Edith Masai Defies age at 42 and Keeps Winning

Edith Masai is like wine, she seems to get better with time. At 42 she is defying age and competing at the highest level. Just like Sister Buder, the 76 years old marathon runner, Masai shows us growing old doesn’t mean slowing down.

Last week Masai won the 10,000 meters race at the Kenya National Championship. Masai finished in a time of 32.29.1 ahead of four times Boston marathon winner, Catherine Ndereba,

How is she able compete at 42?

She is a late bloomer. According to Edith Masai Bio, Masai was born in 1967, She graduated from High school in 1988. She joined Kenya Prisons Service in 1990, known for recruiting many talented athletes. Masai did not, however, achieve anything until 1999, when she became a national cross-country champion, at the ripe age of 34. That was the Eureka moment for Edith.

Mid thirties is a time when most athletes start winding down on their running career but for Edith, she was just discovering her hidden talent. She started training seriously.

In 2004 she failed at the Kenyan trials for the Olympics. Then you might have thought that was her last best chance to compete in Olympics but we are in 2008 and here she is planning to win a ticket to represent Kenya at 2008 Beijing olympics.

I hope to see her in Beijing, it will be amazing if she beats Ethiopian Tirunesh Dibaba.


Masai did not participate on the Kenya Olympic trials  because she announced her retirement from running middle distance races and she plans to focus on road running. I wish her all the best in her new direction.

One thought on “Edith Masai Defies age at 42 and Keeps Winning

  1. Wayne

    Constantine, I heard about this at work today. After reading your post, this is amazing! Beating Catherine The Great is amazing for anyone. Even before the first event is held in Beijing, Edith Masai will be the story! Hopefully, those of us in America will get a chance to watch her in the 10,000!


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