Benefits of Hill Running

One of my training plan this year is to run plenty of mountain running. I have chosen a running route that has plenty of hills. The approximate distance of the route is 30K and it has at least 18 hills.  Some hills are steep some others not too steep

 Benefits of Mountain running.

  1. Resistance training, Hills requires more effort to climb, the more effort you apply the stronger your leg muscles become.
  2. Better Lung and heart exercise, The harder you push the more oxygen your body requires to burn energy. Your lungs and heart will have to work harder to get enough oxygen into the system. To get maximum benefit from hill runs, don’t go easy on hills try to push a little harder. Its like in the gym, to build stronger and bigger muscles you need lift heavier weights.
  3. Confidence Booster. This is purely psychology. If you have been used to training on hill, a flat course will look pretty easy. This will give you confidence at the start of a race.

My goal this year is to finally run 26 miles under three 3 hours. Last year I came close finishing 2007 StanChart Nairobi marathon in 3 hours 6 minutes. Actually, my target is 2 hours 45 minutes. Like they say, to land on the moon you have to aim at the stars

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