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How Exercise Affects Sex

Getting in shape won’t make most people better lovers because making love takes only the amount of energy required to walk up two flights of stairs. If you can walk up two flights of stairs, you can make love.

However, those who overdue it in the gym or on training runs – may find themselves too physically exhausted to make love, or at least to do so regularly. By the time that happens, you will probably have sore muscles all the time, will hate exercising, and probably be headed for an injury.

Just one more reason (and a darn good one) to ensure proper rest and recovery after your workouts.

Source of the story, a study in the medical journal, Fertility and Sterility,

Running Tip : What You Need to Run Well by Atsushi Sato

Just before the Beijing Olympics Japanese marathon runner Atsushi Sato was asked by Running times magazine ‘what does a runner need to run well?’

Satos’ answer was “there are three factors an athlete would need to win or run well:

1) You have to be healthy on the start line, with training having gone well, and no little niggles.

2) Having confidence, to feel good about your training, and knowing you have done the work to compete for a medal.

3) The ability to relax going into the race, without feeling the pressure or stress

End of 6th Week of Marathon Training: Water Saving Idea

Running a marathon on the race day is not hard, the hard thing is the training for the marathon.

Six weeks are gone since I started my intensive training for Nairobi Marathon on 28th October 2008. This will be my third marathon and my target this year is to run a sub three hours marathon. My Personal Best is 3.06.

The hard part of marathon training is that you run without drinking water along the way.  Running a 5K or 10K without drinking some water along the way is not difficult, it becomes difficult when you do the long runs.

My long runs are up to 32K, by the time I finish my lips are dry as a stone.

Water Saving Ideas for the long run.

I don’t carry water when I go for the long, I just do the following to save the water in my body.

1. Load on water. I start by drinking plenty of water before going to sleep then I drink at least half a litre before I go out running.

2. The half litre is mixed with salt. Salt helps in water retention plus it helps to curb stomach crumps.

3. I maintain a slow pace, A training long run is meant to build endurance and confidence. Running at a slower pace than my pre race pacer saves energy and water.

Does Sex Before Competition Hurt Your Running?

My friend told me he can’t join me for my Sunday morning run because his girlfriend sleeps over his place over the weekend.

So, How much calories do we burn during sex? 

According to an article I read in Runners world Magazine, “Ten minutes of sex burns 50 to 60 calories on average, equivalent to walking 800m” Says Tommy Boone, PH.D., author of Sex Before Athletic Competition: Myth or Fact.

Running Tip : Breathe Easier

You probably don’t think much about your breathing – which is precisely why you should. “Most elite runners use a two-two breathing pattern – breathing in for two steps and out for two steps,” says long-time running coach and exercise physiologist Jack Daniels.

Using a very rapid rhythm (one-one, for example) can be quite inefficient. A rate this rapid leads to more work for the breathing muscles.

Experiment with different breathing patterns during training runs, find one that works best for you, and then practise it until it’s second nature. This will only take a couple of weeks.

Lance Armstrong Return: Motivation : Inspiration

At 36, Lance Armstrong has quit retirement and boldly declared he has his sights set firmly on the Tour de France in 2009.  I love that, people who dream big!

When asked if being over 35 his best days might be behind him (only one rider older than 34 has ever won the Tour—36-year-old Firmin Lambot in 1922). His answer showed the people he had looked at for inspiration and motivation;

“Look at the Olympics,” he said. “You have a swimmer like Dara Torres. Even in the 50m (freestyle) the 41-year-old mother proved you can do it,” he told vanityfair magazine.

“The woman who won the Beijing Olympic marathon (Romanian Constantina Tomescu) was 38. Older athletes are performing very well. Ask serious sports physiologists and they’ll tell you age is a wives’ tale.”

Age is no barrier to an elite sports career the biggest barrier to success is our own doubts.

Bekoji : Where Ethiopian Runners Are Born

It is interesting to know that Bekoji, a small town of farmers and herders in Ethiopian highlands has consistently yielded many of the world’s best distance runners.

