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An Inspiring quote for Lewa Marathon,

Lewa marathon  in Kenya is the only marathon in the world where runners run side by side with wildlife. As you run the marathon you will see elephants, giraffes, gazelles. Since the marathon started  no runner has reported attack from the wild life.

As you think of this exciting marathon Keep the following quote in mind

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up.
It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed.
Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up.
It knows that it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a lion or a gazelle
when the sun comes up you’d better be running.

A famous African chief

Visit the official site of lewa marathon

A 73 Year Old Runner Who Runs a Sub 3 hour Marathon.

73-year-old Ed Whitlock completed 2007 Toronto full Marathon in –don’t read ahead–two hours, 54 minutes and 48 seconds. That’s right, a sub-three-hour marathon at 73 years old. That was 12 minutes better than my personal best.

At 27 years if you challenge me to race against a 73 year old man, I would tell you with a smile, bring him on. But the story of Ed has changed my bias against old people. In an age in which youth is worshipped Ed proves you can be old in number but strong physically. The dude is as fit as an olympic athlete. According to wikipedia, he holds the world record for runners over 75 years.

So, what can you do to be as fit and fast when you get to 75?

According to an interview with running times magazine Ed trains daily, he does (8-9 minute mile pace) two-hour sessions. When he was “younger” he used to do fairly intense one-hour workouts. Remember, “young” means in his 40s. He was a runner during his teen but stopped when he started working. He began running again during his 40s, and in 1979, at 48, he finished Hanover, German Marathon in a time of 2:31:23.

Happy running.

Aerobic Exercise Before Your First 10K

A runner’s strategy for running a 10k race should be very different from their marathon or 1/2 marathon strategy. Strategy for a 10k can no longer be primarily about speed (like in a 5k) a good strategy should be to start off slow and steady and speed up as you go, hitting your stride around mile 4.

Cardiovascular Exercise

The first time people attempt running they complain of feeling like their lungs are burning.To avoid this painful feeling do indoor aerobic exercises that will make your lungs and heart stronger. The exercises will consist of jogging on the spot, doing squat, for best ideas join a gym and engage on their high intensity exercises.

After doing plenty of cardiovascular exercises running will be easier and you wont experience breathing problem.

Good Luck

Zone Diet Helps World Heaviest Man Lose Weight

One formula for losing weight is to do jogging, but I cant recommend running for the world heaviest man because he cant even walk.

Being Obese hasn’t stopped Manuel attracting babes to his side

Mexican, Manuel Uribe holds the Guinness World Record of the World Fattest/Heaviest Man..Ouch! The 42 year old has been bedridden since 2001 and lives at home with his mom, who also happens to be Obese. His wife left him after she couldn’t handle the burden of looking after him……. Love your mum because she is the only person who will help you even when everyone runs away from you. He has been dating 100 pound ‘Claudia’ since 2006.

Looking at Manuels weight progression, I see he was born just like any other baby, weighing 2.7Kgs.His weight sky rocketed when he went to work as a computer repairman in Dallas, Texas. Its scary what a diet of Pizzas, burgers, French fries, and fizzy drinks can do to man.

At his peak Manuel weighed 560 kg (thats a half ton truck). In March 2007, Uribe decided to do something about his weight, he set a goal to lower his weight to 120 kg. He has been eating fruits, vegetable, fish, chicken and omelets. He rejected free offers of a gastric bypass, insisting he wanted to lose weight through healthy eating. Its working because in the last one year he has lost 258Kgs.

Manuel Secret  Diet

He has been a follower of a controversial Zone diet promoted by a Doctor Barry Sears. Although Sears diet has been criticized by his peers, Tiger Woods and Tom Cruise are believed to have followed the Zone diet. Manuel success might just be THE ULTIMATE SEAL OF APPROVAL for the Zone diet.

I wish Manuel  all the best in achieving his goal. I believe with his determination one day we will  see him running. To everyone making effort to lose weight, like they say in Mexico. “Si, se puede”

Brazilian Runner, Lima, Attacked But Made it to Win Olympic Bronze

The number of athlete choosing to skip beijing olympics games went a notch higher when 2004 Olympic Bronze medallist, Vanderlei de Lima, joined Ethiopian Haile Gebresellassie(skipping marathon but running 10,000) and Kenyan Paul Tergat.

According to Reuters, my hero from 2004 Athens Olympics withdrew due to injury.

Remember this ugly scene from  2004 Olympic Games.


The Brazilian runner was attacked by a spectator while leading the marathon at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Vanderlei de Lima eventually managed a bronze medal after being shoved into the crowd by a former Irish priest, Cornelius Horan, during the latter stages of the race.

When I saw Lima sprint at the start of that race I thought that was a foolish thing to do  in a marathon but Lima defied all logic and kept going and going. With four miles to go, I was disappointed to see him being tackled after working so hard. After the tackle Lima looked like he wanted to shed tears.

The most memorable part was when Lima finally made it to the finish kissing the skies!

Picture courtesy of china daily

After the medal presentation, De Lima said: “If it were not for that lunatic, I am sure I would have won the gold.

What Elite Runners Cook and Eat

I have seen this book “The runners cookbook: Winning Recipes from some of the World’s Best athletes.

The Author of Runner’s Cookbook writer of elite running blog a Alison Wade, he has assembled 100 recipes from 90+ contributors, including my fellow Kenyan Catherine Ndereba, The amazing Sebastian Coe, Kara Goucher, Ryan and Sara Hall, Deena Kastor, and Australian Craig Mottram.

