Impact of Wind On Your Running Time

One thing that will slow your running pace is wind blowing towards you. While wind acts as resistance it can be beneficial during marathon training as the extra resistance will help you in developing stamina.

How To Survive a fall from a 47 high-rise building

To understand the impact of wind on your speed, read this story on New York post about how experts are grappling with how a New York City window washer, miraculously survived a plunge from a 47-story high-rise that killed his brother.Doctors and physicists said the stunning fall suffered by Alcides Moreno, 37, would have normally meant sure death, but that the 125 mph descent was possibly blunted by random air currents rising between the city’s tall buildingsExperts interviewed in the New York Post story said that the extra bit of resistance, which slowed his descent, saved his life.

During a marathon, the wind blowing towards you wont take away your life but it will take away your time.

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