9 Common Running Mistakes

From the bbc health website I found this list

Some of the most obvious weaknesses you see in runners and joggers are:

1. Bouncing up and down too much

2. Over striding

3. Not using their hamstrings enough

4. Landing on feet too heavily

5. Breaking action on landing

6. Not using arms

7. Twist midriff side to side while running

8. The head and upper body are bent forward

9. Jogging slower than you could walk!

Most joggers and runners are biomechanically inefficient because their running technique is poor.

They don’t use the necessary body parts efficiently so when they are supposed to be enjoying themselves they are instead suffering pain.

4 thoughts on “9 Common Running Mistakes

  1. mialena

    Guilty of number 3!! Thanks for reminding me I need to keep concentrating on my stride. It’s so easy to forget…
    Have you got any specific tips on how to avoid mistakes 3 & 5, and ideally also any drills that helps lift the knees properly while running? I suppose I could always say I’m running like an ultra runner but it ain’t pretty, and certainly not very fast!

  2. Nehal

    That is a pretty well rounded list in terms of mistakes that runners make, even the more experienced runners.

    These are all costly mistakes but the one I was guilty of and still am when I get sloppy is striking my feet hard. When the feet hit the ground hard, there is more tension placed on the joints which can damage the joints further.

    When the runs get longer, those same joints get weaker and could lead to a serious injury.

  3. sachin shetty

    how do i ov ercome the problem of landing heavily on my feet. i am going to run my first half marathon in 15 days.


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