Haile Gebresellassie, Kenenisa Bekele, and Dibaba sisters were born in Bekoji. The athletes attended the same primary school, Bekoji Elementary School, trained with the same coach, a Mr. Eshetu who worked until recently as a Physical Education instructor in the school.

Bekoji is located 170 miles (280Km) south of the capital Addis Ababa. According to Ethiopian Goverment census report, Bekoji has a population of 33,000.

The Unique features of Bekoji

1) Thin Air

The town sits on the flank of Volcano nealry 10,000 ft (3,000m) above seal level, making daily life itself a kind of high altitude training.

2) Genetics 

With such a small population (33,000) there is a big chance this people must be all be related one way or another. If they have a common origin, its fair to argue they carry a running gene.

4) Training. 

Children in this region often start training at an early age, covering great distance to fetch water and firewood or to reach the nearest school. Haile Gebresellassie has always recounted how he used to run 10Km to and from school everyday carrying his books, leaving him with an exraordinary stamina.

5) Rich Neighbours 

Ethiopian runners are some of the wealthiest people in Ethiopia.  In a country of 80 million people, the majority live hand to mouth, and distance running offers the younger generation one of the few ways out.

Dibaba has built a two story mansion in the village, the only other is Bekeles’. Motivated by such signs of success, thousands of kids have picked up running.

Tennis Players : Aerobic Exercise

I love underdogs! May be it’s because I am one. As a recreational runner I have little chance to compete against elite runners.

I rooted for Andy Murray to defeat Roger Federer in the finals of 2008 US open but in the end the swiss was just too good for Murray.

Tennis and marathon running share one thing in common, they both involve alot of time. The final match was nearly two hours, Andy Murray needed 3 hours 30 minutes to see off Rafael Nadal in the semi final.   It is fair to say Tennis is an endurance sport.

Type of Training tennis Player need to perform

According to tennis training website, For a tennis player to perform at their best, they must have just the right mix of aerobic and anaerobic endurance, explosive strength and power, speed off the mark and agility.

Aerobic exercise

Refers to exercise that involves or improves oxygen consumption by the body. Aerobic exercise comprises innumerable forms. In general, it is performed at a moderate level of intensity over a relatively long period of time. For example, running a long distance at a moderate pace is an aerobic exercise, but sprinting is not.

Anaerobic exercise. 

Refers to exercise without oxygen, Strength training and weight training are the best examples.

Tennis and swimming are aerobic exercises and a runner can incorporate them as part of his or her training.

End of 5th Week of Marathon Training : Groin Injury

Last week of I missed two days of running after I suffered a groin injury. My The groin injury happened as I was doing my speed work. At the end of the speed workout, my groin felt sore, nothing serious because I was able to walk comfortably.

Groin injury are mostly suffered by sprinters, soccer players and football player. Running at high speed strains your adductor muscles which may result into a groin injury.

I decided to give the groin a rest for two days because I remember reading a Men’s health article that said the best treatment for a groin injury is rest. Beware of sit ups, which can exacerbate groin strain.

After two days the groin felt fine and I went for a Jog, no serious running. It’s advisable to do light running after a running injury to avoid sudden recurrence of an injury.

Am now back at full running

How Much Energy Your Brain Uses

Up to 10% of your running energy can be consumed by your brain. That is according to a report I have just read by  Charles Pedlar, endurance physiologist with the English Institute of Sports.


During running every runner indulges in many thoughts. Sizing up the competition, your dreams and fears, your mile by mile strategy on a mental loop these can be energy sapping as running itself.

Its worth noting that most of this energy is used up at the pre start when runners are anxious.

“Your heart beats faster, and your brain, being a hugely inefficient and sizable organ, can use up to 10% of your stored glycogen energy reserves before you have even begun” adds the report.

The elite athletes try to cope with this pre race anxiety by taking time from the crowds to keep calm and maintain their pulse at no more than 10 beats over the resting heart rate.

So, save your energy by not thinking too much!