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Running Quote From George S. Patton

George Patton was a great American Soldier but most people don’t know he was also an Olympian. During the WWII he was criticised for his win at all cost/outer aggressive nature (He slapped a soldier on a sick bed, he later admitted he thought the soldier was just faking sickness) but we can learn from his positive philosophy. One of my favourite quote by Patton has to be the following quote.

“Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always tired in the morning, noon, and night. But the body is never tired if the mind is not tired.”

– George S. Patton, U.S. Army General, 1912 Olympian

List of Kenya Cross Country Team To Amman Jordan

A team of 24 athletes qualified to represent Kenya at World Cross Country Championships in Amman Jordan on March 28.

Husband and Wife team

It will be a family affair for Moses Mosop and his wife Florence Kiplagat. Mosop, who won the senior men’s 12km race at the national championships on Saturday, and Kiplagat, senior women’s 8km champion, were included in the team of 24 athletes.

Runner who couldn’t run in shoes finally makes the team.

If you thought using running shoes was automatic, you are wrong. Another interesting story from the team is that of Country boy Paul Tanui (19) He was removed from last year’s team to Edinburgh because he had no experience in running in shoes.

“Previously the shoes made me feel uncomfortable. That is why the coach asked me to go home,” he told the press The boy learnt from his weakness and Tanui has since been running using shoes. One year down the line, he has perfected it and taken the battle to his opponents.

Kenyan team for Amman:
Senior MEN – Moses Mosop, Mathew Kisorio, Mark Kiptoo, Linus Chumba, Mangata Ndiwa, Leonard Komon

Junior MEN – John Kemboi, Paul Tanui, Japhet Korir, John Chepkwony, Titus Mbishei, Charles Bett Chepkurui

Senior WOMEN – Florence Kiplagat, Iness Chenonge, Linet Masai, Linet Chepkurui, Ann Karindi, Pauline Korikwiang

Junior WOMEN –  Mercy Cherono, Hilda Chepkemoi, Jackline Chepngeno, Jackline Chebii, Faith Chepngetich, Nelly Chebet

Ordinary Guys Training & Preparing To Run Ultramarathon

The January issue of runners world magazine (South Africa Edition) had a pull out about the Comrades marathon, a South Africa 89Km ultra marathon. I have never run beyond my favourite 42Km but after reading the touching stories  of those runners who have ran comrade marathon, I started thinking this is something I need to try one day.

If preparing  for a 42km marathon is sweat and more sweat then I bet preparing for a 89Km marathon must be blood and more blood. May be!

How two ordinary Texans train & prepare for an ultra marathon

I found this inspiring story of Jacques Smuts & John Pontikas from Texas who are preparing to run an Ultra marathon. After finishing Saturday’s Surfside Beach Marathon rather than take a day or two off like other runners they ran another 26.2 miles the following day at the Austin Marathon. Thats two marathon in two days.

This is what they told the press about their intention.

Pontikas (28)  “I’m using the marathons as training runs, with the real goal being longer races, like the Western States, Badwater and Spartathlon endurance races.”

Smuts (43) also looked at the double marathon as prep for longer races.

“I thought back-to-back marathons would give me an indication of whether I was ready for a 50-mile race,” he said.

Good idea!!

$125: Registration Fee For Chicago Marathon

So you want to register and run Chicago marathon, then you better be ready to pay a hefty $125.

Inflation has affected marathons, just like everything else in life.

For an answer on how the $125 is spent, Mark Remy of Runners world magazine had a funny fictional interview with Kenneth D. Lewis, Bank of America’s chairman, president and CEO, the sponsors of Chicago Marathon.

This part of the interview made me shed tears of laughter

Where does that $125 entry fee go, exactly?
Ah. Well… We offer beverages along the route, you know. Water and… uh… sporty concoctions and such. Scotch and soda as well, I believe. That adds up.

OK, aid stations. What else?
Those gaily colored placards. The ones pinned to one’s running uniform.

Bib numbers?
Precisely. Those don’t come cheap, either. And let’s not forget the safety pins. If you think each participant takes just four, you are badly mistaken.

So far this isn’t adding up to 125 bucks.
Of course it isn’t. Because we haven’t yet talked about the race shirts. They’re made by Armani. And by “made by Armani,” I mean that Mr. Giorgio Armani himself makes them. By hand. The man is 74 years old, so this takes time. And time is money.”

Have a funny day

Running heroes, 98 Yrs Old Runner, Rosario Dies in Mexico

I read the following remarkable headline from International Herald Tribune.

“Rosario Iglesias, a world-class runner in the 90 years-and-older category, has died in Mexico City. She was 98.”

According to the newspaper report “The news vendor took up sports at the age of 80, Iglesias collected newspapers from distributors and ran though the streets delivering them to subscribers, covering six to seven miles (nine to 11 kilometers) a day. A customer who was also a runner noticed her rushing about at an age when most people have long retired and suggested she enter a race.”

She did, she won, and her running career took off.

This “I can do it attitude” shows the only barrier in life is our own limitations. Be inspired.

Lewa Marathon 2009 : Register : Run

The registration for 2009 Lewa Marathon have officialy opened.

