Pre Race Water Drinking : Fluid Loading

One of my marathon training tactic is to drink plenty of water the day before my long runs. I call it fluid loading.

Fluid loading is like carbohydrate loading, except with water instead of carbohydrate.¬† Carbo-loading entails gobbling carbohydrate before a long race to maximize muscle and liver glycogen stores. Fluid loading entails drinking extra fluid to achieve a “hyperhydrated” state before a race to minimize the effects of dehydration.

I use this tactic in my marathon training because during my training runs (my long runs can be up to 30 – 32Kms) I don’t carry water to rehydrate along the way. The goal is to train my body to run on minimal water.

While this tactic is advisable for training it is unnecessary before a race because at a race there will be enough water stations for re hydration. Before a race the water intake can remain at your normal levels to maintain hydration.

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