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Bekele After Glamour Wedding

I feel KENENISA Bekele easily won his sixth IAAF World Cross Country Championship at Edinburghs Scotland. As he neared the finish line he even had time to look behind and slow down, dont forget he had earlier stopped to fix his running shoe.

Having equalled the five victories of Paul Ngugi and Paul Tergat two years ago, the Ethiopian is now the only man to win six long-course titles, and at the age of 25 is already established as one of the greatest distant athletes of all time.

Bekele Weds A Film Star

When Bekele wed film actress Danawit Gebregziabher last November and joined a long list of Sportsmen hooking up with actresses, Joe Dimaggio & Marilyn Monroe, Mike Tyson & Robin Givens, and Andre Agassi & Brooke Shields. I commented,

“The last time the world witnessed a fairy tale marriage made in Hollywood was when Andre Agassi married Brooke shields in 1997. But all was not well for long, just as Shields’s profile was rising because of her comedy series Suddenly Susan, Agassi was labouring on the court. In November 1997, Agassi’s world ranking, from world No one dropped to an all-time low, to No. 141.

In the end, Agassi’s on-court struggles put a strain on the marriage and the then 27-year-old filed for divorce in April 1999 just 10 days before his second wedding anniversary.

It will be interesting to see which direction Bekele’s running Career will head.”

Its now clear, the direction is UP!


Five Basic Marathon Rules

During 2007 Nairobi marathon I looked at the runners around the starting line and noted many were guilty of breaking basic marathon rules. If the organisers had a standby jail some runners would have been locked up. The five basic marathons rules are:

1. First Marathon rule, Have a Stop watch

The only way you can tell whether you are running too fast or slowing down is looking at your stop watch. During the 2007 Nairobi marathon I noted my pace in the first 10k was faster by a minute, without a stop watch, I would have realised this after burning out. Many runners at Nairobi marathon did not have a watch on their wrist, which means they did not care about their time.

2. Second Marathon rule, Get a proper running shoe.

Believe it or not, I saw a runner in the 10K run running bare foot, another runner finished the half marathon in his socks. Some runners had sprint shoe with soles too thin for a marathon. A marathon shoe should have atleast a one inch thick sole. The running shoe is the most important running gear. One lady I spoke with after the marathon complained of aching ankles, I wasnt surprised to see she was running with a shoe meant for indoor sprint.

3. Third Marathon Rule, Dont drink too much water

We have heard cases of runners dying during marathon because of taking too much water. Too much water reduces sodium balance in your body, if sodium levels gets very low you risk death. The professional runners dont drink much water because they are busy running while most of us amateur runners we are walking, we have all the time to indulge in water drinking. Hi folks! its a running contest not a water drinking contest.

4. Fourth marathon rule, Dont Push and Shove

To avoid being shoved I normally start from the back. Share some runners love by letting other go first. Dont worry being left behind, majority of those who are so eager to start are novice runners who you will catch up once they start burning out.

5. Last Marathon Rule, Remember Your electronic chip.

I thought this was obvious, but I met one runner who told me he did not get his official finishing time because he did not have his electronic chip after he forgot it at home. I Hope next year he remembers to pack it ready on the eve of the marathon. There is nothing worse than to run 42K and at the end you dont get timed, dont get a medal and no certificate.

Radcliffe Running Toilet Stop

Some of the most agonising moments for runners is when you feel the need to pass urine when on the run. Do you look for a toilet or do you run to a bush?

The urge to pee while on the run is normally a false signal. But if you cant help it, do what Paula Radcliffe did!

This is Paula Radcliffe unscheduled toilet stop at 2005 London Marathon. The added creativity on the photo is courtesy of the Sun Newpaper of UK. Read Sun’s colourful article Easy peesy for Paula

Radcliffe, feeling hindered by the need for a toilet break, stopped and urinated on the side of the street in plain view of the crowd and TV cameras which broadcast the incident live. In November 2006, the incident was voted top running moment in history from a choice of ten ‘unforgettable moments’

Amazingly, this running “Pit Stop” did not stop her from winning the race in a time of 2 hrs 17 Mins 46 Secs and Set a New record.

Celebrity Stock photos

This infamous photo of Paula Radcliffe it is the type of photo you find inside a tabloid celebrity gossip and photo pages. The photo is perfect for female celebrity photo galleries or a celebrity photo library.

Radcliffe Does It again at Beijing Olympic Marathon

When I saw Radcliffe break away from the leading park and run to the side I thought she was reaching for a drink, instead she went down and did a toilet stop in front of the TV Cameras!. That’s two toilet stops in two marathons. I’m wondering, what does she eat before the race?