This year’s Lewa marathon will take place on Saturday June 27 at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Samburu District, Kenya

This is a marathon that is ideal to a marathon runner seeking adventure, something different from the norm of road running. It is held inside a wildlife park. I remember last year the start was delayed because a lion had encroached on the route, the stewards had to use an helicopter to send it back. Living up to the official Motto “Run Wild”

The deadline for registration will be on May 15, 2009.

Good Reason why you should register early

The entries are limited to minimise damage on the ecosystem. The marathon has a limit of 750 runners. The organisers have said entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis.

Events at Lewa Marathon

  1. Full marathon
  2. Half marathon
  3. Children fun run

Where you can register

For Overseas Runner Entry forms please visit the Tusk Trust website.

For those in Kenya visit Lewa Marathon website.

If you dont want to run but want to attend as a spectator you are also required to fill the spectator application form.

Start training!

Interview With Robert Cheruiyot at Gebreselassie Running Clinic

Other elite runners at Haile Gebrselassie running clinics were Paul Tergat and Robert “Mwafrika” Cheruiyot. While Paul and Haile monopolised attention, Robert remained in the background. I even didn’t know he was around until someone called him out.

Robert has been one of my favourite athletes, he has won 4 boston marathon and one Chicago marathon and he was my bet to win the gold at 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Robert cheruiyot "mwafrika"

Why he dropped out of Beijing games

With the media focused on Haile and Paul I had him to myself. My first question was what happened at Beijing. He told me it was a case of overtraining. He really wanted to win the gold at Beijing and so he had pushed himself hard only to suffer a thigh injury close to the games that refused to heal on time.

About that famous fall at 2006 chicago marathon.

It was all bad luck! This was refreshing in an age when people are suing for even minor things.

Attacking the Haile Gebrselassie marathon record

He wants to break Haile Gebreselassie marathon record, hopefully at the world championship in August at Berlin, Germany.

If he breaks it in Berlin it will interesting to see what Samuel Wanjiru and Martin Lel will do at London marathon in September because that is the date they have set to crack Gebrselassie record and bring it back to Kenya.

As we were taking the above photo he pointed to the green grounds inside Nyayo National Stadium and noted that when he started running that ground was all dust.

8 years after he started running he has won 4 boston marathons and made lots of cash from running: Not bad for a man who started out as a barber.

How Performance Enhancing Drugs Work to Boost Athlete Performance

“Winning is not everything it is the only thing”

That famous quote by American football coach Vincent Limbardi explains why athlete use performance enhancing drugs.

Athletes may have two reasons for using performance-enhancing drugs. An athlete may want to:

  • Build mass and strength of muscles and/or bones
  • Increase delivery of oxygen to exercising tissues

Build Mass and Strength of muscles and/or bones

The drug that is commonly used to build muscle mass and strength is Anabolic Steroid. This is the drug that Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson was caught using.

Athletes use anabolic steroids because they increase muscle strength by encouraging new muscle growth. They allow the athlete to train harder and longer at any given period.

Increase delivery of Oxygen to exercising tissue

EPO (Erythropoietin) is the drug choice here. Erythropoietin is a naturally occurring protein hormone that is secreted by the kidneys during low-oxygen conditions. When EPO is injected in the body it stimulates the bone marrow stem cells to make red blood cells, which increase the delivery of oxygen around the body. It is the drug of choice in endurace athletes in Marathons and cycling.

Discovery Half Marathon “Drama”

Last week something interesting happened at Eldoret Discovery half marathon. The runners had an agonizing time after the race was restarted due to a false start. The 495 runners had covered 3 kms when the race was stopped and the runners had to start all over again.

Eldoret Discovery Half marathon race is organised by Italian Gabriele Rosa and sponsored by the American sports goods manufacturing giants, Nike.

There is scanty information as to what caused the  restart but from what I have read in the press ; the race had started before the chief guest, local mayor had officially flagged off the event.

It seems the false start was just a warm up for some because the winner of the event Mathew Koech finished in a time of 1 hour 2 minutes, which is within the average winning time of  half marathon.

Running Tips From Haile Gebrselassie Running Clinic

The highlight at Haile Gebrselassie running clinic was the question and answer session. After doing seven laps around the stadium, we did cool down activity, stretching and jumping on the spot. At the end Haile was kind enough to give us time to ask him questions.

What is secret to his success

Training hard. This is not a secret but he emphasized the need to train more. The elite runners clock lots of weekly mileage. If you gradually increase your weekly mileage you will see improvement in your performance.

Why African runners dominate long distance running.

Success breeds success. He thought the young people in Africa look up to him and other runners as role models and this has inspired them to choose the sport as means of making a living.

Does he eat any special diet

Nothing special but he loves Teff, an Ethiopian food, a rich grain with lots of mineral.


Me and the King of the road

Will he try to lower his marathon record.

Oh yes! it is the way he responded to that question that impressed me. He was full of confidence. Success starts with a strong conviction : Yes I can!

About his age

“I wish to run for another 10 years but it is not for me to say but my body. I am struggling with age you know but as long as I can, I will continue competing.”

Does he plan to go into politics.

I think that could be my next step. It is not because I want power, it is because of what I think I could do for the people. He talked about a water project he sponsors back home.