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New Asics Gel Kinsei 2 Cures Foot Injury

One cure of a foot injury is to change your running shoes.

I was reading the blog of Bald Runner, a Philippine runner and this is what he said about his experience with the Asics Gel Kinsei 2.

“I bought an ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2 running shoes after looking for some cure to the pain on the rear end of my right foot. After using it for my running workouts the pain on the rear end of my right foot slowly disappeared”

Cure for Painful Feet While Running

I don’t think it was the Asics Gel Kinsei 2 that cured his foot injury. I remember at one time I used to feel pain on my feet while running, the pain disappeared when I started running with new running shoes. Painful feet while running is mostly caused by worn out running shoes. A new running shoe is the best medicine.

Facts About the Asics Gel Kinsei 2 by bald runner

  1. It is the “heaviest” running shoes of ASICS and it advisable to use this only on your running workouts and not for road races.
  2. This is the most expensive running shoes of ASICS and with its price, you can buy two (2) pairs of an average-priced ASICS shoes or NIKE
  3. It is a very noisy shoe, according to bald runner when you step on the road it makes noisy sounds.

Train and Run For a 5K Race

5 K, It’s the perfect distance: 3.1 miles require relatively little build-up, the training doesn’t take over your life, and the race is over fairly quickly unlike the half marathon or marathon.

Training for a 5K

According to a runners world article I read , by logging only three or four runs per week, you can be ready to toe the line of a 5K in just five weeks.

If your goal is just to finish, your training runs should be at a comfortable pace. If you are aiming to beat a time then you should consider adding some faster training to your schedule, it is the best way to improve your speed and endurance.

Running Tip For 5K

Don’t start running at a fast pace. Start slowly and save energy for the last mile.

5 Simple Causes of Running Injuries

Due to its high-impact nature,  injuries are part of running. Marathoners run on hard streets. The impact of each stride is three to four times a runners body weight, transferred from ankles to knees to hips. 

1. Body weight cause of running injury.

The heavier a runner, the higher the impact on the body. A runner who is overweight will experience extreme stress on the ankles, knees and hips. 

2. Over training causes running injury.

Repetitive stress on the same tissues without enough time for recovery will cause injury.

3. Lack of rest causes running injuries

Rest is important because it allows your body to repair muscle tears  caused during running.

4.  Poor running technique causes running injury.

Watch out against a running method that causes twisting of the ankles. 

5. Worn out running shoes causes running injuries. 

Worn out running shoes are like a car with shock absorbers. Running shoes help to reduce the impact of running. Poor running shoes increases stress on your feet, ankles and knee. 

Safe running 

Pres. Bush Impressive Reflex Mastery & Developing Visual Skills In Sports

The news story of the weekend was the shoe throwing incident in Baghdad. George Bush was giving a press conference when an irate Iraqi journalist threw a shoe at the American president, not once but twice.

I watched the clip on CNN and I have to say President Bush has good reflexes!! The way he ducked the first shoe was brilliant. The shoe thrower did not give a warning and threw it fast but Bush was quick to take cover. To do that you need excellent visual skills of eye-body coordination.

Develop Visual Skills

According to an article on wikipedia, reflexes such as those of President bush may be trained, such as during repetition of motor actions during sport practice.

Sir Clive Woodward the former coach of England rugby team credited visual techniques for his team winning the 2003 Rugby world cup. After being appointed team coach,  Woodward brought in ex-South African international hockey player Sherylle Calder as a “visual awareness coach”.  Her work made the team improve in passing and performance.

Areas of focus in visual skills training include;

Sports Vision – Giving You The Visual Advantage

Dynamic Visual Acuity – which allows you to see objects clearly while in motion.

Eye Tracking – the ability to “keep your eyes on the ball,” no matter how fast it may be traveling.

Eye Focusing – changing focus quickly and accurately from one distance to another

Peripheral Vision – seeing people and objects “out of the corner of your eye” while concentrating on a fixed point.

Fusion Flexibility and Stamina – the ability to keep both eyes working together even under high speed, physically stressful situations.

Depth Perception – quickly and accurately judging the distance and speed of objects.

Visualization – picturing events with your “mind’s eye” or imagination. Studies show that when you visualize yourself performing a particular activity, your brain doesn’t know the difference between performing the activity or visualizing. Visualization can boost your confidence and aid in greater focus on your athletic goals.