How To Ice An Injury and Avoid Frostbite

I have always assumed icing an injury is a simple procedure but after reading an article by Dr. Jonathan Cluett I was astonished to read that If you ice it too much you can cause further damage to the tissues, including frostbite, by icing for too long. The Doctor has listed the correct procedure on how to ice

1. Ice The Injury Immediately

The effect of icing diminishes significantly after about 48 hours.

2. Perform an Ice Massage

Move the ice around the injured area, not allowing it to sit in one spot. If you have watched Prison Break you should remember the episode in which Brad Bellick returned to Fox River state Prison and got badly beaten. Bellick pressed the ice against his swollen face, that was wrong. The right way was to move the ice around the swollen area.

3. Watch The Clock as you Ice

This is where many runners get it wrong, According to Dr. Jonathan Ice for 15-20 minutes, but never longer. You can cause further damage to the tissues, including frostbite, by icing for too long. Remember that!

4. Allow time between Ice treatment

Allow area to warm for at least 45 minutes or an hour before beginning the icing routine again

5. Repeat the Icing

Ice as frequently as you wish, so long as the area is warm to touch and has normal sensation before repeating.

Visit Jonathan on about dot com and subscribe to his newsletter on practical ideas on how to treat running injuries

Article courtesy of About dot com.

War Tradition That Made Kenyan Runners

Sports experts have written many theories to explain why Kenyans have dominated long distance running. The common theory is their experience from jogging back and forth to school, others are the unique kenyan diet theory, and the altitude training theory. One amusing theory I have read is that a tradition of wars has helped make kenya long distance runners. It was from a blog by John Manners who has written an informative article on the running tribe of Kenya.

Running Tribe of Kenya

75% of kenya’s long distance runners come from the Kalenjin community. The Kalenjin people population is 3 million and they live in the Rift valley province of Kenya. The Kalenjin are divided into 9 tribes. The tribes have a long history of inter tribal warfare, even today we read media reports of ugly incidences of war like activity between two Kalenjin tribes, the Marakwet and Pokot.

Long time ago before the white man arrived in Africa, the Kalenjin believed that all cattle belonged to them. The Kalenjins engaged in Cattle theft, locally known as cattle raiding. Of course they didn’t regard it as theft; they were merely repossessing cattle that were theirs by divine right and happened to have fallen into other hands.

Kalenjin raids often called for treks of more than 100 miles to capture livestock and drive them home before their former owners could catch up. The better a young man was at raiding — in large part, a function of his speed and endurance — the more cattle he accumulated.

And since cattle were what a prospective husband needed to pay for a bride, the more a young man had, the more wives he could buy, and the more children he was likely to father. It is assumed many of todays Kenyan runners descend from this men of speed and endurance who were succesfull raiders.

As I said at the start of this post, this is an amusing story, only to be valued for its entertainment value.

Blood Blister: Cause Prevention and Treatment

Blood blister is the nasty cousin of ordinary blister. The difference between the two is that one is filled by blood and the other is filled by water.

A normal blister typically develop when their is friction and irritation to the surface layer of the skin and cause it to separate from the second layer. Fluid fills in the space between these two layers. The fluid is called serum, the water component of blood.

Cause of Blood Blister

A blood blister is not caused by friction but by running accidents. Like when you hit a rock or a hard surface. The impact raptures your blood vessels and the blood fills below your skin.

The only way to prevent blood blister is to run with care.

Treatment of Blood Blister.

Whenever I get a  blood blister, I just do what  my dad did on my finger when I was a kid when my finger got trapped on the car door and I got a blood blister. My dad pierced the the blood blister and drained the blood after the blister had dried.

Home Procedure on Treating a Blood Blister

The procedure is different from treating an ordinary blister. First clean the blister with rubbing alcohol or antibiotic soap and water. Then sterilize a needle over a flame until the tip glows red; allow it to cool, and the puncture a small hole at the edge of the blister. Drain the fluid by applying gentle pressure. Put a bit of antibiotic ointment on the blister and cover with a bandage.

Video Demonstrating How To Treat Blisters With Wine at Home

Did “God Warrior” Run a Half Marathon?

On Easter Sunday morning I ran a 10K run then I spent my evening watching an infamous episode from season two of Trading Spouses. It was the episode of Marguerite Perrin, the self-proclaimed GOD WARRIOR, made famous in season one by her infamous rant against the dark side and major meltdown in front of the cameras.

Maguerite Half Marathon Challenge

In season one, the overweight Marguerite spent her $50,000 prize money to have a biopsy surgery. Oh boy, she still looked big!! This time around her Swap, LaToya Brown left her $10,000, Marguerite was going to get her hands on the money on condition she finished a half marathon!