I believe the secret to successful long distance running is running! thats how Kenyans have always done it, without a special diet.

But I feel this book is a good read, if you are curious what the elite runners eat visit All of the proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to the Ryan Shay Memorial Fund and the Jenny Crain “Make It Happen” Fund. Another noble reason to buy the book?

Effects of Lactic Acid on Your Body

During intensive running your body will  reach a point where it will start producing  lactic acid  which causes pain and muscle cramps. Some people call this point “hitting the wall

How dangerous is lactic acid to your body?

On my last visit to my dentist he informed me the cavity on my tooth was caused by lactic acid. The American Dental Association says tooth decay is caused “mostly” by starchy foods like breadsticks, cereals and potato chips that linger on teeth and prolong lactic acid production. Its not the foods that cause tooth decay but what happens to the food. Oral bacteria that live on the teeth metabolize the food particles producing lactic acid. High concentration of the acid causes tooth demineralization.

If lactic acid can do that, then it must be very dangerous to let it accumulate in the body. On my post what happens to a runners body during a full marathon, I showed how at around the 20 mile mark, lactate concentration will begin to rise causing you pain.

Lactic Acid Removal

Don’t worry about the acid in the body because the human body tissues have a natural way to remove lactic acid concentration from the body.  One idea I once read about how runners can detox their body was dipping the lower part of your body in hot water immediately after running.

Uses of Lactic Acid : Lactic acid acne : Lactic Acid Skin

Lactic acid is used in treatment of skin problem such as acne. Through a procedure known as lactic acid peel : This lactic acid face peel will remove dead skin cells, and promote healthier, softer and more radiant skin.

Boris, London Mayor a Closet Runner Comes Out

Today morning CNN had a clip of the new London Mayor Boris Johnson doing his morning run. I was surprised to see Boris, running considering he had rejected the challenge from one of his rivals to run london marathon to prove who is fit to be Mayor.

Prior to the London Mayoral election, Brian Paddick the Liberal Democratic party candidate was quoted, “Running London is an extremely tough and demanding job and the Mayor needs to be mentally and physically fit. “I am running the London Marathon this year and I challenge all Mayoral candidates to join me – it will be a real test of their mettle. “If people vote for me on 1st May, they know I will be fit for office.”…

It seems Boris was just a closet runner who didn’t want to risk a bad performance that would have got him bad publicity when he list needed it. Remember how Barrack Obama  memorably bowled a deplorable 37 in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Now the American working class are having difficulty identifying with Obama! ……On the other hand, Paddick finished London marathon in just under 5 hours….Did that create some doubts on voter minds on his readiness to be Mayor?

One thing Boris (the runner) needs to work on is his choice of running attire, I thought what he was wearing looked  like his Pyjama suit! ……He was in such hurry to get out of the house that he forgot to change into his trainers?

With 2012 Olympics being held in London, I think the people of London made a good choice in electing Boris (the runner) as their Mayor.

A New Way to Power Your Ipod Battery While Running

I was browsing around the cyber world when I came across this invention on science mag website that claims how you can generate a usable amount of electricity from your walking.

Scientist in the United States and Canada said they have developed a unique device that can be strapped on the knee that exploits the mechanics of human walking to generate a usable supply of electricity.

If you are a runner who enjoys listening to your Ipod while running and you are worried that your Ipod Battery might get low, Worry no more! the geeks behind this gadget say a minute of walking can power a cell phone battery for 10 minutes.


For more information how this device works and how it might change how we run visit:

A Guide To Run Your First Marathon

Two years ago I registered for my first marathon and trained for three months. My finishing time for my first marathon was 3 hours 26 minutes. Actually my target was three hours, most experts think I was a little bit too ambitious but all the same I was satisfied with my time, after all many first time runners would happily take my time. At the moment my personal best is 3 hours 6 minutes set at 2007 Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon.

Other first time runners have done better than me, at 2007  Philadelphia marathon, Army Capt. Michael Keilty, 30, of Plainview who was running  in memory of three fellow troops who died in Iraq crossed the finish line at the 3 hour mark, Incredible achievement at your first marathon and then there is the famous Lance Armstrong at 2006 New York marathon where he ran with splints to finish at a time of 2 hours 59 minutes.

How To Start Your Training: get inspired

If you are reading this post it means you have made the decision to run your first full marathon, congratulations! As I said in my post, five benefits of marathon running, Running is the best form of exercise. If you still need a spark to inspire you, read inspiring stories from runners like you. In training for my first marathon, some mornings I woke feeling zero desire to run but to keep myself inspired I read inspiring stories of fellow runners.

Start with a workout program

Before you start running you need to start on a work out program to build your lung capacity and leg muscles strength. When I started I did not have a work out program but with hindsight a work out program would have helped me avoid the numerous ankle and leg injuries I suffered.

Aerobic exercise

During a marathon your heart beat reaches to 140 beats per minute. Aerobic exercises will help your lungs and heart get used to rapid breathing of marathon running.

We live in an age where we suffer from information overload, some of the advice out there might not work for you, keep experimenting until you find what works for you. If you understand what happens to your body during a full marathon you will be better prepared.

How long should you train for your first marathon

The common wisdom is you should start your marathon training at least six months in advance. The earlier you start the better you need enough time to recover from the inevitable running injuries.

This is a new experience for you so remember to keep learning.

All the best in your running.  And remember to tell me how your first marathon goes?