Exercise to Do After You Finish a Race

What you do after you finish a marathon, half marathon, 10k run or 5K run is important to ensure a quick and painless recovery. For effective recovery do the following exercises:-


1. Cooling Down at the Finish:


Be sure that you do not come to a complete stop after you run. Walking around for a bit will cool down your muscles and give them muscles a chance to relax, without completely stopping. If you simply stop after your run, your muscles will soon tighten and your muscles will be sore.


2. Post-run Stretch:


It is important to stretch before you run, but it is also very important to stretch after running. As cooling down, this prevents your muscles from tightening up and becoming sore.


3. Don’t drink to much water.


More runners have died from drinking too much water than dehydration. Too much water dilutes your body sodium if it gets to low you risk death. Measure your body weight if you have added weight, this is a sign you have drunk too much water. Eat salt pallets to restore sodium.


4. Get a post race massage.


In addition to stretching have a massage. This will further loosen tight muscles and reduce muscle soreness. Pressing the muscles will be painful but “No pain no gain.”


5. Get First Aid.


If you are feeling a severe pain in your knees or ankles, seek first aid. Remember for effective treatment, Ice the affected part first, heat should be used after 75 hours.

Remember the finish line is not the end of running, it is the beginning for your next run.

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