Does anyone out there know whether our favourite God warrior ran a half marathon?

If you want to see a scary woman watch Marguerite Perrin A.K.A. God Warrior on you tube

Test for Your Ankle Joint

Last week I posted about my 5k run on grass after suffering a freak ankle injury. My run yesterday morning was about feeling whether the ankle injury had healed. Although you might not feel any pain on a recovering running injury its only when you get running that you can be sure a running injury has completely healed.

Test Ankle Injury On Grass

The ankle had been feeling fine but I decided not to risk it on a hard tarmarc. I started my run by jogging on grass. after two laps the ankle felt okey so I increased the pace of my runs. I ran at high pace without feeling any pain on the ankle.

After ten laps running on grass I was convinced the ankle was fully healed and I immeadiatley hit the tarmarc. I ran a 8K that included three hill runs. At the end of my run the ankle joint felt fine and I can now stop worrying on how to treat my ankle injury and start dreaming of my next run. It’s good to be back!!

Remember the process of treating an ankle injury is;

1. Ice the ankle injury immediately after injury

2. Massage the ankle joint

3. When the ankle joint feels better start by running on grass

4. When the ankle pain ends first test it on grass. If you dont feel any pain you can get back to running on hard tarmarc.


Blisters: Cause and Treatment

Blisters are quite common to runners. When I started running a runner told they are the price we pay for running. Blisters develop when there is friction and irritation to the surface layer of the skin and cause it to seperate from the second layer. Fluid fills in the space between these two layers.

The fluid is called serum, the water component of blood.

What causes Foot Blisters?

  • Heat: is the number one reason for getting Blisters. The heat responsible for causing Blisters is mostly caused by the friction between your skin and the inner of your running shoe.

  • Moisture: moist or wet feet from sweat or water are more susceptible to Blisters as moisture softens your skin.

  • Sand and gravel in your running shoe can increase friction and cause you Blisters.

Prevention of Blisters
To prevent blisters, the goal is to minimize friction. Some basic preventive measure can go along way to avoid the two causes of heat and moisture.

To minimise heat is not easy for a straineous activity like marathon running. Your feet are pounding the tarmarc and in the process your shoes get hot. In addition to the pounding your shoes are closed this means heat is trapped inside the shoe. The only option you have is to avoid wearing a tight fitting shoe. A tight fitting shoe squeezes your toes increasing friction. No shoe company has yet invented an open shoe for marathon running but there are running shoe made with covering material that allows circulation of air giving your feet a cooling effect. You dont feel it during running but it works.

When marathon running, avoid stepping into water.

Right Type of Running Socks

Dont wear socks made of cotton. Cotton soaks and retains sweat that creates dangerous moisture. I personally use socks made of nylon. Synthetic material absorbs sweat and dries up fast.

Treatment of blisters.

When I get a blister I dont pierce it but leave it to dry by itself. But if your blister is too big you can pierce it and drain the water for quick healing.

First clean the blister with antiseptic or antibiotic soap and water. Then sterilize a needle over a flame until the tip glows red; allow it to cool, and the puncture a small hole at the edge of the blister. Drain the fluid by applying gentle pressure. Put a bit of antibiotic ointment on the blister and cover with a bandage. Dont remove the top layer because leaving it open will lead to infection.

Happy Running!


How to Scare Stray Dogs When Running

At one time I decided to run through a forest, on the way I met a pack of dogs, five panting male dogs were chasing a female dog. The hapless female must have been on heat and the five male dogs were angling for a piece of action.

Once the dogs saw me they stopped and their menacing eyes zeroed on me. I felt my stomach twist, I slowed down and after I passed them they started barking. When I looked back… goodness!… two dogs were running after me. I stopped running, picked a stone and started shouting at the dog STOP! STOP! and throwing the stone.  The dogs stopped running at me and went back.

This idea of facing a dog head on I learnt from a friend who lived in  countryside and knew everything about animals.

Runners world magazine had an article on what to do when chased by a dog. Most commentators were in agreement that the best way to deal with a dog is to face it. Like one commentator put it,

“What we as runners and bikers see is a dog that is defending their turf and when we continue to run (away from the dog) they’re being empowered. To stop, face the dog, puff out your chest and challenge them from afar will likely keep them from chasing. Then don’t turn to continue your run until the dog turns away or loses interest. This means you’ve won!”

Other ideas for dealing with a dog were, Carry a paper spray or like one macho commentator said if things get worse SHOOT THE BEAST! yes, with a gun.