Remember If you are not seeing well, your reaction time is slower and that may impact on your overall performance

Wealthy New Yorker Pays US $400 For a Birthday Run With a Kenyan Runner

From the New York Times “a Mr. Michael Chambers received for his 40th birthday: a world-class runner from Kenya for a day.”

Richard Kiplagat was paid US $400 to run with Chambers and have lunch with his family.

The Kenyan was hired as a birthday gift from his wife Tina and his parents.

How does it feel to run against the best distance runners in the world?

“It’s literally like running next to a cheetah,” Chambers told the times!!!!

French Athlete Fined For Biting a Policeman

From the BBC I found this funny runners story:

“French former athletics world champion Eunice Barber has been fined 5,000 euros (£4,271) for resisting arrest, insulting and biting a policeman.”

The Sierra Leone-born athlete won heptathlon and long jump world titles for France in 1999 and 2003.

Her Defence

In court she did not deny biting the cop, she even had a good reason why she did it. She said she had bitten the officer to “protect her body”, describing it as her “source of work”.

10 Things To Consider When Buying Running Shoes by Asics

I found the following guide on important things to consider when buying running shoes at Asics shoe website.

1. Shop by activity. Sport specific shoes help prevent injuries by
delivering function and support for the intended use. Running and
walking shoes are made for straight-forward activities. Whereas
Netball, Tennis and other court-shoes provide additional support for
lateral motion. If you walk, buy a walking shoe!

2. Understand your foot. Seek advice from a podiatrist or retailer; ask
them to assess your foot type and recommend a shoe to suit. Many people
aren’t aware that ASICS has developed different shoes for the various
foot types – high arch, normal arch, and flat feet.

3. If the shoe fits; wear it. As a general guide leave one finger’s
width (1cm) between your longest toe and the end of the shoe, however
this is open to personal preference. Ensure your heel does not move
excessively. Only you will know if the shoe feels comfortable. If in doubt – get out!

4. Be aware of width and fit options on certain models. If you have a
narrow foot opt for a standard fit in men’s and AA fit for women. For
average width, keep an eye out for shoes in a 2E fit for men and
standard fit for women. And if you have wide feet check out 4E shoes
for men and D fit in women’s. Shoes such as the ASICS GT2110 come in
various widths so ask the retailer about the available options ASICS

5. Wear the socks and or orthotics you normally wear for the activity.
Never place orthotic devices directly on top of the standard innersole
– unless advised by a qualified medical practitioner.

6. Our feet tend to swell in the afternoon – so be aware of this. Try
and shop for shoes around the same time of day you would normally
participate in your activities.

7. Ask questions. The retailers are educated on shoe technology, so use
their knowledge to find a comfortable shoe. Asking questions on shoe
features and functions will help you make an informed decision.

8. Try on both left and right shoes as one foot is usually slightly bigger than the other.
Within reason, walk or run in the store if possible. Ensure they are comfortable.

9. When to update? Running shoes should generally last for approx
800 – 1,000km.
However this depends on the individual’s technique and activity. You
can usually feel or see the midsole of the shoe compressing after some
time. This is a good indication that the shoe may be starting to lose
its full support and function.

10. Ultimately – the shoe should be flexible, comfortable and breathable.


Running Tip : The Long Run

Alberto Salazar, the former American marathon record holder and a 10K stand out before that, once claimed that the basic difference between training for the 10K and training for the marathon was the addition of the long run.

Importance of the long run. 

Long runs help a runner to build endurance. For best performace the long run should be run once per week, preferably on weekends when you don’t suffer time constraint. The more you run 16 mile – 20 mile the more your body get used to long distance running.

Obama Skinny Legs and How to Build Big Calf Muscles

I share some stuff with President Barack Obama, our fathers were both born in Kenya, we both love running and lastly we both have skinny legs.

When Governor Anorld Shwasnigger was campaigning for Mccain in Pennyslavania he  joked about Obama’s skinny calves. The Charismatic Carlifornia governor even had advice for Obama on what Obama needs to do, “he needs to do some squats!!”

When this former Mr. Universe tells you how to build  muscles you better take him seriously. When he was starting out, Anorld was considered to have the skinniest calves in the business but he worked hard in the gym to get the desired muscles. So it’s possible to get the muscle you desire.

I want to build my calf muscles and I don’t have a system on how to do it but I guese I will start with the governor’s advice, “do some squats!!!”