically increase the risk of running injury.

The long runs for london marathon

The long runs can be upto 20-23 miles (for the experienced runner) for the inexperienced runner this can be 5 – 15 miles depending on your level of experience. The long run should be done at least once a week.

Easy weeks

We love going  full speed on our training but it is a good Idea to slow things down between your training weeks. This will allow you to stay fresh as you build on your overall workload.


Taking a complete break from running is as important as running itself. Two to three days of complete rest will allow you body to recover from the stress of marathon running. Don’t take a long rest as you will lose all the gains from your training.

Hydration for london marathon

Keep drinking enough water. Water helps in preventing running injuries.

Nutrition for london marathon

Eating the right foods is important! You need to eat plenty of carbohydrates to give you energy. Eating foods rich in protein will help your body repair small tears that happen during training.

Taper for london marathon

Avoid overtraining by reducing your weekly mileage during the final two weeks before london marathon. This will ensure you arrive at the starting line feeling fresh and energised.

Good luck with your training!!

Celebrity Hero at 2009 London Marathon : Phil Packer

As 36,000 london marathon runners disappear over the horizon, they will be hoping to finish the 26 agonising miles as first as possible and be home for lunch; but for Phil Packer, an  iraq veteran,  it will be the beginning of a 2 week crawl to the finish line.

Following a rocket attack in Basra, Iraq, the Royal Military Police officer was left with a severe spinal injury. The major had been told he would never walk again, let alone complete a marathon. The wounded Iraq veteran will attempt to walk London marathon in crutches.

One painful step at a time, the marathon will take him almost two weeks, mirroring the feat of brain-damaged former boxer Michael Watson in 2003. It will be two miles a day for Phil.

His story is remarkable!

His main mission is to raise a million pounds for injured service men. To support Phil Packer run london marathon visit Phil Packer website

From here at dailyrunningtips, I wish Phil all the best!

How To Run Faster

The biggest question for many runners is how to run faster. We are obsessed with speed, some how we think, if I run faster I will be happier with myself.

A perfect example of a runner who improved her time by one hour is a 81 year old runner.

In 2007 Joy Johnson ran ING New York city Marathon and finished in a time of 7 hours. Not happy with her time, she cranked up on her training and at 2008 NYC marathon she cut her time to 6 hours.

These times might not be impressive to some but it’s good to note Ms. Joy Johnson is  a silver haired 81 year old lady, who has refused to grow old.

Talking to a Wallstreet Journal reporter she explained how she amazingly cut her time in one hour in just under one year of training.

Ms. Johnson Marathon Training Plan

  1. She trained for months, she didn’t say how many but I assume the plural months means many months.
  2. Through out the summer she ran 50 – 55 miles each week instead of her previous 30 – 35 miles.
  3. She ran hills. In Paul Tergat’s autobiography his coach says, if a runner stops running hills, he will sooner or later lose his strength.
  4. While most of us use a track field to do our speed work this lady decided to make use of the grand stand by running up and down the stadium steps. How innovative is that??
  5. She ran one serious tune up event before NYC marathon. Four weeks before NYC marathon, Ms. Johnson finished the Twin Cities Marathon in six hours, six minutes and 48 seconds. That was for confidence building.

How to increase your speed

It’s clear from Lady Johnson’s training that, if you increase your weekly mileage, change your training methods (stop running flat surface and start running hills) and increase the time spent training you will be guaranteed to improve your times.

Lastly, I loved this sunny lady motto “I want to die running. That’s my goal.

London Marathon : 10 Training Tips

If you are training for the london marathon you will benefit from the the  following marathon running tips.

  1. Train hard but remember to take a rest.
  2. If a day or two of training is missed due to injury or illness or other reason, don’t try to cram two days of training into one. Lost days are simply lost days.
  3. Train at your projected marathon pace.
  4. Try to train at the time of the day the race starts and in the predicted weather condition as much as possible.
  5. Do the long runs.
  6. Remember to stretch
  7. Stay hydrated
  8. Eat well
  9. Do speed works round a track, it just makes your legs feel better.
  10. Listen to your body, If you feel tired take a rest, if you feel pain go easy, if the pain is too much stop running.

Achilles Tendinitis : 5 Step Treatment & cure

I was reading a running forum and one runner who was suffering from achilles tendonitis asked what is the best form of treatment.

The best answer I read was from a runner called Chris, it went like this

I have/had Achilles Tendinitis. My first flare up was during my training for the Charlottesville Marathon. I didn’t end up running that marathon – but I did prevent my Achilles tendonitis from going into high gear. Achiles tendinitis  isn’t cut dry. You don’t just have it or not. There are several stages/degrees. I had the “beginning stages” (this was per my orthopedic doctor).

Five Step Treatment of Achilles tendinitis

He told me to continue to run at a limited amount (incorporate cross training) and start a few things:

1. Ice nightly – i fall asleep with ice packs wrapped around my achilles.

2. anti-inflammatory – he started me on naproxcin, but recommended me taking that for only a short time. After a week or so of that he told me to switch to Quertecin/Bromelain mixture (can get it @ The Vitamin Shoppe, or other health food stores). It’s a natural anti-inflammatory. So, I take that (still) 2x’s a day.

3. Avoid walking barefoot. I am currently in my pj’s – and I have a pair of tennis shoes on. It looks ridiculous but it helps.

4. Stretch out your at before you step out of bed. Take your big toe and point it up to the sky for 15 sec – 3x’s before planting your feet on the floor.

5. Stretch throughout the day – and especially throughout your runs.

It took me 4 months to get my Achilles Tendon back to normal, but be warned. Once you get it you are now susceptible to getting it again (I know it sucks). I have had it 2 times in the past 2 years. The first time it took 4 months, the following time I was prepared and nipped it in the butt and it never got out of hand.

I hope this helps a little. I know how much I love to run and even the slightest set back makes me sad.

Good luck to you!

Boston Marathon Course : Route Map – Town to City

The historic 26 mile boston marathon course starts in the town of hopkinton and ends in boston city

9 Towns along the boston marathon course.

1. Hopkinton

2. Ashland

3. Framingham

4. Natick

5. Wellesley

6. Newton

7. Brighton

8. Brookline

9. Boston

Snap short of boston marathon route – course map

How to Download the Boston marathon route map.

To get a detailed boston marathon route map you may download it from the official boston marathon website : download the boston marathon map here

Boston Marathon : 16 Week Training Plan

A good marathon training plan will get you to the starting line in the best fitness and the most rested state possible. A good training plan means hard work without over training. The organisers of boston marathon provide all their runners with a detailed 16 weeks marathon training plan.

Details of Boston Marathon training plan.

Weekly mileage

For the veteran runners they are advised to run weekly mileage of between 60-70 miles while the rookie runners 40-60 miles.

Weekly workouts

A typical weekly workout should be like this

Monday – rest day

Tuesday – Interval running 8-10 miles

Wednesday – Road running 5 – 8 miles

Thursday – Tempo run 8 – 11 miles

Friday – Road running  4 – 7 miles

Saturday – Easy run 6 – 9 miles

Sunday – The long run 13 – 16 miles

Runners can downlaod a full detailed plan at boston athletics association