Benefits of Beer in Running For Runners

Is it safe to drink alcohol after running? I have been asked that question so many times. Although I celebrate by marathon finishes by drinking atleast one bottle of beer, I have never advised anyone to drink.

But I found this article on alcohol for athletes by nutritionist Kim Pearson ( “Beer contains predominantly water and carbohydrate, both of which are essential in post-race recovery,” she says. “A recent study at Granada University in Spain found that the sugars, salts and bubbles in a pint can help athletes absorb fluids more quickly than rehydrating with water.

“The carbon dioxide in beer helps quench thirst more quickly, while the carbohydrates replace some of the calories lost through exercise.”

If you must drink, my thoughts are “Drinking beer after a run is a great way to unwind, but match it with plenty of water and healthy post-run snacks.


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